GTI Chapter 5

Regular release 1/5 for the week.

Directly work to publish this after I left a business meeting that ended at 10pm.

That’s the downside with having team members in all the different timezones. Not a fan. I need to rethink how to balance my time if this continue.

On the bright side, I worked out a lot of kink from the site, so it should be slightly nicer.

Chapter 005

2 thoughts on “GTI Chapter 5

  1. Your website, is not working well. I can only read this on my phone. and it is hard to read when that sponsor goes down. Seriously fix it(typing on laptop here).

  2. Really? I thought I’d fixed it, cause it was showing fine on my mobile. But I’d went to made some more tweaks to it if it’ll still affect your viewing.

    I’m currently working. So, I don’t have leeway to make any checks yet.

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