GTI Chapter 25

Bonus release #2.

Boy, is it hot or what? I don’t have AC installed, so each day was like a sauna recently.

Also, my friends and I’d been scoring free movie tickets. I’d staying at the cinema instead of doing other work. I just came back from Kungfu Panda 3, and Zootopia, after declining Batman vs. Superman because that’s too much movies for me. I’m not a moviegoer, and the amount of times I’d been to the cinema could actually be counted using my fingers. Before this, the last time I’d been to the cinema was maybe 1.5-2 years ago? I lost count. The first time I’d been to the cinema was after I’d graduated from high school – also on a free movie ticket.

My translation work slowed to a crawl recently, mostly due to a lack of motivation and slight wrist pain.

I was out almost the whole day yesterday (lunch, cinema, dinner) after I’d posted the chapter, and when I’d gotten back, I saw that this website had its highest visitors and page hits – final count 6666 hits in one day. And I saw visitors coming from another site. So far, it’s actually just NU and the search engine (Google). Nothing else. Then, I saw about 150 hits coming from gravitytales, and clicked on it to see where the link was coming from. It came from a link hidden deep within that I didn’t see it at the first glance. It’s a comment critiquing this site as terrible. What’s so bad about this site? But, it’s still some new visitors.

Maybe I should start commenting on other blogs to promote this site…

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