Chapter 011 – Wen Ren Hui Yin

Chapter 11: Wen Ren Hui Yin

Zhou Jian opened his address book. He first dialed his high school classmate, Zhang De Zhong’s number. “De Zhong. How are you doing?”

“How well can I be. I’m in the lousy broken school practicing chanting.”

“Well, recently my hand is a little tight. Can you lend me 500 yuan? I want to go outstation. Two days later can return back to you.” Zhou Jian said to borrow but actually Zhang De Zhong still owed him 500 yuan. At that time, Zhang De Zhong’s girlfriend need to enter the hospital to have a minor surgery. Specifically, what disease was it, Zhou Jian didn’t know but anyway it’s a woman’s disease. Moreover, it’s not the type that virgins could have. Thus, couldn’t use family’s money. Zhang De Zhong then looked for Zhou Jian for 500 yuan. Zhou Jian straight away sold his beloved Dragon King sword from the online game “Broken Day”. For a high school student, 500 yuan was not a small amount of money. Later, Zhou Jian also didn’t find Zhang De Zhong for it. After all, this matter of him and his girlfriend couldn’t be shared with the family.

Later, Zhang De Zhong wasn’t admitted to a university, but he entered a vocational. He should still be able to produce 500 yuan. Even if money was tight, it’s no big deal, he would be able to get the money back later.

“Oh…. 500 ah.” Zhang De Zhong’s voice sounded a little worried. “Recently, my hand is also tight. My living expenses are also borrowed from my classmates. Of course, I borrowed 500 from you, I still remember but I’d broke up with Xiao Qian …”

Zhou Jian heard this felt a little not tasteful. What did you mean by this? You told me that you’d broke up with Xiao Qian, you want me to go and take this 500 from Xiao Qian? Ah, had you forgotten about your merry times with Xiao Qian? You broke her body which resulted in her needing a gynecological surgery but now you don’t even want to pay?

If it’s the previous Zhou Jian, he would have hung up the phone, but now he still took Zhang De Zhong as a friend. “Zhang De Zhong, I don’t want you to pay back the money. I’m really short of money. I will pay you back two days later.”

“Bro Jian. Your brother here really doesn’t have any money now.”

“Can. I understand.”

Zhou Jian hung up and sighed. After graduation will be far apart. Later, interaction in life will be less and less. Who will still regard him as a buddy?

He thought for a while. Then, Zhou Jian dialed Li Yun Fu’s number. Li Yun Fu and Zhang De Zhong’s case were the same. He also owed Zhou Jian 500 yuan, the only difference was that this money was for the girlfriend to get an abortion.

The male-female relationship in Zhou Jian’s high school was a little chaotic. Many girls had been damaged. Zhou Jian earned some money by playing online games at that time. Although his family was poor but he could sell off the equipment to get money. So, some friends who were in a situation where they were unable to open mouth to their parents could only borrow money from him.

“Yun Fu, is your pocket full? Lend me 500 yuan. I need to go outstation. I really need the money. Will pay you back two days later.”

“Bro Jian. It’s really unfortunate. I recently opened a Taobao (tl: China’s Ebay) shop with my classmates. I’d bought a large amount of stock that’s not sold off yet.”

“Oh. that’s how it is. What’s the URL of your shop? What are you selling there? If I have time, I’ll go there and have a look.”

“This….” Li Yun Fu awkwardly smiled. “My shop front is small. It doesn’t have anything attractive. This thing, you just forget it.”

“Haha. My family condition, you’re also aware of it. I can’t afford to visit large stores.”

“Ok, Bro Jian. I will tell you about it some other time. My classmates are waiting for me to have a meal now. I’ll hang up first…”

A busy signal came from the phone. Zhou Jian didn’t know how to feel. Just for the 500 yuan, you can lie so easily. The friendship that he had paid for in the past was too f**king cheap now.

He shook his head and deleted Li Yun Fu’s number. He swept his eyes across his address book and called Li Yun Fu’s girlfriend, Sun Li. Because of his relationship with Li Yun Fu at that time, his relationship with Sun Li was very good as well. Zhou Jian made this call wasn’t because he wanted back the 500 yuan abortion fee. Rather, he wanted to know if his friendship was really so cheap.

“You can’t be that miserable?” An exaggerate sound came from the phone. “I thought during high school time, you were very good at making money from playing online games?”

“I’m no longer playing that. I’d changed to a different one and invested a lot into it. But so far, there’s no return yet.”

“So, this mean that you want to borrow money to continue to throw into that game? This is really a gambler’s mentality. I’d already told you that it’s not reasonable to continue to play online game, and yet you didn’t listen to me. You better calm down and hit the books instead.” Sun Li talked until here and quickly hanged up the phone.

Zhou Jian had already expected the same result. He smiled with some self-depreciation. There’s only one last to be called left, Liang Xin Sheng.

Liang Xin Shen played online game together with Zhou Jian in high school Zhou Jian was the better player. His equipment was also better. Hence, if he had some good stuff that he’s not using, he would give it to Liang Xin Sheng. Those equipment should add up to worth about several hundred.

“Liang, lately your brother here is really tight on money. Do you have some that you can lend to me?”

“Bro Zhou, you played online game should also have earned some money. How can you be short of money.”

Zhou Jian said: “I’m no longer playing that old game from the past. The account had been sold and used to pay for accommodation. I’m recently playing 《Gods and Demons》.”

“《Gods and Demons》 ah, this thing is a bottomless pit. Bro Zhou, this game is different from the previous game. If you fall here, you might not be able to get back up.”

“Still can. I’m feeling like on the verge of making money.”

“Then, I wished good fortune on you, Bro Zhou. This online games stuff, I’m no longer touching them. I’m a little busy right now. Next time chat with you again. Bye bye.”

The phone turned again into a busy signal as if Zhou Jian had never mentioned about the issue of borrowing money.

At this time, Zhou Jian’s emotion was a little complex. Once traveled a little further on the path of life, in an instance, they’re all now strangers.

He’d lived for eighteen years, and thought that he had many friends. But those who would really help out were just a few only.

Upon reflection, because he played online games, the friends he made were also a pack of rogues (tl: idiom). These people, during the time of comfort, they would be more intimate with you than your own brother. But once you’re in trouble, they would quickly part away from you. No one would even keep you in mind. Zhou Jian thought on how much he’d sacrificed in the past. It’s really laughable now.

He no longer wanted to call anyone. Zhou Jian entered 《Gods and Demons》 and found the underground gold coin trading. He put up 100k gold to be sold on consignment.

He went offline and out to eat.

The time was already 6pm. Zhou Jian prepared to go to Pengcheng tonight to steal. After all, the best time to steal was at night. Besides, he didn’t know if Light Cloud Fairy will be out in the morning.

Once he’d finished eating, Zhou Jian’s phone rang. He looked at the number and was startled. “Turns out to be her?”

Wen Ren Hui Yin….. Someone who’s always in Zhou Jian’s address book but he’d never contacted her.

She was Zhou Jian’s high school friend. Her surname was very special, Wen Ren (tl: it meant celebrity).

Wen Ren Hui Yin was a very pure, very quiet girl. She had a pair of curved and light eyebrows, a pair of black, bright eyes. No matter how agitated your mood was at that time or how depressed you were, just one look at her smile and all your worries would melt like snow and ice.

The Heaven was just so unfair. Not only was Wen Ren Hui Yin entrusted with a pure and beautiful appearance, she was also given a wealthy family background….

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