GTI Chapter 19

Regular release 1/5.

I’m bloody exhausted. 36 hours out on the road. I’m suffering from some slight hangover, lack of sleep and nauseating car sickness, and all I want to do now was to sleep.

I saw a question on the NU forum about the author’s identity. Yes, this was the same author of TMW translated by Gravity, and MW translated by hyorinmaru.

蚕茧里的牛. Thanks to the post, I realized that I’d used a slightly different name. Cocoon Cattle instead of Cocooned Cow that others used. The meaning is actually the cow inside the cocoon. GTI is the first work, before MW and TMW. There’s actually a story behind the author’s name that I planned to release after this is over. I’m also trying to contact the author but I’m having difficulty getting the details. Navigating through qidian isn’t easy as well.

I might have some other thing to say but my brain is hurting now.

Chapter 019

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