GTI Chapter 111

I’m back.

Bad news. I’m doing a new role and had very little time left. So, you can probably expect burst of posting and then disappearance. Something in between. No fixed schedule.

It’s actually related to why I left for the airport in my post last month (or two?).

I went to the airport to pick up a guest to bring around to survey an area. He was going to spearhead a new management role to head a new location and we’re looking at places.

We found one. Then, the next day, the boss surprised me if I want the job instead. I’m qualified and capable etc… The downside. I have only 3 days to settle down everything – literally everything!

“Boss! It’s so so far away.”

“You’re looking at accommodation then, right. Move there.”

“I just moved into a new place this year. I’d signed a contract and everything…”

“So, just break it then.”

T.T Bye bye my deposit. I have to tell my shocked landlord and packed up everything.

Day 1 – Inform landlord, do all admin stuff. Start packing.

Day 2 – Still packing. Kill me already.

Day 3 – Move everything into new place. I’m dead.

New place don’t have phone line/internet. 1 weeks to get connection & familiarize with new place. Then, it’s a flurry of meeting new faces and work.

When I decided to revisit this, I got blocked out by my own security system. Yeah, my ip address triggered a spam block.

Chapter 111