GTI Release

GTI Chapter 41

Regular release 3/5.

So, WordPress recently upgraded to 4.5, and I followed suit.

I don’t know if this upgrade broke anything or not. But I do know that I don’t enjoy the new linking mechanism.

Also, I learned a lot of diamond-related terminologies from this. Useless, but good to know. I really doubt I’ll ever need to bust out this knowledge though.

“Oh, my madam. The diamond on your ring is simply flawless…EX….D…Florescence….”

Chapter 041


  1. How About No

    There is no chapter link 🙁

    1. How About No

      FIRST by the way

        1. How About No

          De nada 😀

          1. Capa Post author

            Ops. Did I said that I didn’t enjoy the new linking system.

          2. How About No

            Thanks for the work 😀

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