Chapter 016 – Separated by A Curtain

Chapter 16: Separated by A Curtain

Any patents could be inherited for a period of 20 years. However, pirating had been a culture of China. Intellectual property right was the most lamentable type, and pharmaceutical technology was really hard to say. If you claimed that others infringed on your patent, but how to collect the evidence? Do you want both sides to bring out their formulas and do a comparison? Therefore, the formulas were kept by themselves. If you lose it then it’s your bad luck.

Of course, if Chu Qing Yun was stubborn and refused to sell her shares, then Yun Tai Company would not change ownership but it would go bankrupt. The bank loan would soon expire and the staff wages had not been paid for two months. The distributors were also owed several million and when the time came, the country would confiscate of all of Yun Tai Company’s fixed asset for public auction. The proceed would first be paid to repay the country, and then paid for the staff wages. Last, would be the creditors.

And this time, the evil mastermind just need to bid for the company’s fixed assets and the result would still be the same. So, no matter what Chu Qing Yun did, Yun Tai Company couldn’t be preserved.

The only difference was that if the bankruptcy was dragged out, it’s a lose-lose scenario. But if the shares were sold out, Light Cloud Fairy would have a little left but her father’s partner would get it for cheap.

Until today, Chu Qing Yun could no longer support it. All the creditor had lined up to the Deep Blue Seacoast.

What she could only do was to collect the incomplete manuscript that her father left behind and try to piece together to look for any clues. But Chu Qing Yun, although she studied Biomedical Engineering in Nevada, USA and inherited her father’s high IQ, she’s still just an undergraduate. Because of her father’s accident, she did not graduate and come back. Although she studied her Biomedicine well, but how could she be compared to her father’s talent. After she’d looked for half a year, she still couldn’t make the connection.

Once, she’d even risked the danger of formula exposure, and consulted with university professors using the draft manuscript. However, the reply she’d gotten back was that the formula was flawed. There’s a part that was not restored.

Chu Qing Yun was now not striving to recover the 12 formulas. She could only strive to understand some important intermediary products and produced them to stall Yun Tai Company from bankruptcy.

One second turned to one minute, Chu Qing Yun was wholly invested into studying the document but Zhou Jian was depressed. He acknowledged that Light Cloud Fairy’s absorbed appearance had an intellectual beauty, but after enjoying this beauty for more than 2 hours. Enough is enough.

Zhou Jian’s thighs were aching. And in this period, he sneaked N times to the corner of the room because the stealth was running out. Luckily, the mana consumption of stealth was not much and he could slowly recover his mana. Else, this skill couldn’t continue.

It’s nearly 11 and Zhou Jian was about to fall asleep. Light Cloud Fairy finally wriggled around because she was still for too long and her neck was aching. She stood up and Zhou Jian let out a breathe.
Please sister. Please go to sleep and when you want to sleep, please take down your hairpin.

Light Cloud Fairy went downstairs to eat a bowl of porridge. She then went upstairs again. Faint. She’s going to read again for another 2 hours. Zhou Jian who’s secretly following behind her whispered.

Fortunately, Light Cloud Fairy didn’t head to the desk this time. She instead pushed open a door. Zhou Jian silently followed in. He thought that she would finally go to bed.

The surrounding changed. There’re tiles…..mirror…..bath towel….bathtub…..and so on. Wait, here is the…. bathroom?

Zhou Jian hadn’t reacted, Light Cloud Fairy had already closed the door…

This time, Zhou Jian’s brain was in chaos. The fight between Angel and Devil inside his brain did not produce any result. Both Light Cloud Fairy’s hands had already gripped the lower hem corner of her fitted autumn clothes.

Wait….wait…wait. I’m not mentally prepared yet.

Zhou Jian didn’t know whether he should open his eyes bigger by one size or two sizes. When his vision was filled with a dazzling snow white. A pair of white rabbits that stood out was swaying so much. So soft. So white. Beating unceasingly….

Zhou Jian had a parched mouth. He turned his head on reflex. Although it’s just a glance, that group of two soft snow white actually left a profound impression on his heart. This was the first time he saw a girl’s body in reality. This type of beauty really made people dizzy.

He turned his head was not because he’s a stickler for old ideas, rather that two round snow white were too dazzling up to the extent Zhou Jian couldn’t bear to look straight. Furthermore,  Zhou Jian felt that if the other party was a chaste maiden. Then his action of peeking at other was not sincere. If she’s already a woman, then to have a peek would also have a guilty feeling inside. But …. no matter what, he’d already had a glance. A glance and another glance probably wouldn’t make any difference….

At that moment, Zhou Jian didn’t know what going on in his mind. He dozily turned his head for another look. At this moment as well, Light Cloud Fairy had drawn the bath curtain. In the bathroom, the dazzling white simply disappeared like that…

Zhou Jian breathed out in relief but felt a bit wistful. Why did he put himself as a gentleman? Anyway, see if she had any meat.

At this moment, a length of snow white lotus root arm (tl: Chinese used lotus roots to describe limbs because of the shape) came out from the bath curtain and place the fine crystal hairpin on the fat bathtub tray. Zhou Jian’s heart leaped. This was the target which he had come for.

Don’t think of that unrealistic stuff. Better get down to business matters. He couldn’t match up to this type of girl anyway.

After silently taking the crystal hairpin, Zhou Jian retreated back to the bathroom door to run away. Although he recalled the spring scenery inside, but once Light Cloud Fairy pulled open the bath curtain, he wouldn’t be able to take away the hairpin.

Taking advantage of the sound of running water, Zhou Jian probed open the door a little to survey if there’s anyone outside. He cautiously opened the door and half-heartedly, glanced back at the curtain that separated the spring scenery from him. Zhou Jian quietly pushed the door.

The sound of the lock clicking was very light, and when concealed under the sound of water, it’s not obvious. But Light Cloud Fairy heard it. “Cocoa. Why aren’t you asleep yet. It’s already 11.”

Zhou Jian heart leaped in fright, but fortunately, Small White Rabbit Candy replied. “Oh, I’m going to sleep now.”

Zhou Jian no longer delayed around, he slipped downstairs along the rail in just one breath. He surveyed the housekeeper who living on the first floor using the Detection skill. Fortunately, she had gone to bed. He quietly opened the hall’s window and Zhou Jian jumped out like a civet cat. A few ups and downs and he then vanished into the vast darkness.

Although there are cameras around the villa, but the camera would not be facing the door and the windows to protect the privacy of the owner.

Zhou Jian ran back to the hotel. He didn’t even take a taxi. But by relying on his excellent physical ability, his speed was not slow. After returning to the hotel, he realized that the cloth he wore to conceal his Thief’s clothing was forgotten.

Faint. This is the scourge of the beauty, he would even forget his clothes. That cost 60 yuan. Well, with this crystal hairpin, he’s still had a chance for a breather. This thing should be valued at least 10000.

He took off the game helmet, Zhou Jian recalled back to half an hour ago to that moving scenery. Ah, really was evildoer….

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