Chapter 007 – You’re the Sucker

Chapter 7: You’re the Sucker

With no Guardians tanking in the front, the other players were like papers in front of the BOSS. One strike with each second.

In front of the BOSS, there’s a team of five Clerics and two Thieves. In order to be convenient to heal others, the Clerics situated themselves closed to the Warriors.

And the BOSS target was one of the two Thieves. The Thief reaction was very fast. He quickly raised his hand to create Blind. Unfortunately, he’d forgotten that he had just use Blind half a minute ago. So, to use it again was invalid.

“Puff!” The BOSS slapped down and the Thief directly ascended to heaven.

The other Thief saw that the situation was not good. So, he immediately sneaked to escape off. The BOSS immediate changed target to the 5 Clerics. This situation was even worse. Thieves could die. Mages could die. Archers could die. But Guardians and Clerics couldn’t die. With 15 people in the dungeon raid, having 5 Clerics to heal was just enough time. Less one, it would be extremely tight. Less two, the group would be annihilated.

Among these 5 Clerics, 3 of them are females. Seeing the ferocious BOSS rushing over already caused them to be stunned. In fact, even if they run. they couldn’t outrun the BOSS. The Cleric speed was too slow.

“Quickly evade.” Broken Saber was the first to got up from the ground. He raised his arm and threw his weapon at the Demon Lord’s minion, hoping to attract its aggro. However, the BOSS palm had already attacked. This time, the target was Light Cloud Fairy!

That moment, Light Cloud Fairy was filled with a desperate feeling. The feeling when the fierce claw was overhead, if one didn’t experienced it herself, it’s really hard to imagine.

At this crucial moment, a faint violet light flew directly into the minion’s eyebrow like an arrow.

“Poof!” An inaudible voice. The move was seemingly without power. But, it as if caused the BOSS to suffer an electric shock. Its claw hanging in midair, couldn’t go down.

“Quickly evade.” Broker Saber shouted.

Light Cloud Fairy was the first to react. She didn’t know what happened . The earlier attack seemed to be … Psychic “Spirit Needle”?

The Demon Lord’s minion was stunned for 2 seconds. This time was enough for the 5 Clerics to distance themselves from it. Light Cloud Fairy cast Haste on herself. She distanced herself from the BOSS and at a side, glanced at Zhou Jian in the distance. A moment ago, was that him?

At this time, Baldy managed to climbed up. He’s the Guardian and the only main tank who still had half his health left to resist against the enemy BOSS. But his armor was heavy, and he was also carrying the tower shield so his speed was very slow. To run over the distance, he would also need a short period of time.

“Give me heal. I’ll first tank it.” Broken Saber hurriedly issued a command. He was the main Warrior, but was injured. Now, he’s also running low on health. He couldn’t shoulder another BOSS strike.

Light Cloud Fairy hurriedly healed Broken Saber. However, at this time, the BOSS woke up from the stun. It instantly selected its target who made it in agony 2 seconds ago – Zhou Jian.

Demon Lord’s minion rushed like a tank towards Zhou Jian. Its speed was one time faster than Zhou Jian. Zhou Jian had already expected it to come back. He turned and ran, but the direction seemed to be towards Running Water is Accidental, the guy who threatened to beat Zhou Jian down to level 0.

Running Water is Accidental immediately panicked. His proud peacock like arrogance was not there. “Don’t come here!”

Zhou Jian seemed to ignore it. He focused instead on rushing towards Running Water is Accidental . Running Water is Accidental cursed, and also turned around and ran. But, Archer speed was after all slower than a Thief. Not to mention that the distance between two was not far apart. Running Water is Accidental started running, but Zhou Jian quickly overtook him.

The BOSS was also near. Zhou Jian silently smiled. Skill – Stealth.

Demon Lord’s minion instantaneously lost its target, leaving only a panicked Running Water is Accidental.

To it, neither a Prince nor a commoner. They’re all the same.

Raised hand. Spike!


Running Water is Accidental roared with unwillingness and anger. He directly turned into a soul to ascend to heaven. His equipments were so powerful. He never dreamed that he would be played by a trash like ant to death.

In stealth, Zhou Jian watched this excitedly and licked his lips. He knew, the first thing Running Water is Accidental would do after he resurrected was to kill him. But even if he didn’t kill Running Water is Accidental, the result wouldn’t change. Because he’s unwilling to give away the equipments that he get from the BOSS. At that time, Running Water is Accidental would still kill him.

At this time, Broken Saber finally arrived. His face looked at the body of Running Water is Accidental, and another look at the stealthy Zhou Jian. His expression was a poker face.

Broken Saber used a heroic strike against the BOSS, successfully drawing the attention of the BOSS.

And then, he lead the BOSS to where Baldy was running to. As the main attacked, Broken Saber could only resist the BOSS attack once. The second time, he would also had to hang up.

Broken Saber was attacked once. Baldy finally managed to get his tower shield on top. The five Clerics were all in place, giving additional buffs – light, strength and other conditions.

They all began an orderly attack. Although there’s a loss of two Thieves and an Archer. Overall, there’s no problem. Just the damage dealt was a little less and took a longer time.

Because they feared that the BOSS would rage up again, aside from the Warriors, those of other professions were as far as possible. After all, this was the first time they reached this dungeon stage. No one know what the next situation would be like.

Three minutes later, the BOSS health turned black. And everyone’s heart was at their throat. Their spirit was in high tension. No one wants to fail.

“Pop!” With the loud burst, the Demon Lord’s minion that had given numerous global players numerous excitement as well as numerous difficulties had finally fall.

Everyone was in a state of dreaming. Are they the first? Or did the European team get to it first?

At this time, the system prompted in everyone’s ear: “Congratulation to you all. You’re the first to complete this Demon’s Nest dungeon. You’d obtained the title “Demon Lord Executioner”. In addition, each of you will get 1000 honor points. A purple epic equipment, and 6 assignable attribute points.”

Number 1? Really is number 1?

They couldn’t help but cheered. Even the always calm Broken Saber also took a few deep breathe to calm his excitement.

Global number 1. They defeated the European dream team. This achievement was enough to make them proud.

When the rest are cheering, an excited Zhou Jian was already by the side of the lying BOSS to pick up the equipment. He’s not the same as other rich children. They may cared more about the fame of being the first in the world but he was more pragmatic. In his opinion, being a first reputation was unwarranted. He would prefer receiving a good equipment in exchange. As for the title of the “Demon Lord Executioner”, if he could sell it, he would definitely sell it.

In 《Gods and Demons》, the system  would assign dropped equipments according to contributions. Everyone could only see their own equipments. To want to pick up others was wishful thinking.

Zhou Jian took two piles of glittering gold. Before this, the biggest pile from killing the monsters didn’t even give one tenth the amount of this gold. 10002. 20003. My goodness. Just these two piles of gold was already 230 yuan at hand.

This was…purple Epic equipment!

Zhou Jian saw the dazzling purple and impatiently picked it up, “Twisting Vine Armor — Shadow Bound, increase armor by 10, increase strength by 30, increase magic resistance by 5. When attacked, will absorbed 15 damage. Need level 30, strength 60.”

Zhou Jian saw it. Although his heart was rejoicing, but soon he was depressed. Level 30 was too far away. Although he could embed Agate stone to reduce the level requirement on the equipment, he needed the best Agate stone for this type of equipment. But this type of Agate stone was too expensive. He couldn’t afford it.

In addition to this Epic set, the rest are some conventional equipments. Although there was no value to wear, but he could sell it at the store in exchange for a generous income.

It couldn’t be just a purple equipment. There’s not even an orange or legendary equipment. Zhou Jian searched carefully and below the common equipments, he found an ordinary necklace. Zhou Jian saw the necklace font color and his heart jumped. It turned out to be golden.

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