GTI Chapter 44

Regular release 1/5 for the week.

Where had the weekend gone to? It’s no fun when I have to work till 2am on a Sunday night. At least, hopefully by the end of this week, my schedule will clear up eventually.

I did had time, however, to catch up a bit on the NBA playoffs. Some happiness, some heartache. Also, I finally realized what word I should use to describe the Bruce Lee’s finger movement. I think I used shook or sway something like that before I realized that ‘wag’ would be a better substitute. It just never occurred to me back then.

Also, this site had ads now. I decided to test it out. I’d also compared the website speed before and after the ads installation. Previously, the site will completely load within 0.7 seconds. Now, it’s 1.4 seconds. I’m a bit OCD about loading time and server load so I’m still trying to shave things down. That’s why you won’t see this site going down due to server overload. Those messages that come out like “host unavailable” or “error connecting with database” etc unless its the server having some maintenance or anything.

The ads won’t affect the reading experience much because the words load first before the ads even begin.

Due to the hoohaa of some aggregator site copying the site’s translation onto their site, I’d installed some dummy tracking previously to track where were all the words been copied too but I found that my tracking dummy was slowing down the site slightly. It’s not visible, some 0.1-0.2 seconds, but I just want the site to be in tip top speed so I removed it. I’m still keeping the ads though for now.

Chapter 044

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