Chapter 017 – Vanished into Thin Air

Chapter 17: Vanished into Thin Air

At this time, Deep Blue Seacoast Villa area…..

A beauty leaving her bath was forever the most moving scenery. However, when Chu Qing Yun who’s body was wrapped with a towel, reached out to the tray to feel for the crystal hairpin, she felt nothing. The hairpin had unexpectedly vanished into thin air?

Chu Qing Yun’s heart thumped. She clearly remembered placing the hairpin there before taking her bath. Did anyone come in? Thinking of that, Chu Qing Yun panicked.

“Cocoa, cocoa?” Chu Qing Yun said hurriedly

“Oh, Big Sis. I’m going to sleep. I’d already undressed.”

“It’s not that. Cocoa, you come here for a while.”

Before long, Cocoa run over in her little underwear. “What’s up, Big Sis?”

“Did you took my crystal hairpin?”

“No. It’s the hairpin that you bet with that bad guy? I’d been in the room all the time. I haven’t move a bit.”

“Did anyone come tonight?”

“How is that possible. The windows and door are locked. Plus, the public security in our community is good. There never had been any issue.”

“Did you entered when I was taking a bath?”

“Big Sis. I’d already said that I was in the room the whole time.”

“But….my hairpin was lost.” Chu Qing Yun remembered the slight sound that she heard when she was taking a bath. She’d determined that someone had come in and quietly took her hairpin. The person was most likely Dark Sword.

Fortunately….fortunately, he didn’t had malicious intent. Fortunately, she’d pulled the bath curtain, or else she……

Chu Qing Yun thought until here and had a little fear. She thought the the Dark Sword was just an impulsive youth who liked to dream big. Actually, she didn’t thought that he really had such skill. She felt unexpectedly silly to make that bet with him. Just like sending a sheep to the lion. Fortunately, Dark Sword’s behavior still have some moral. Otherwise, with his skill, if he wished to do anything to them sisters. Then, the consequences would be disastrous.

“Big Sis, don’t be so suspicious and fearful. Did you forgot where you put it?”

“Really lost it.” Chu Qing Yun could hardly believed. Layers of community security. The inside and outside of the room was locked. Also, there are three people living there as well. The thing could be unexpectedly stolen from under their nose. It’s not until it’s lost that people found out about it. Was this still the work of a human?

“Ah. How is possible. That smelly fellow is really so powerful? Eh? Wait, Big Sis, aren’t you taking a bath just now?”

Chu Cocoa asked in such a way. Chu Qing Yun face was immediately red.

“Ah? Big Sis, did you get…..”

Chu Qing Yun gave her sister a look. “Girl, what nonsense are you talking about. I drew the bath curtain.”

Chu Qing Yun looked at Chu Cocoa’s eyes that’s full of suspicion. In her heart, she’s ashamed and angry. “That bastard is really repugnant like you’d said. He didn’t understand any politeness. How could he took advantage while other is in the bath….”

Chu Qing Yun spoke until here but her confidence decreased. She thought until here, but couldn’t blame Dark Sword. Her bath time was the only opportunity that he truly had. Usually, she would wore the hairpin on her head. Even God couldn’t steal it. If he wanted to be polite, then he would have to lose the bet, and go into servitude.

For the other to still restrain his impulse when facing such a spring scenery was already commendable. Chu Qing Yun thought until here, and her heart indignation also disappeared a little. After all, she forced people step by step into this. Who could be blamed.

But Chu Qing Yun couldn’t help but wondered. She only took 20 minutes to bath. The entire night, he only had that 20 minutes of opportunity, but how did he seized this timing opportunity.

This was no coincidence!

In the end, what method did he used. The window blinds were drawn. It’s impossible for him to monitor through the window. Even if he could see from far away, his vision would still be limited by the window, how could he see. Moreover, the Deep Blue Seacoast people was not the average person. For the developer to protect the interest of these sensitive people, the villas were loaded with signal shielding system. It could prevent the owners to be monitored by pinhole camera and wiretap devices from a distance. In the end, how did he accomplished it?

Even if he grasped the timing opportunity, how did he mysteriously sneaked in? Her villa door lock couldn’t be open by the average person. He would need the keys and a six digit password.

Although there’s a phase that no lock in the world couldn’t be opened, but a good lock and an inferior lock had a huge difference. That was, the time taken to open the lock. For her villa lock, even the top unlocking master would need to take about half an hour to unlock it. Even if the unlocking skill was high, there would still be fiddling sound when meddling with the door lock. Aunt Yun, although she’d went to bed, but old people’s sleep are generally shallow. It’s impossible not to be unheard.

Before, Chu Qing Yun had only saw this wonderful stealing technique on the television but she didn’t believed that such a thing was available in reality. But now she had to believe it. The other party simply just disappeared like a ghost. Virtually impossible to guard against.

She’d inspected the windows and discovered on the first floor that a window had been opened. This was obviously the escape route. The window was different from the door, it couldn’t be opened from the outside.

Chu Qing Yun logged into 《Gods and Demons》 wanting to understand but Zhou Jian wasn’t online. So, she could only exit. She changed clothes and rushed directly to the security wing to request for the night surveillance video recording around her own villa.

At Deep Blue Seacoast, the owner had such right but could only examine the camera around own villa.

But what made Chu Qing Yun helpless was that the four cameras surrounding her villa was recording air the whole evening. A ghost shadow wasn’t even spotted.  If the cameras were destroyed. Then so be it. But the cameras were untouched. There’s not even a second less on the recording.

Chu Qing Yun was completely overcome. She even suspected that this Dark Sword was the air. Unable to be seen, unable to be touched.

Although she lost her bets, but Chu Qing Yun actually saw hope. Perhaps, this Dark Sword could really solve her difficulty.


Once woke up, the sky was already bright.

Zhou Jian rubbed his messy hair.  Suddenly, his leg felt a little sticky. He uncovered the blanket and sure enough…..

The scene that Zhou Jian saw last night made him had an irresistible wet dream. Thus, the hotel snow white bed sheet and such miserably suffered.

Those two beauties…..could cause huge harm to people.

Zhou Jian pulled the toilet paper to try and wipe it off but didn’t managed to. Anyway, the hotel sheets must be washed every time. The pitiful tadpoles didn’t managed to find mother, but rather swim into the washing machine…..

Today was a Sunday. Zhou Jian put on Xian Yin’s helmet. Upon logging in, the mailbox flashed again. After opened, turned out it’s information from Light Cloud Fairy.

“Mister Dark Sword. Do you have time today? This young girl awaits you respectfully at Su Feng Chai’s room.”

Zhou Jian saw the message and was somewhat guilty. After all, last night when he’s trying to steal. The time and place….

He saw that Light Cloud Fairy was online, he replied: “I’d made Fairy waited too long. I’ll be there immediately.” He’d already decided that no matter what, he wouldn’t acknowledged that he saw anything.

Ten minutes later, Zhou Jian arrived at Su Feng Chai’s private room. There are three advantages to eating in the virtual restaurant. First, no matter how much food, it would all be prepared within five minutes. Second, even if waited for very long, the food would still remained piping hot. Third, the meal was absolutely delicious. Plus, the taste may changed according to personal preferences.

Light Cloud Fairy had already waited for half an hour. She wanted to come by herself but Small White Rabbit Candy insisted to come as well. Yesterday, under Small White Rabbit Candy questioning, Light Cloud Fairy explained what happened for the past half a year to her younger sister. After all, she knew that, sooner or later, there’s no significance left to continue concealing it.

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