GTI Chapter 29

Regular release 4/5.

I was a bit late today in my posting today. The reason behind it was because I was taking a nap.

Today was a day of goodbyes. A few colleagues had their last day in the office today. And one of them was my very first manager when I started working, who’d gone on and took on higher level of office. If it’s the rookies, I could still understand, but these are all seasoned high leveled managers. A lot of people are unwilling to let go of their career once they reached a certain level in the company. And I thought they will be lifer. I’m just unhappy with the thought that I won’t be seeing them in the office anymore, though their departure had long been announced.
Chapter 029

8 thoughts on “GTI Chapter 29

  1. Dude, please fix this website somehow, wven on cheome or internet explorer its not possible to avoid broken links. Im on my android and i dont have any adblock, it still doesnt work.

    1. I actually couldn’t replicate any broken links on my browsers. I tested out each link I post here, and had link checker installed for any errors linking. I’d also contacted the theme creator about this. He tested the site out in the browser simulators for ie, firefox, chrome, safari etc and he said that there’s no issue whatsoever. Also, I’d tested this using the google page checker. All clear there. So, how am I supposed to fix an error that I couldn’t even recreate? But you’re saying both ie and chrome had broken links here?

      Did you try going to your add-ons and disable them?

      1. I just changed the theme. Any issue with broken links? I’m actually preferred the prior theme a lot because there’s active support for it with constant updates. So, if the link is still broken, I’ll change it back.

          1. Then, I don’t know what else if it’s still not working. Cause this theme is by wordpress. So, it should be the most stable one.

  2. Fyi, for the office issue. I guess the longer u are in the office, the harder it is to leave, and it makes u, as one of the lower levels, think about your own future. Someone got fired in my office and i know that feeling too well

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