GTI Release

GTI Chapter 17

Bonus Release #1.

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Once you signed up, please confirm the email, and add me to the contact. I tried it on my own email, and all of it went to SPAM. So, I guessed the first priority was to look there.

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Also, I’ll be updating the linking today. I’m aware that one of the link was out of order but I only have some extra time today. Less time to translate though. I was previously using shortcode to arrange the linking by time of publication to save time, but it looks like that’s a fleeting dream for now.

Chapter 017


  1. fran

    hello I dont know if its only my problem but I cant load any of the pages in this site.

    1. Capa Post author

      I’m doing some modification to the site. It should be done already. Are you still having issue?
      If you can’t open a link, try right click and open in new tab.

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