Chapter 005 – Competition

Chapter 5: Competition

“Small White Rabbit Candy is responsible for the magic shield to protect Dark Sword. Along the way, we must try to save time. If we can avoid the monster then we will avoid. We must catch up to the European team in front of us. We’ll start now.” Broker Saber said and took the lead to enter the cave. The others followed in. Small White Rabbit Candy stayed at the end of the line and gave Zhou Jian a stern look. She lowered her voice. “I’m warning you. Don’t hold me back!”

Once she finished, she slowly casted a magic shield on Zhou Jian. He, of course, wouldn’t care to dispute with a little girl. He quickly kept pace with the rest of them.

Along the way, there’s too many monsters.  Although the team tried to save time, but still couldn’t avoid fighting with them. The battle scene was naturally very dangerous, but Zhou Jian was feeling like a tourist on an adventure. He didn’t even need to do anything. He just stationed himself in the center of the team, and added with Small White Rabbit Candy casting magic shield on him, he just needed to watch as his experience gauge increased.

This was but a level 35 dungeon. A group of more than level 30 experts bringing along one level 20 thief. Leveling speed was of course very fast. Others were trying to find this opportunity but also couldn’t get. (tl: author used the prior lantern idiom here)

Broken Saber simultaneously killed, and looked at the side table. His expression grew increasingly serious. He understood the strength of the European dream team. British billionaire’s son. The grandson of the Russian oligarch. Italian mafia’s heir. And that level 36 “Terrorist Ivan”was a master from Russia’s largest mercenary organization. His law of practice allowed him to continue without sleep.

This type of team strength was definitely better than his. By now, that team should have entered into the second layer of the Demon’s Nest.

Sure enough, Broken Saber received a message soon after. “Dearest Saber. Where are you? We have entered the second level of the Demon’s Nest. After three minutes, we will start fighting with the Demon Lord’s minion.”

The message was sent by Terrorist Ivan. Broken Saber and this guy knew each other. The both of them were old enemies.

“Captain, we’re surrounded by the monsters!”

Broken Saber frowned and said. “Break through at all costs.”

The team members started to use some of the expensive elixirs. The five Clerics added buffs to the team. The Warriors rampaged in the front line and the Mages, Thieves and Archer were crazily dealing damage.

Even Zhou Jian also symbolically threw a few bottles of explosive agents to poison the monsters.

Looking at the experience gauge, it didn’t take much effort to level up. Zhou Jian had raise early on to level 20, but in the last two months he was crazily doing missions. Although the experience was modest but the accumulated experience still push the gauge up to 90 percent to reach level 21.

The team fought for a full five minutes before finally eliminating all the monsters. Zhou Jian also finally leveled up to 21. Although the experience was full, he didn’t leveled up straight away.
In 《Gods and Demons》, the stats would fully recover once leveled up. This was also a life preservation method.

“Full speed ahead to enter the second floor. I’m afraid that the European team had started to fight against the BOSS. We must reach there as soon as possible.”

“Yes. captain.”

The amount of monsters in the second layer of Demon’s Nest was much less but the grade increased correspondingly. Cleaning up was not as easy in the first layer. The team struggled all the way for five minutes before rushing into the Demon’s Hall.

In Demon’s Hall, their vision suddenly lit up. The lava was flowing all around here. The heat kept on pounding on. Even the rock that they stood on felt hot because the magma had been heating up the rock till scalding red hot.

“Thud! Thud!”

Heavy heartbeats could be heard from the distance. Like a hammer hitting the people’s eardrum. This made everyone felt like their own heart beat was receiving suppression.

Zhou Jian was surprised. Just a Demon Lord’s heart was already so strong. If he met the actual demon himself, what extent will its strength be?

“Dark Sword. Seal!” Broken Saber threw the Pandora’s seal, which Zhou Jian firmly caught. “While we’re occupying the Demon Lord’s minion, the rest is all up to you.”

“Don’t worry.” Although Zhou Jian was badly equipped, but he used to play a lot of games. He had also seen a lot of such scenes. He wasn’t that nervous.

At this time, the hall suddenly shook up. The rocks cracked and the lava boiled.


A deafening roar made everyone’s heart turned cold.

“The Demon Lord’s minion found us. Everyone, get ready to fight!”

“Ho!” With the roar, the vibration in the hall increased a lot. And in a red dense fog, a huge shadow appeared slowly. It’s the Demon Lord’s minion. It’s five meters tall, both eyes burning with flame.  Grim appearance with exposed fangs. Its four legs are well grounded and it also had a pair of Scorpion like claw.  Its back was lined with rows of sharp spines that spread to its thick tail.

Everyone knew of the critical situation. Some of the females paled up. Perhaps when facing such an enemy, they could only effectively played for at most five minutes only.

Zhou Jian also gasped. Although he played many online games before this, he never experienced such a real shocking scene. He suspected that this was real, rather than a smart brain simulated game.

“Go and die!” the minion said and at the same time, it drew a bloody bone spur from its back . With a shake of the hand, it turned into a hideous bone spear.

It unexpectedly drew out its bone to make a weapon. Zhou Jian felt creep out.

“Baldy, go!” Broker Saber instructed the team. A bald-headed Warrior carrying a 1.9 meter tower shield rushed up.

Demon Lord’s minion roared and smashed down the bone spear. “Bang!”

Baldy’s leg went soft, directly crushing the rocks behind. He clenched his teeth, blue veins snaking like earthworm appearing on the head.


The 5 Clerics quickly moved out and casted light magic and Heal on Baldy.

Zhou Jian knew that he couldn’t stay here any longer. He quickly turned on stealth and moved directly towards the red fog in the Demon’s hall.

Further down, the visibility worsen. Even if he didn’t fight, Zhou Jian’s life was slowly depleting due to the excessive heat.

He didn’t know where was the altar. He could only stepped forward following the heartbeat.

He didn’t know how long he’d traveled but Zhou Jian meet his first monster in the Demon’s hall. It’s not much shorter than the final BOSS, and was also four legged. On the back was a pair of short wings. It’s holding a longer than 3 meters long machete.

Just by looking at it, one could already estimated its battle efficiency. Approximately, even with 15 people taking it on together would need to take a while to put it down.

After seeing the first monster, others showed up as well. Each one of them was big and ferocious. Zhou Jian knew that he was very close to the altar already.

Heartbeats kept on increasing. Zhou Jian felt that the heart in his own chest cavity was resonating. His internal organs were overwhelmed. His heart was like it’s jumping out from his mouth, the feeling was very depressing.

Monsters kept on increasing more and more. In the end, Zhou Jian even needed to squeeze sideways through to pass through the gaps between the monsters. At their side, Zhou Jian could clearly see their sharp spurs and fangs. The cold air and mottled blood gave people the chills.

Zhou Jian didn’t dare to breathe heavily. If he accidentally appeared in this place, he would directly be pulverized into meat paste. He’s afraid that even if Terrorist Ivan showed up, he wouldn’t hold for 5 seconds.

Altar. Where’s the altar….

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