Chapter 008 – Fallen Blood

Chapter 8: Fallen Blood

In 《Gods and Demons》, equipments are sorted into eight ranks from low to high, according to different font colors.

Grey is for Rough. White is for Ordinary. Green is for Excellent. Blue is for Rare. Purple is for Epic. Orange is for Legendary.  Gold is for inferior Artifact. Dark gold is for Artifact.

Until now, there were golden Artifacts that appeared in 《Gods and Demons》. However, there’s only about a dozen Artifacts out there. Even Terrorist Ivan who’d reached level 30 first also had only two pieces. Besides system rewards, there were very few lucky players who’d gotten Artifacts by completing difficult missions.

Zhou Jian excitedly picked up the aAtifact.

Inferior Artifact – Fallen Blood, Attribute unknown. Must be appraised.

With this equipment, he could repay the money owed to Mule with extra to spare. But Zhou Jian did not intend to sell it. This thing would be very helpful in helping him leveled up in the future.

An inferior Artifact. Two Epic equipments. Six assignable attribute point. 1000 honor points. This time, he’d really earned a lot. Zhou Jian didn’t know which attribute to assign his points to yet. So, he kept it as it is.

At this time, the other players had also picked up their equipments and from their look of joy, they should had a good haul. However, the system determined that Zhou Jian played the biggest role in defeating the Demon Lord’s minion. For the rest, the best equipment was obtained by Broken Saber, which was just an orange Legend class equipment.

In 《Gods and Demons》, no matter whichever dungeon, the first time drops was always the most rewarding for players. Almost everyone could get a good piece of equipment. After the second time, the probability of good equipments dropping was much lower. The third and fourth times were even less. To the extent of possibly getting just some green Excellent equipments only. Therefore, for each player, to be the first was the most important.

This time, the portal opened for the players to return. When he wanted to step into the portal, Broken Saber turned back to look at Zhou Jian. “Do you have any grudge with Running Water is Accidental?”

Zhou Jian shook his head and denied. “I didn’t meant to lead the BOSS there. At that time, I don’t know where I’m going because of the chaos. I can’t even take care of myself, let alone thinking of injuring other people.”

Broken Saber just smiled, noncommittal. “Running Water is Accidental’s way of doing thing is by hook or by crook. Be careful in the future. If there’s anything you need help with, I can help. For this time…. thank you very much.”

Zhou Jian laughed. “It’s nothing. Everyone to their own. I must also thank you all.”

All the players went back through the portal. When it’s Light Cloud Fairy’s turn, she glanced back at Zhou Jian. She wanted to say thanks but in the end just smiled. “76342399999, my Tianxun number.” (tl: I’m assuming Tianxun is like the ingame chat, cause I couldn’t find what’s the meaning of this at all.)

Zhou Jian could feel that the Light Cloud Fairy smile this time was very humble. It’s different from her previous polite but arrogant smile. This time, her gratitude and smile were from the heart.
Five 9s ending number. It’s really flashy. Zhou Jian also replied back with his own Tianxun number. A bunch of messy Arabic numerals. (tl: yeah, that’s the exact text)

“See you” Light Cloud Fairy finished saying that and disappeared.

The first thing Zhou Jian did after returning was to appraise his Artifact. Currently, only the senior appraiser NPC in the city could appraise Artifacts.

Pangu City senior appraiser was an old man with white beard. In Zhou Jian’s mind, nine out of ten appraisers are all like this. “Master. How are you? I’m here to appraise.”

Zhou Jian said this and placed the Falled Blood on the table. Even under the bright magic light, the Artifact’s unique golden glow was quite dazzling.

The white bearded old man saw the Artifact and his eyes shone immediately. “Fallen Blood. This is a good thing. I didn’t think that you still can get such a good equipment with such a low level.”

Zhou Jian knitted his eyebrow. This old man NPC’s mouth was so smelly (tl: meaning cannot say nice words). “Quickly appraise it. How much does it cost?”

“Not much. Not much. Just this much.” White bearded old man laughed and extended his thumb and two fingers into the shape of a pistol.

“800 gold coins?” Zhou Jian used to appraise green Equipments, which needed only 10 gold. This inferior Artifact needed 800 gold. It’s really expensive.

The white bearded old man shook his head.

“Then, 80 gold?”

The white bearded old man nodded and said, “add four 0s to the back of it.”

“8…..00000!?” Zhou Jian almost jumped from his chair. “Old man, who are you trying to kid!”

“800k. To identify inferior artifact is this price.” Old man smiled like a Buddha. It’s a pity that when he smiled, he revealed a set of gold plated teeth that destroyed the feeling.

“F**k. Why don’t you go and try to rob.” 800k is equivalent to 8000 yuan. My goodness, if he identified this, then his asset will shrink by half.

“Young man, don’t be angry. At present, there’s only about 10 inferior artifacts out there in the world. I charged you with 800k gold is already not expensive.”

“Can give discount?”

Old man shrugged. “I’m sorry. But in order to save our client’s time. All the shops here don’t provide discounts.”

“Faint. I’ll save your time. I don’t want to appraise this.” Zhou Jian turned his head and walked. However, when he reached the entrance, the white bearded old man didn’t even react.

The script was not supposed to be written like this. How come he didn’t stop me? Was this really the price?

Zhou Jian eventually refrained his curiosity and did not appraise. He wasn’t reluctant to spend the money. Rather, he feared that after he appraised and then find that his level was insufficient to use it. Then, that time he would really want to cry but couldn’t even had any tears coming out.

This inferior Artifact really couldn’t by used by commoners like himself. Just to appraise already needed a 8000 yuan fee. How much would it take to buy one?

At this time, Zhou Jian received a message. He opened it and read the message. “Now, immediately give me the equipment that you’d gotten. Then, kneel in front of me and kowtow 100 times. Then, I’ll consider letting you live like a dog. Otherwise, I will make you life a living hell!”

The signature was from Running Water is Accidental. Zhou Jian saw this and had an intention of laughing out loud. Anyway, he didn’t plan to get along with Running Water is Accidental, he didn’t mind to piss him off some more. He replied: “Being stupid is not your fault. But to come out and publicized that you’re brainless is definitely your wrong.  Brother. I still have things to attend to. Goodbye.”

Zhou Jian finished. He quickly exited 《Gods and Demons》.

Zhou Jian took off Xiao Yin’s game helmet and put on his own helmet. He locked the door and logged in. His consciousness went into Ghost Killer – Famous Sword. He looked at his own attributes and sure enough, Famous Sword was now level 21. All the attributes rose correspondingly. Also, in his backpack was the inferior Artifact – Fallen Blood.

As he’d guessed, Dark Sword and Famous Sword are the same avatar but in different worlds.

After confirming this, Zhou Jian felt very happy. This meant that Famous Sword could continue to get stronger. Of course, the main purpose was to have money.

Money! Money! Money! (tl: I like this. I want money too!)

If he wanted to buy a new game helmet, he would need money. So that Famous Sword could operate in ease, he would need to rent a house and this also needed money. He wanted to appraise the Artifact also needed money. And to register a company also needed money.

But now, he’s actually shouldering a debt of nearly 30000 yuan.

In reality, he now has the Ghost Killer Famous Sword. And in the online world, he also had an artifact. Although it’s a treasure but temporarily couldn’t be turned into money.

Zhou Jian had to think of a way to make money. Or else, when Xiao Yin came back, he couldn’t even use the game helmet.

He created a Word document on the computer and wrote an advertisement. He then took it to the school printing shop to print out.


“To undertake a variety of high risk tasks, including hunting fugitive, capturing criminals, killing fierce beasts, escorting transport of valuable goods. Price is negotiable. Contact qq:xxxxxxx”

Zhou Jian looked for a while and was satisfied. He then made dozens of copy and bought a box of glue. During the afternoon, there were fewer pedestrians. So, he carried these things out to the streets.

Zhou Jian put a copy in the pocket. He pretended to calmly take a stroll towards a telephone pole. He took a look around to see that there’s no one there and took out the glue before he started brushing.

Zhou Jian brushed halfway before he found that there’s already another advertisement behind the pole. Written there is cure all gonorrhea and syphilis. Cure impotence and premature ejaculation…


Zhou Jian wanted to throw his glue on the spot. Can be a little more creative or not? The one who posted this stuff is so lame. It’s not as sincere as his own. If the two advertisement are pasted together, who would believe him.

However, he thought for a while and found that there’s no other way. Forget it. I’ll endure.

Just like that, Zhou Jian mysteriously appeared and disappeared before he managed to paste all the advertisement in 2 hours. Zhou Jian also conveniently copied several rental landlord’s contact numbers. He’d prepared to move out after some time. After all, it’s inconvenient to use Famous Sword in the dorm.

Zhou Jian returned and took a bath. He’s ready to take a short break before entering 《Gods and Demons》 to continue leveling. At this moment, his phone rang. He looked at the number and saw that it’s his roommate, Wang Xiao Yin.

“F**ker. You this animal. Just one day didn’t see and you unexpectedly created such a big name. You’d passed the new dungeon?” Xiao Yin’s voice came from the phone.

“My luck is good. Your news is very fast.”

“Bullshit. The forum had exploded. You still don’t know?”

“The news had reached the forum?”

“Very fresh news. You’re now a celebrity. I almost couldn’t hold back from selling you out.”

“F**k. You’d better be quiet. This time, I’d annoyed an untouchable. I have to stay low key.”

“Can. Can. You go to the forum and have a look. This time, if you didn’t come under fire also cannot.”

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