GTI Chapter 35

Regular release 3/5.

Oh, I really hate translating this chapter. I’m pretty irked by the nationalism and stereotype found in this arc. There’s more of those coming up and the author did try to balance it. Still, I tried to convince myself that it’s not that bad to the point of dropping this.

But for this chapter, what I can get from it was the author was thinking. Hey, I know all these interesting trivia about ancient China and the civilizations and should just info dumped everything to you. It’s not easy looking up all this stuff and get the right name to translate.

Frankly, I feel that this chapter has no purpose (foreshadowing for the future, idk). But the only useful part that pushed things around was that last paragraph. You can skip it and not miss anything. Seriously.

Chapter 035

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  1. yeah happens from time to time i guess. author had to meet his word quota without being able to think of anything lol

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