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It had been a while since I posted anything. I found a few thread on NUF asking for recommendation for ads provider to help support the hosting etc. Now, I’ll be honest here. Most of them sucks. The only provider worthwhile to pursue is Google Adsense, or the likes. However, I’m recommending a provider that has been the best bang for the buck for me, even better than Google Ads. If you’re already doing something for the labor of love, why don’t earned something more from it instead of the crappy few pennies.


==> Click here to sign up for Ezoic Ads.


Ezoic Earnings Snapshot


The screenshot above is the earnings for this website for the last week of March 2017, ie, about a week ago. I blurred out most of them, except the EPMV column.

Look at the EPMV, it’s earnings per mille visitor. It meant that I earned about $8 for each thousand visit to this website. Just look into your site stat and multiply 8 with how many thousands of visitors you get for an estimate of revenue income. Note: this is EPMV, not CPM. Divide your earnings by the amount of visitors to get equivalent apple to apple comparison.

Keep in mind that these are untargeted ads because this website is used to host my translations, and not intended to sell anything. If the ads were targeted with specific content, I would expect the EPMV to be much much higher. Also I haven’t posted anything here since last year, so the amount of visitor is just a trickle but the EPMV still hold well.

But, how does it compared to your current ads provider? Well, there’s an option in Ezoic to split test the result against your current configuration. It acted like an A/B testing: showing your original website to one visitor, and then showing the one with Ezoic to another. It then compiled the data to show which one provided higher earnings. I split tested it with Google Ads, and simply put ads placeholders in various section of the sites. I didn’t actually put that much options for testing. But still, after just two weeks of testing last year, I converted the site to 100% using Ezoic because I can see with my own eyes how much higher I am earning with Ezoic than the rest.

If you’re using something like Wordads or Revenuehits etc, screw them. You’re not getting anything of worth from it. When I first started implementing Ezoic, its payout isn’t that high because it’s still experimenting with the configurations, but the earnings from that month alone was already higher than what I earned with Wordads in 4 months.

With Ezoic, you can test for a lot of things – ad design (color, font, borders, background), ad placement, and ad sizes. Adjust the amount of ads, mobile etc.

I still used the original setting after I played around with Ezoic for about 2 hours last year, and never bothered to change anything after that. I’d seen sites with $30 EPMV with proper optimization, but I’m too lazy to do that. As long as this can cover my hosting charges, I’m okay with it.

Ezoic is actually an ad partner of Adsense that provided ad testing and optimization. That’s why it can outweighed the revenue earned from just Adsense alone because it can test the best configuration that provided the highest revenue.

There’s also an Ad Mediation option if you have other ad providers, that you can put in to compete with Ezoic ads to see who can bid higher to put ads in your sites, giving it further data points to test for what provided the higher revenue. Think of it as a computer that tweaks and test your site in the back. If you have accounts with the ads provider below, just sign up and add them to the bidding competition. Ezoic allowed for up to 5 ads per page, but with the mediation, if you want, you can include much more ads than that. Personally, I didn’t bothered much. Will I earned more if I included more ads, yes, but there’s user experience to take into account. Ezoic ads itself came from AdX, an Ad exchange that includes Google ads. It’s a huge ad network with loads of advertisers bidding for ad spot. The picture below showed how many partner there is that can be used in Mediation.


If you have a translator site that’s prone to crashing because of sudden visitor influx, Ezoic can help with that too. Read on below.


==> Click here to sign up for Ezoic Ads.


Ad Partners


The initial setup for Ezoic is a bit more time consuming, and needed some slight tech savvy then your simple install plugin and turn on. I used Ad Inserter to place my ads. I would recommend to adjust the nameservers to Ezoic because they also offered CDN which makes the sites go faster. Imagined this, my site is hosted in Texas, USA. Someone from New York will access my site faster than someone in Singapore because of the distance. But with CDN, Ezoic will make local copies of my site around the world. Someone from New York will still visit my web host, while someone from Singapore might visit the local copy in Hong Kong etc.

This will also help with the spike issue that crashed the site seen in other translator sites because the server wasn’t able to handle the sudden influx of people each time a chapter was released. With CDN, a portion of your visitors will visit the local copy instead of your webhost. Your webhost doesn’t need to handle that much amount of visitor at once and thus, wouldn’t crash. The burden would be spread out. You also don’t need to pay that much for your own higher spec VPN server and can remained on the shared server option. Ezoic used the Amazon Web Services system as its CDN. The only way for the CDN to go down is if Amazon itself crashed, which I assumed, is much less frequent that. Hence, CDN also help with DDOS attacks because it can filter before it reached your webhost,

Ezoic will also help flag your content for possible Adsense TOS violations. If you have Adsense account, it’ll warn you before you get your account banned. Like when I wrote “X.X.X.” (no . in between to prevent this post from getting flagged) in one of the chapters before, Ezoic didn’t show any ads there because they flagged it as possible adult theme. I just adjust the wording and the ads showed up again.

Ezoic is free if you let them show a small ad at the bottom of the page. You can pay to remove them. $49 if you earn $1000 per month. $498 is you earned $10k per month. It’s scaled. For this site, I just used the free option.

Ezoic is accepting of a lot of sites, and much easier to get in than Adsense. Just don’t do anything initially that would let them flagged you.


==> Click here to sign up for Ezoic Ads.


I find that I’m not that coherent in my explanation above, with certain jump around, but my message is just, try out Ezoic as your ad provider. Compared to a lot of providers I tried before, it’s not bad. Keep in mind not to do anything funky when applying. If Google Ads won’t accept certain practices, Ezoic won’t accept sites that do those practices as well since it’s going along with the guidelines, but acceptance is much quicker compared to Google Ads alone. Ezoic required a certain level of visitors beforehand.

Note: I earned a commission if you signed up through my link, at no cost to you. It’s performance based. If your site earned well, I earned a bit more.

If you also want a fast webhost starting out, I recommend Impactshared. The smallest package is $5 per year, and is plenty for beginners. Install WordPress and combine it with Litespeed Cache plugin and the site will be very fast.

Further Delay

Just got back from HK. I’m severely jet-lagged and experiencing tiredness that doesn’t go away even with prolonged sleep.

On the other hand, something propped up again and I have to rush for the airport in a few more hours. This time, I’m expecting to be preoccupied for 3-4 days, maybe more if things got extended.

I could rush out a chapter tonight, or listen to some Princess Wei Yang audio and catch some zzz. Decisions. Decisions.

Why New Theme?

So, why the new theme? I just found out that certain version of Chrome had a distorted view of the site. Everything was moved slightly to the side eating into the sidebar.

I tried correcting it but I couldn’t. So, my only gap was to pull another theme and replace it. There, problem temporarily solved.

Computer down

Computer went down.

I think it went beyond rescue. Cannot post any chapter.


Send via phone.

No new chapter today


Cause it’s another long chapter and I was only barely able to reach halfway through with it.

Not sure if I should post what I have or wait till it’s done.

Marriage is a tiring thing

So, I’ll probably won’t be able to complete the chapter by this week.

Like I said, I flew over for a quick work – cation, and to attend my friend’s wedding. But I didn’t realize that there’s so much work. The hen’s party. The wedding ceremony. The wedding dinner.

Too busy #1

Too busy this week.

Just got back at 1 am, and have another meeting with a CFO at 9am.

I’ll make it up tomorrow, and if I’m not ok for tomorrow as well. I’ll catch up during the weekend.

Open For Business

Like I’d said earlier, I was planning to kick start this off after the mid of February. Once I flew back, I still have to unpack things because I was in the middle of moving house before I dashed off for the New Year. That took a couple days for me to settle down.

After that, I was thinking, hmmm, I want my own domain and webhost. So, I went to set them up on the weekend but there was some issue with my bank account and credit card that caused the delay. The bank call center wasn’t working on the weekend. Plan postponed till two days ago when I managed to get all things running. Things will probably start moving from tomorrow onwards.

But, one good thing about the delay was that I have a slush pile of raw diamonds ready for polishing so there won’t be interruptions. Which bring me to my next points. My work schedule. I’ll reveal a bit of my personal life. I’m a finance executive in a Fortune 100 company. One of the stars if I am to brag. And the problem with being an ambitious Turk was that I needed to put in my dues. If I said I’m busy, I’m probably working from morning till midnight daily that week. If I said that I’m in peak period, this means that I’m busy and was working throughout the weekends as well. My record was probably three weeks of continuous work in the office non stop before I finally got a day off. That was really mentally draining.

I’m slightly busy 1-2 weeks in March, and peak in April (really hoping that this won’t be a 3-4 weeks ordeal). I’m planning to build a slush pile to plow through next month, after which work should ease a bit.

Current plan is to have 4-5 chapters per week + additional sponsor chapters.

Project Selection Criteria

I have a few criteria that needed to be checked off before I’ll pick up any project for translation from CN to EN. This is mainly I want to know that I can commit for it till the very end.

  1. The work needs to be completed in status. So that I can gauged how much work is needed.
  2. Has to be less than 1000 chapters. This is an arbitrary figure but there’s no way I’m spending years on a single project that run for multiple thousands of chapter. Besides, those long serialized story tend to be very draggy and repeating in nature. No author is that good to be able to keep my attention throughout, and those who could are rare and few in between.

Less importance in the selection order.

  1. No asshole MC. If I’m going to stick with it for the year, I might as well not be that irritated with their attitude.
  2. No overt racism/nationalism. Every author has his own tinted lens, doesn’t mean I have to be comfortable with it. Refer above.
  3. Less word play. Mainly because I don’t understand it. I didn’t learned about Chinese literature so I’m clueless when it comes to poems etc. Also, I didn’t keep up with the modern lingo/slang so I won’t know about a lot of the expressions used.

I don’t have much formal Mandarin education except for a few years of language course in my youth. However, I did speak the language, just that I can’t read or write them. Hence, whatever translation I do is by the ear via text to speech. Also, that’s why no word play because frankly, there’s not so much idioms etc used in daily life and it’s harder on my ears/brain.

*Fun fact: A lot of my primary/secondary friends are not aware that I can converse in Chinese. It wasn’t till a couple years after graduation when some of them expressed shock when I replied back to them in Chinese. I’m multilingual so i just tend to reply back in whatever language the conversation was started with. I guessed they never started speaking Chinese, huh?

Because of these few reasons, a lot of the works are crossed off the list mainly because popular works are long. Others that fit in has been picked up so I’m searching through the dregs. I’m calling dibs on 神偷化身 first, but I haven’t read ahead. I reserved the right to drop it if the story turned crappy halfway through.

Serious work has to wait until after the Chinese New Year ~ mid Feb because I’m traveling extensively these 2 weeks and moving the week after that. One of the work I’m currently enjoying is the Quanzhi Fashi translated here. I’d went through the raws and it’s one of the few I’m still catching up every time there new chapters out.