GTI Chapter 27

Regular release 2/5.

Busy day at work, but I was shocked when I came back and saw the site’s stats. Easily surpassed the prior best day by far.

Thank you to the one who created the link to the site from reddit, who’s totally not me at all. Seriously, I don’t even know how to post to reddit yet. Wow, there’s a lot of traffic from reddit. It can surpass NU’s traffic at this rate. If you’re new here. Welcome.

So, a little community announcement, if you had adblocker on, please disable it, or whitelist this site. It’s not because this site has any ads, but rather certain combination of add-on + Chrome is interfering with the site’s navigation. So, it’s blocking any data coming from that link when you clicked it.

It’s probably like. Hey, there’s an internal link here. Looks suspicious. It’s probably an ad. Let’s block it.

I tried a lot of ways to optimize the site for faster delivery. The one major thing I didn’t do left was to opt for a CDN cause I’m not feeling it now – too cheap to fork out any more money. It’s like putting up mirror sites up across the globe so that there’s less distance to get the information from the site. Currently, the server is in North America. So, it’s faster for the US peps. Maybe less for others.

Chapter 027

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