Chapter 014 – The Uninvited Guest

Chapter 14: The Uninvited Guest

Pengcheng —–

Pengcheng was located in the coast of China facing South China Sea. It’s China’s first special economic zone. The name Pengcheng was derived from its history because the domain looked like a roc who wanted to fly. Zhou Jian looked left and right, this domain looked more like a chicken leg that was bitten off.

Pengcheng was one of China’s richest city. The average GDP per person was even higher than Huadu, where Zhuo Jian was residing. It’s the center for China’s high tech talents.

When the Maglev arrived in Pengcheng, Zhou Jian took off the the game helmet. (tl: wait? you can play game on train’s wifi or the helmet come with its own internet?) To make the best use of time, Zhou Jian was practicing his 《Gods and Demons》 all the way.

He bought two game helmets, his and Xiao Yin’s. Xiao Yin’s helmet was used to play the game. His helmet will be used to steal the hair pin.

He found a fairly good hotel to stay in. Zhou Jian put on his own game helmet and had his consciousness shifted to the Ghost Killer “Famous Sword”.

These days, Zhou Jian’d done many experiments and had determined three matters. First, regardless of where and when, as long as he put on the game helmet, Famous Sword would appear by his side. Second, the equipments that are not from 《Gods and Demons》 are unable to remain in stealth when he activated it. For example, if Famous Sword took a camera and entered stealth mode, the others wouldn’t see Famous Sword but would be able to see the camera hovering about. Third, Famous Sword’s backpack could be used to store equipments not from the game. For example, the camera could be put inside and even if in stealth mode, it wouldn’t be exposed as long as it’s not taken out. Once Zhou Jian disconnected and the Ghost Killer avatar vanished, the equipments inside would drop out.

He locked the door. Zhou Jian’s main body continued to stay in the hotel and the Ghost Killer Famous Sword went to the downtown area.

In other not to draw attention, Zhou Jian took off the eye catching garb off Famous Sword. In fact, Zhou Jian was equivalent to a person with two bodies. If they stood together side by side, no one including Mule could point who is who. This was just like in the movie 《Avatar》,  the Marine’s avatar. Sometimes, Zhou Jian wondered. If his main body died, could he continue living in the form of Ghost Killer in this world? Like the 《Avatar》 male lead, to be able to continue in the Navi’s body.

Zhou Jian rented a car and went directly to the Deep Blue Seacoast Villa area.

Deep Blue Seacoast Villa was a enclave for the rich of Pengcheng. The European style architecture along with its carefully cared garden made it looked like an aristocrat garden.

The villa area was naturally a guarded community. Access card was needed to be swiped to enter through the gate. There’s 24 hours security, with night patrols within the community. The camera covered everywhere with almost no dead angle. Once there’s any suspicious signs, the police would be quickly notified and arrived.

The time was around 8pm. Zhou Jian took a stroll around the coast. He found a corner and took off his clothes, revealing his game clothes underneath and entered stealth mode.

He leaped.

The walls which are several meters tall are jumped over like its nothing. He disregarded the camera, and the pedestrians, directly heading straight to No. 36 villa.

The Deep Blue Seacoast villas were arranged according to their numbers. Hence, Zhou Jian found his target easily. He noticed the No. 36 lights from far away.

Zhou Jian approached the villa entrance. He casted the Thief’s basic skill Detection. This skill could detect traps, authorities and enemies in disguise.

There’s no one in the first floor. Second floor has three people. All should be females.

Zhou Jian touched the door and casted the Thief’s basic skill Unlock….


At this time, Light Cloud Fairy and her sister, Small White Rabbit Candy were unaware of this uninvited guest. The two sisters were chatting in the bedroom. Because they were at ease at home, they were dressed casually. Although there’s no exposure, but the concealed statures of the young girls hidden behind thin clothing had a fatal attraction.

“Elder sister, you really put the crystal hairpin on your head? That pest was obviously just boasting. How can he possibly steal this stuff. I’m guessing that he couldn’t even enter into the community. When the time comes, let see if he has any more words to say. Hmm hmmm.” Small White Rabbit Candy proudly tilted her small mouth upwards, as if she’d seen the look of a beaten Zhou Jian. Thinking of how that annoying fellow admitting defeat was really satisfying.

“Haha, good sister. Don’t look down on others. But this time you are right. He won’t win this time. I’m wearing this on my head. I don’t believe that it can fly off on itself.”

“There’s still some more. Don’t let that guy into our guild. Look at his lewd appearance, 80% doesn’t has any good intention.” Small White Rabbit Candy was swinging Light Cloud Fairy’s arm, acting like a spoiled brat.

“Lil sis, what nonsense are you talking about. Already thinking like this at such a young age. When did he have a lewd look?” Light Cloud Fairy lightly rebuked and poke at Small White Rabbit Candy’s lovely forehead. “Well, well. Go take a bath and go to sleep. That guy is very important for us.”

“I can’t see how is he important. His level is lower than me. His equipments are also worse than mine.” Small White Rabbit Candy was unconvinced and pouted.

“That guy although the level is low, but he’s good at playing the game. When we’re rushing the Demon’s Nest, if it wasn’t for him, we’re certain annihilated. Don’t forget that although his equipments are bad, you must not think that sealing the Demon Lord’s heart with the Pandora seal is really so simple. Even if he’s a Thief, it’s still dangerous and yet, he completed it.”

“Hmmm, it’s just a coincidence.”

“This type of people is a genius gamer. He can get the hidden profession is not simply because of good luck. Us sisters might need to depend on 《Gods and Demons》 to make a living. To have more helpers is naturally good but I don’t know how is his character.”

“Still need to ask? He’s the worst.”

“Ok. Ok. Don’t talk back to me over nothing. He just caused your Mimi to die, but it’s not like it can’t be revived. Go and take a bath. It’s already 8pm. You need to go to bed at 9. You still have school tomorrow.”

“I don’t want to go tomorrow. I already know what the teachers are teaching. I’m going to play tomorrow.” Small White Rabbit Candy made an ugly face, then grinned and quickly run to the bathroom.

Light Cloud Fairy helplessly shook her head. She really had no way to take care of this sister. Although she kept on playing game but her schoolwork didn’t dropped. Her IQ was inherited from their father, even higher than herself,

From the bathroom side come the sound of falling water. Light Cloud Fairy had been unsettled for the past few days. That matter was still haunting in her heart, making her uneasy no matter if she’s sitting or standing.

She looked at the clock, it’s 8.15pm. Looking at time was a habit of Light Cloud Fairy. First, because she had a strong sense of time, and because she didn’t feel safe at all. She didn’t know if there’s anything that would happen next. Sometimes, even when the phone suddenly rang, she would jump up. She’s afraid that her subordinate would call her with bad news.

Light Cloud Fairy didn’t like the feeling of staying alone in the room. This made her extremely agitated and restless.  These few days, she’d been sleeping together with her sister. With someone by her side, she’s feeling more secured.

“Aunt Yi, later help me heat up a bowl of porridge.” Light Cloud Fairy opened the door and said to the housekeeper.

“Young Miss want to stay up late again? Staying up so late is not good for the skin.” A 40 year old woman was wiping the floor while saying that. In this villa, there’s only the two sisters and the housekeeper.

“Aunt Yi, I’d already said that these floors don’t need to be wiped. They’re already shining so brightly. Aunt Yi, help me heat up a bowl of porridge and then go to sleep. I still have some materials to read.”

“Em, Young Miss please don’t sleep so late. It’s not good for the skin.” The woman said and put on an apron. She washed her hand in the kitchen.

Actually, based on Light Cloud Fairy’s character, she wouldn’t invest her precious time into the game. But now, 《Gods and Demons》 truly was the only escape route that she could think of now…….

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