GTI Chapter 12

Regular release 1/5

There’s no broken link in the site. I checked all the links each time I post.

I went through the site with a link checker and using the Google Webmaster tool. All reported no linking issue.

If you can right click and still open the link in a new tab, it means that the link is not broken.

It’s just that Chrome is a browser who can’t act well with the dimension like other browsers, under certain conditions. Apparently, there’s a lot of this complains online and solutions ranged from disabling ad block to reinstalling Chrome. Mostly it’s a problematic addon that’s the issue, so disabling the right one would make it work in Chrome again.

Chapter 012

One thought on “GTI Chapter 12

  1. I’m using chrome, and the only weird thing is that I can’t access the link with a left-click, but if I with the middle mouse button to open a new tab for the link, both tabs actually work. Though, I noticed this when I started reading, so i’m just used to right now.

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