GTI Release

GTI Chapter 25

Bonus release #2.

Boy, is it hot or what? I don’t have AC installed, so each day was like a sauna recently.

Also, my friends and I’d been scoring free movie tickets. I’d staying at the cinema instead of doing other work. I just came back from Kungfu Panda 3, and Zootopia, after declining Batman vs. Superman because that’s too much movies for me. I’m not a moviegoer, and the amount of times I’d been to the cinema could actually be counted using my fingers. Before this, the last time I’d been to the cinema was maybe 1.5-2 years ago? I lost count. The first time I’d been to the cinema was after I’d graduated from high school – also on a free movie ticket.

My translation work slowed to a crawl recently, mostly due to a lack of motivation and slight wrist pain.

I was out almost the whole day yesterday (lunch, cinema, dinner) after I’d posted the chapter, and when I’d gotten back, I saw that this website had its highest visitors and page hits – final count 6666 hits in one day. And I saw visitors coming from another site. So far, it’s actually just NU and the search engine (Google). Nothing else. Then, I saw about 150 hits coming from gravitytales, and clicked on it to see where the link was coming from. It came from a link hidden deep within that I didn’t see it at the first glance. It’s a comment critiquing this site as terrible. What’s so bad about this site? But, it’s still some new visitors.

Maybe I should start commenting on other blogs to promote this site…

Chapter 025


  1. ninthlite

    The website crashs about 70% of the time when I try to click links and navigate.

    1. dazed

      i have found that if you click on links with the scroll wheel (open it in a new tab) it opens in the current tab as well and wont require any refreshing, you just have to close one of the two tabs you now have open. While this isnt a real fix it still works

      1. Capa Post author

        Are you all using Chrome, which version? Because I didn’t have such issue when clicking on anything, and it’s loading quite fast on my side.

        I used Pingdom for below.
        Tested from New York City, New York, USA on March 27 at 20:32:54

        Page size 336.0kB Load time 760ms Requests 54 Perf. grade 76/100

        Your website is faster than 95% of all tested websites

        And it’s not too bad on google standard.

        Can you all do me a favor. Go to your add-ons and disable them. Then, try clicking on any of the links if they’re still showing problems.

        1. dazed

          i am using chrome and after turning off my multiple ad-blockers the site seems to work perfectly, perhaps they are interfering with something, though there dont seem to be any ads.
          previously i was getting an aw snap google couldnt load that page whenever i clicked on a link.
          im still getting the loading issue on mobile but this could be due to me being in new zealand so ping would be bad i guess?

          1. Capa Post author

            Yeah, this site didn’t had ads yet… so far. Regarding the mobile loading, it might be due to the clutter in the backend, I’m just afraid that my meddling might crash the site. I’d been cutting down on the excess fat. But I’d been comparing this site to others, and it’s rather cleaner.

            The only thing I’m missing is the multiple mirror sites across the globe.

      2. kekeke

        wow i love u dazed
        u did a greattttttttttttttttttttttttttttt jooooooooooooooooobbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb alright!!!!

    2. dazed

      does everyone have problems opening any links on this site? or just some of us?

      1. kirindas

        When I use Chrome on my work computer, the site tends to crash when I navigate through anything the site. At home, I have no problems with Firefox or Safari (for my phone). For Chrome, I was just working around by directly clicking the Chapter Link without opening the announcement post through my RSS feed. It would be nice if it didn’t crash since my RSS feed also crashes at the same time.

  2. ninthlite

    I had no idea that other people were posting about this website, but it takes minutes of refreshing and reclicking the link to get to a chapter

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