Chapter 015 – Chu Qing Yun’s Dilemma

Chapter 15: Chu Qing Yun’s Dilemma

At this time, Zhou Jian had already entered the building hall. The sound when he shut the door was very light. Separated by a floor, nobody else heard it.

Zhou Jian looked around, would this house has any alarm? For example, like those high tech identification system. Would his Detection skill be useful against these gadgets?

He carefully moved forward step by step until he arrived at the spiral staircase to the second floor. Until now, he hadn’t had any accidents, so Zhou Jian was finally relieved. He went up the stairs step by step but this time, he noticed a fat woman with an apron going down the stairs.

The woman was already fat, and she walked like a penguin, swinging side by side. This staircase was not wide. It’s very easy to bump into each other but this wouldn’t baffled Zhou Jian. He held onto the rail and in one dexterous move, hanged outside the staircase, letting the fat woman passed with ease.

After the woman disappeared into the kitchen, Zhou Jian climbed up to the second floor like a monkey. His landing made no sound at all.

This time, Zhou Jian finally saw Light Cloud Fairy. She was unexpectedly more attractive in the real world than in the game. She’s wearing a figure hugging white cotton autumn cloth. The thin but taut autumn cloth perfectly wrapped around the girl’s twin peaks. Zhou Jian could even see two small lovable grapes protruding out. It’s seemingly vivid. Zhou Jian was in a daze. Sinful. Sinful. It’s really unintentional but thinking of it normally, that thing (tl: no bra. Author didn’t referred directly) is always uncomfortable. If at home, most girls would choose to take it off and only wore their personal clothes. But to not had put on that thing and still had such perfectly full round shape. This was simply….. sinful.

Zhou Jian was a very very pure virgin. Although, he subconsciously thought that he was a real gentleman but when he saw this type of beautiful scene in front. Before he knew it, he was ….. hard.

Business, business! His purpose here was to steal. Zhou Jian looked around and finally found the crystal hairpin on Light Cloud Fairy’s head. This gave Zhou Jian a headache. If she always wore it, he couldn’t start on it. He couldn’t begin to pick it up directly since she could feel it. He could only continue to wait.

He went to hide behind Light Cloud Fairy and watched her go to the desk and sit down. She turned on the computer. This was Light Cloud Fairy personal computer. Zhou Jian couldn’t help but began to wonder, what stuff could be inside there? Could there be an island love action movie? Faint. Why did his mind wandered there. It’s the scene beforehand that made him somewhat restless.

The computer booted up completely. On the desktop, there wasn’t anything like Zhou Jian had imagined on some cute or fancy female stuffs. There’s the most basic blue background, and very few icons on the desktop. “My computer”. “Recycle Bin”. “Network”. “Browser”. “Anti-virus software”.
And a PDF document.

Light Cloud Fairy opened the pdf document. Inside, it’s all complex organic chemistry chemical formulas and chemical test reports. The document had a few hundred pages unexpectedly.

Zhou Jian’s Chemistry was pretty good. But when he saw this document, there’s some big reactions. Some esther reactions. Some substitution and condensation reactions that introduced various side reactions. The chemical structure of the immediate product could fill up the whole page. Zhou Jian was dazzled by this. This Light Cloud Fairy was doing organic chemistry. (tl: my Chemistry is very good, but I never learned it in Chinese. So, a bit are guesswork.)

Light Could Fairy looked patiently. Once in a while, her delicate eyebrows will scrunched. From her expression, it looks like it’s not easy for her either.

At this moment, a sweet voice came out from the bathroom. “Big sis. I’d finished washing. I’ll play one more hour of game before I go to bed.”

Zhou Jian followed the voice and suddenly felt  a lack of oxygen to the brain. A 16-17 years old girl was wearing a short wet underwear and cartoon panties. Water droplets hanging down from her hair. And she was even walking towards him. Because the cloth was wet, Zhou Jian could even distinctively see two bright red points. Although they’re not as full as Light Cloud Fairy, but those almost exposed small pointed angles of unripe buds were a fatal temptation.

Zhou Jian at that time almost had a nosebleed. Luckily, the little girl just said a few words and turned around back to her room.

Zhou Jian breathed a deep relief. Staying here was really challenging to his willpower. Just now, that girl seemed to be Small White Rabbit Candy. So, Light Cloud Fairy and Small White Rabbit Candy are sisters in the real world?

“Young miss. The hot porridge is ready.” A voice came from below.

“Em. Thank you Aunt Yi. You should go to bed.”

“Em. Young Miss should also sleep earlier.” Aunt Yi’s bedroom was downstairs. She usually go to sleep early so that she could wake up early to have time to prepare breakfast.

Light Cloud Fairy continued to read the pdf document. Although she obviously struggled but she was invested in it. Occasionally, she would wrinkle her eyebrows. And occasionally curled the corners of her mouth upwards. Light Cloud Fairy was studying earnestly. Actually, Light Cloud Fairy didn’t do Organic Chemistry. This pdf document was a draft manuscript of bio-pharmaceutical reactions that her father left behind.

Light Cloud Fairy’s father, Chu Tian was a biomedical genius. When he’s only 50 years old, he already had 12 national patents to his name. By the virtue of his amazing talent, he founded Yun Tai Bio Pharmaceutical Technology Co. Ltd. Of course, he lacked funds when starting the company, so he looked for a partner.

However, at the heyday of Yun Tai Company, a car accident claimed the lives of both parents. In accordance to law, Chu Tian’s company shares was inherited by both the daughters – Light Cloud Fairy, Chu Qing Yun and Small White Rabbit Candy, Chu Cocoa. (tl: Wanted to split it to Co Coa, but it’s literally Cocoa.)

However, Chu Qing Yun only inherited the equity shares. She didn’t have the 12 kinds of pharmaceutical formulations. Chu Qing Yun knew that her father’s patented formula was made in 12 UC unreplicable encrypted video and was put into a laptop that’s cut off from the net. However, after her father’s death, the laptop actually fell into the hands of his father’s partner.

Light Could Fairy had the stockholder’s rights but didn’t have the formula. Which means in a technology dependent biopharmaceutical industry, she’d lost her foundation. Actually, her and her younger sister 51 percent stockholder shares on hand had become water without a source.

It’s useless to negotiate with her father’s partner because the other party insisted to has never saw the secret formula. When Chu Qing Yun began to take over the management of the Yun Tai Pharmaceutical company, because she didn’t have the technology, the company’s 12 principal medicines production was suspended. The company could merely depended on some ordinary medicine production to support but the profit margin of these medicines were low. The quarterly profit of the company was insufficient to support the company. So, the stock price of the company suffered a disastrous drop.

Chu Qing Yun was dead against selling off the shares. Yun Tai Pharmaceutical Company was her father’s lifetime painstaking effort. She’d rather be hit than to lose these 51 percent stake.

However, the minority shareholders kept on selling their stocks and let the stock price fell. Chu Qing Yun could also think with her finger. When the stock price fell to the bottom, her father’s partner would instruct a third party financial consortium to buy the pharmaceutical company shares.

Just like that, he could take over Yun Tai Company at cabbage price. (tl: cause cabbages are cheap) and then, allowed the production to use the secret formula. At that time, he could again change the company name. Just like this, the owner of Yun Tai Pharmaceutical company ownership would changed hands without anyone being aware of it.

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