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GTI Chapter 118

Chapter 118 Who’s working through Christmas and New Year? Me. It’s a sad life. I’m finding it hard to get time and when I do, motivation. So, I want to start the new year with a clean slate. I’m dropping this. Feel free to pick it up if you can do justice to it. I’m already halfway through the next chapter but it killed me. Occasional, if no one else is already picking it up, I might be posting occasional chapters. I’ll be back but no guarantees.

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GTI Chapter 115

Updated to WordPress 4.7 yesterday. For some reason, I got the short end of it. It’s incompatible with the blogging software I’m using and causing a bit of a headache in posting the chapters. p.s. The reason I switched in the first place was because the linking sometimes came up as non link when I tried posting through the default editor. Chapter 115  

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GTI Chapter 114

I’m lucky December is a down month. With the clients, execs and employees going on leaves, everything get postpones. If this goes on, I can continue with a chapter each day, or skip a day or two in between. Of course, there’s also closing the book so there’s panic in the air for those remaining in the office to make the year number a good one. Chapter 114

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GTI Chapter 113

Kookie, happy birthday. Spam her wall. I’m using Michel as one of the name. There’s a few variation but I decided to use this one. Onwards with ranting about my new living space. Don’t get me wrong, it’s luxurious, much more high end than my previous place and has an expensive address. I have better things but it’s not improving my quality of life. It’s surrounded by everything, and yet, not even close to anything because they’re all a distance away. Even food is a bit of a problem. Oh, apparently a lot of doctors are staying in the same place. Chapter 113

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GTI Chapter 112

No, I certainly did not received promotion. I wished I did. And I’d also received emails asking where’d I been. So yeah. A bit about me. I’m almost into my third decade, and my mom had been wanting me to settle down. For her, I’m too carefree and was willing to stay in the status quo. That’s why she’d been egging me to purchase my own house and car etc. Yes, I’m renting, and taking public transport/ walking everywhere. She’s been sending me brochures and volunteering to put the deposit. But to pay for the rest requires a number of financial commitment over the long run that I don’t want to commit yet. So, this is why I took up the role. Otherwise, there’s NO way. It’s a meat grinder and I’m working 13-14 hours weekdays, including weekend. It’s a lateral move for me, meaning no adjustment or anything because…

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GTI Chapter 111

I’m back. Bad news. I’m doing a new role and had very little time left. So, you can probably expect burst of posting and then disappearance. Something in between. No fixed schedule. It’s actually related to why I left for the airport in my post last month (or two?). I went to the airport to pick up a guest to bring around to survey an area. He was going to spearhead a new management role to head a new location and we’re looking at places. We found one. Then, the next day, the boss surprised me if I want the job instead. I’m qualified and capable etc… The downside. I have only 3 days to settle down everything – literally everything! “Boss! It’s so so far away.” “You’re looking at accommodation then, right. Move there.” “I just moved into a new place this year. I’d signed a contract and everything…”…


Further Delay

Just got back from HK. I’m severely jet-lagged and experiencing tiredness that doesn’t go away even with prolonged sleep. On the other hand, something propped up again and I have to rush for the airport in a few more hours. This time, I’m expecting to be preoccupied for 3-4 days, maybe more if things got extended. I could rush out a chapter tonight, or listen to some Princess Wei Yang audio and catch some zzz. Decisions. Decisions.