Chapter 010 – Pengcheng

Chapter 10: Pengcheng

Light Cloud Fairy ‘s inner self was startled. She knew that Zhou Jian wanted to prove himself. But this young man was too arrogant. Although she didn’t say that the villa she stayed in was guarded, but it didn’t mean that any average person could get in. Furthermore, the hairpin was always on her head, and under her protection. Unless the other party was a skilled professional, how else could it possibly be stolen.

Light Cloud Fairy was someone who didn’t give up easily. Moreover, she’s truly curious on this arrogant kid. Where did his confidence come from?

She put on a thin smile. “Pengcheng city Deep Blue Seacoast Villa area, number 36. I have a favorite crystal hairpin. If you’re able to obtain it, can give it to you girlfriend.”

Crystal hairpin? That’s a lot of money. Faint. Right, what are you thinking about? You considered yourself as a master already and must have long term vision.

“Ok, that’s a deal.”

“But you already said that this is a bet. You have to bet something on it. What will happen if you lose?”

“If I lose, I’ll let Light Cloud Fairy to determine the punishment.”

“Haha.” Light Cloud Fairy smiled. “In the future, I’ll create my own guild in 《Gods and Demons》. If you lost, you should sell your body for servitude into my guild. What do you think?”

Zhou Jian considered for a quick while and then agreed. He was ninety-nine percent confident of winning. Even if he lost, joining her guild wasn’t that big of a loss. “I’ll have to thank Fairy for thinking so highly of me. But what if you lose?”

Light Cloud Fairy broke into a smile. “If I lost to you, I’ll introduce a girl to you, absolutely pure. How does it sound?”

Zhou Jian was slightly absent minded. He had to acknowledge that when Light Cloud Fairy smiled just a moment ago, she was full of charming flavor. But, having a girl to be introduced as part of the gambling stake was tempting. He calmed down and said: “Your gambling stake is too deceitful. Even if you want to introduce but the other party doesn’t agree, won’t I be like carrying water in a bamboo sieve?” (tl: futile action)

Light Cloud Fairy said: “Relax. Rest assured, if that one failed, I’ll introduce a second one. I know plenty of girls. I’ll guarantee your satisfaction.”

This bet was decided so and Zhou Jian left. Right after, Small White Rabbit Candy pouted in dissatisfaction. “Big Sis. Why do you let that obnoxious guy join our guild. Didn’t we reached an agreement to only let girls into our guild?”

Light Cloud Fairy smiled. “My good little sis. What’s there to hate about him?”

“He caused my Mimi to die. Hate. Extremely hate him.” Mimi was Small White Rabbit Candy’s pet. During the first time dungeon raid, because Zhou Jian missed out on the team, Tianzun team was annihilated. Small White Rabbit Candy’s pet Mimi naturally couldn’t escape as well. Although a pet could be resurrected,  its loyalty and strength would drop a lot after resurrection. It would need a long term careful training to recover it.

“You’re being unreasonable. Didn’t the other person also help us win the dungeon raid? Other also didn’t owe you. To come or not to come is his freedom. If he didn’t come again for the second time, won’t you died out there?”

“Pei pei pei (tl: kinda like spitting). Who’s going to die? I will not die.”

“Alright. Stop it. Next time, you’ll have to get along well with him. Your big sis asked him to join the guild, naturally will have some plan.” Light Cloud Fairy and Small White Rabbit Candy are sisters in reality, but there’s a lot of things that Light Cloud Fairy never told Small White Rabbit Candy. She didn’t want her to be alarmed and anxious.

Although their situation now appeared to be good, but perhaps several days later, they wouldn’t have a single thing left in the world. The secret evil hand behind the scene was manipulating using the law to seize their properties. So, she couldn’t rely on the law to fight back and instead had to rely on bounty hunters. However, she reached out to a few who said that the difficulty was too high. They were unable to do it. This time, she had a little hope when reaching out to Zhou Jian but was ultimately, disappointed.

Once the company went bankrupt, all her personal properties would be seized but there’s a loophole in the law. In the virtual world, the property there was not counted as personal property. Yes, although virtual equipment was worth tens of thousands, stealing and robbing them were not illegal. In case of bankruptcy, Light Cloud Fairy’s properties in real life would be seized, but not in game!

That’s why, 《Gods and Demons》 was Light Cloud Fairy’s escape route. She’d already invested a lot of money into 《Gods and Demons》. Moreover, besides the legal factor, she also took in 《Gods and Demons》 prospect into consideration. Now, there were not that many people entering 《Gods and Demons》 yet. Given time,  it would definitely become a reputable second world. At that time, there would be unimaginable opportunities.

But having money was not enough. Propping up a guild needed talents. And Zhou Jian, who had a hidden profession and was able to contribute to a raid success was the sort of talent that she was looking for.

Of course. All these must be based on the premise that she won the bet. But Light Cloud Fairy never thought that she would lose.


Pengcheng distance from Huadu was quite near. They’re just separated in the middle by a city. Just take a maglev ride could reach directly.

Zhou Jian summed up his tickets, accommodations, and meals, which should reach up to 7-800 yuan. And now, 7-800 yuan to him was not a small figure.

Also, on his card, there’s left about 400 yuan. It sufficed for his travel expenses in addition to future living expenses and also Internet cafe access fee because he didn’t have a game helmet….

He counted until here and had a wry smile. One cent baffled over the Chinese hero. (tl: the hero is baffled by monetary issues)

Of course, in 《Gods and Demons》, Zhou Jian still have 700k gold. But if he’s going to exchange it to yuan, he would only get 4550 yuan. This was because when exchanging from online gold to Chinese yuan, the game company would take 15 percent and the state will take 20 percent for personal income tax.

Actually, the game company’s fee was not high because when the players converted the online gold to yuan, the state would also collect profit from the company. So, the margin for the game company was actually not much. It made money mostly by the players’ various expenses.

Of course, there’s underground trading to sell the gold directly to other players but would also need to lose 25 percent. Because if the players directly buy gold from the game company, it’s not only more convenient and safer but most importantly could upgrade to vip status. Vip could get priority and also offered equipments. So, the rich didn’t really care about this 25. (tl: this portion of raw is confusing)

Therefore, Zhou Jian didn’t want to touch the 700k gold because he didn’t want to make it shrink. Furthermore, because it’s money lent to him by Mule to be able to play the game. For him to change the gold back to yuan was not justified.

If he couldn’t change, then he could only borrow. Zhou Jian really didn’t know any other college students because he rarely attended class. And in the class, there are only 3 guys. Mule, Xiao Yin and himself.

Zhou Jian really didn’t want to borrow from Mule and Xiao Yin. Mule, of course was needless to say. Even for Xiao Yin, he had owe him more than 300 for the meal card money. Xiao Yin family condition was good, but not better than Mule’s. And his living expenses was gotten from his home every week. So, there wasn’t much spare cash on hand.

There’s only borrowing from high school friends left.

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