GTI Chapter 63

Bonus release #1.

A number of housekeeping messages.

So, I’ll actually be going on a workcation starting from next week on. It should be a vacation, but they couldn’t find anyone to back me up during that time, so, work work work. I’d secured an arrangement that will lighten my load by next month. The release shouldn’t be interrupted next week but who knows if I’ll slack off. I don’t have any more queued chapters left aside from 2 WIP.

And hey, someone used the Edit message. So, I’d been going back and doing those ninja edits based on the emails I received.

And these last 2 days, I’d changed the ads provider into 2. The thing is that I never received anything, so, I don’t know if it’s working or anything much. Currently, the header and the one at the end of the post were by WordAds. They pay by CPM (impression, just view), and those on the right sidebar are by CPC (per click) – should be. Which one is better, I have no idea.

But yeah, the two network actually clashed and that’s why there’s a bit of error yesterday which I didn’t manage to catch earlier.

Chapter 063

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