Chapter 006 – Alarming Change

Chapter 6: Alarming Change

Zhou Jian had a hard time moving 20 meters ahead. When suddenly, he felt the temperature increased. The blowing hot air almost made him jumped.

Zhou Jian watched his health bar furiously dropped but couldn’t do anything about it. Now, he’s in the stealth mode. If he took in potion, he would reappear. When that times come, the result could be imagined.

At this time, there’s a wide lava lake in front of him where the hot air was coming from.

Floating high above the lake was a black stone altar. Above the altar was a constantly beating Demon’s heart. That heart was as big as a human’s head. Looking up, it’s bright red like blood.

Zhou Jian took a deep breathe. He took out the Pandora’s seal and at the same time, activated the skill – Telekinesis.

Telekinesis belong to non-combat skill. It could be used during stealth. The small seal floated away from Zhou Jian across the lake. Fortunately, there’s few monsters in the lake and red fog filled the air. Zhou Jian tried to control the flight of the seal across the lake. So, there’s no monster that noticed this little thing.

The heart distance from the shore was about 30 meters away. Zhou Jian stared as the Pandora’s seal almost reached 20 meters, 10 meters, 5 meters …

Since the distance was too far, Zhou Jian’s mental strength was somewhat drained. His forehead was dense with sweat. He could only clenched his teeth. 3 meters. 2 meters. 1 meter…

At the last moment, Zhou Jian’s heart was already up in his throat.


In a small voice, the Pandora’s seal gently attached to the Demon’s heart.

And then, the beating heart suddenly stopped.

Silence. Just dead silence.

The monsters around the lake were alerted. They stopped and turned to take a look at the altar…

Success just like that?

There’s no danger?

Zhou Jian focused on those dazed monster stare. His own heart was beating fast. He’s very afraid that the monsters will suddenly rush towards the Demon Lord’s heart.

This short few seconds was incomparable long for Zhou Jian. In his heart, there was an intense unease, as if there’s going to be a danger that would happen straight away.

Where’s a hiding place? Zhou Jian looked around and suddenly found a rock fissure about ten meters away. His heart leaped with joy. He went there immediately and hide in the crack. Even if there’s monsters rushing, he could still hide in there.

However, he also started to discover something a bit strange.

Eh? What was this light?

Zhou Jian felt that the light in his back seemed to shine a little brighter.

He turned around, and at the same time, the Demon Lord’s altar exploded with a bang!

Such a deafening explosion swept across the place, The lava lake erupted. Several meters high lava waves howled toward the shore, approaching Zhou Jian.


There’s no time left for Zhou Jian to run towards the fissure, regardless if he was exposed or not. Without hesitation, he chose to level up. At that moment, a soft light towered over Zhou Jian. The uncomfortable burning sensation and pain were gone. His negative state was gone as well. Zhou Jian’s health and mental strength were rapidly recovering.

And at this time, the surging lava wave crashed at Zhou Jian. However, the curing light rapidly restored Zhou Jian’s health and made him miraculously survived this catastrophe.

Zhou Jian didn’t have enough time to enjoy the comfortable feel of leveling up. He quickly renewed his stealth and then rushed to the fissure. Meanwhile, the monsters guarding the Demon’s heart realized what was happening and roared to the sky. Zhou Jian quickly vanished altogether.

Zhou Jian run away in stealth. If he slowed down even one step at a time, he’s very afraid of being crushed into meat paste by the angry mob.

He ran for 10 meters and regardless of danger, jumped off. He crashed into the fissure and fell into confusion.

“Thud! Thud!” The angry mob quickly rushed to where Zhou Jian disappeared, disregarding the raging lava lake.

The lava splashed. Because large amount of monsters keep running around, the earth trembled and the lakeshore was in a state of confusion.

Far more than 10 meters away, Zhou Jian was watching all of this. He couldn’t imagined if he’s a step slower or hesitated slightly. What would the consequences be.

F**k. This was so exciting. The role of messenger just couldn’t be bore by anyone.

The mission was completed. The Tianzun team that was fighting against the BOSS finally felt the pressure dropped and the heartbeat at the same time also disappeared.

Broken Saber was in great happiness. He knew that Dark Sword had succeeded.

“Baldy, stun the boss with a Shield Bash. Mages, take this opportunity to restore mana. Archer, strike with armor piercing arrows. And Thieves, take the opportunity to attack.”

“Thud!” A dull thump sounded. The Demon Lord’s minion was stunned by Baldy’s Shield Bash.  Shield Bash was a unique skill of the Heavy Shield Warrior.  It could create a 5 second stun to the enemy. This was one of the few skills that could cause stun to a BOSS, in addition to Thief’s’ “Blind”, Psychic “Spirit Needle” and Hunters “Trap”.

After 5 seconds, the Thieves caught up using Blind. Blind could affect for up to 3 seconds. Although in the team, there were 3 Thieves but a BOSS could only received Stun effect some of the time. This put an end to the Thieves’ attempt to chain cast and stunned a BOSS to its death.

A total of 8 second time limit. It’s enough for the Clerics to restore their magic.

Zhou Jian also arrived at this time. If he’s too far away from the BOSS, there’s no experience rewarded.

The remaining time was for Zhou Jian to sit back and watch. He’s no use out there. The feeling of just watching and receiving experience was not bad.

Without the Demon Lord’s heart, the minion couldn’t recover its life. The loss of health was significantly faster. Just now, a group of people fought for so long could only reduce the life by one tenth. Now, it didn’t take long before cutting it by half.

“BOSS life is about to turn red. Be careful out there.”

Previously, the dungeon rush failed because the BOSS escaped from the main Heavy Shield Warriors of the team. Therefore, destroying the group.

The nameless Clerics’ tensions were high. The main Shield Warriors were also ready to shield. Prepare to launch anytime. (tl: Maybe I should change the Heavy Shied Warrior to Guardian. That seemed more appropriate. I’m not a game player so I don’t know the terms used, and Shield Warrior was a literal translation.)


The Demon Lord’s minion roared and run away.

However, because the source of its power was cut off. The attempt to runaway this time was a little fizzled.

After Baldy received one of the BOSS’s skill, he had less than half his life remaining. Several Clerics took this chance to heal him back up. Although it’s shocking, but it’s not that dangerous.

Shield Bash, Blind, and the 9 seconds of continuous stun. The Clerics used this time to recover their mana. The BOSS left one tenth of its life.

Victory was at hand. The people was starting to look forward to see what equipment this dungeon BOSS burst out.

However, at this time, the BOSS suddenly flashed a red light. Those who didn’t realized what was going on received a fierce blast from the BOSS. Three Warriors and a Thief flew. And those low health Thieves were instantly killed.

Looking at this scene, Zhou Jian that’s sitting comfortably on the ground jumped up. Oh shit!

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