GTI Chapter 69

No schedule for this week. I don’t have anything left at all.

A lot happened within a span of days leading to many delays. I usually do the chapters on the weekend when I have time to spare to do anything else.

However, this weekend, I was helping out with a wedding, the type that lasted days and by the time I’m done, I was feeling like I wanted to lie on the bed for a week.

Also, I’m expected to work on the weekend for which, I’d sought a backup for. Unfortunately, on Tues, I was greeted by the news that my backup lacked the authorization for some parts, leaving me to patch things up. So, I’d been busy with that.

Coincidentally, I’d also been brooding and made a big financial action over the weekend. I’d been saving up almost a year of my wages on it. I’m still having buyers remorse. But for now, I’m relatively broke with almost all my savings gone.

Chapter 069

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