Chapter 020 – Sparkling Golden Light

Chapter 20: Sparkling golden light

That afternoon, Zhou Jian didn’t return to Huadu. He called Xiao Yin and Mule to inform them that he was staying directly at Pengcheng. He went and arranged for a visa to Hong Kong.

In the last century, if he wanted to travel to Hong Kong, he would need to do N visa procedures. But after the catastrophe, for a university student, as long as he could show the student ID, then he could arrange for the visa but he would need to pay 100 yuan for handling fees.

Zhou Jian bought his identification ID and student ID along. He went through the procedures in the afternoon. At 5 o’clock in the evening, Zhou Jian returned to the hotel and put on the game helmet. He’d promised Susan to challenge the new dungeon tonight. Susan proposed to give him 50k gold but Zhou Jian didn’t want it. His only requirement was that along the way while challenging the new dungeon, he wanted to gain as much experience as possible. For this, Susan readily agreed. After all, for them, the experience was also very lucrative.

Zhou Jian’d gotten online and then immediately received a call from Susan. “Haha, Mr. Dark Sword. I didn’t see you the whole afternoon. I thought you were going to retract from the engagement.”

Zhou Jian said with a smile: “How can it be. Last time was just an accident. Where are you all now?”

“In Nuwa city, I didn’t dared to ask them to assemble. Otherwise, once everyone gathered but you aren’t here, I’ll be too embarrassed.”

“Miss please be assured. You can assemble them. I’ll be there immediately.”

Susan’s guild name was Gusu ShiJia. (tl: ShiJia = Aristocratic family. I’ll continue with ShiJia) It’s listed as the third ranked guild in Nuwa city. Although its strength was slightly weaker compared to Tianzun, but it was more than enough to assemble 14 people fully equipped in purple equipments.

Shortly after Zhou Jian arrived in Nuwa city, the raiding squad of the Gusu ShiJia fully arrived. Their levels are between 33 to 35. Zhou Jian didn’t expected was that Susan was the Gusu team captain. He thought that the girl playing the game wasn’t too sharp. But he looked at Susan’s equipments and had to revise his view.

Susan, level 35 female warrior. On her body was a set of Legendary warrior armor. She’s missing a pair of ring and a necklace to complete it. But her current rings were pretty good. The first was the soul ring awarded when being the top 100 to reach level 20 in the region. The other was obtained from an advance equipment mission. As for Susan’s necklace, although it was only an ordinary purple type, it was actually a level 40  equipment. Susan’s level was still insufficient. So, she had to embed Agate stones to reduce the level requirement just to bring it out.

The agate stones could be worth a fortune. Zhou Jian sighed. There’s so much rich people in this world.

Aside from Susan, the team also had a Guardian, four Mages, five Clerics, one Thief, one Hunter and one Archer.

The equipments of these people were very good. Most of the time, the worst was purple set. And they generally, had a few orange Legendary equipments.

Zhou Jian was very satisfied with this. The strength of this team, if compared to the Tianzun team, there wasn’t much difference.
Furthermore, the majority are Mages. With Mages, the leveling speed was the fastest.

Susan introduced Zhou Jian to everybody. His presence was already known to everyone. Although these rich kids still looked down upon Zhou Jian and thought that Zhou Jian was just lucky, they didn’t display any displeasure with Zhou Jian on the surface.

Zhou Jian also didn’t want to connect much with these type of people. So, he didn’t talked much nonsense with them and the team directly head towards the Demon’s Nest.

In these 15 team members, most of them are the first time entering the Demon’s Nest. They saw the eerie cave entrance, and heard the gloomy howl of the wind. Yet, most of them are not feeling frightened, but excited.

Shortly after entering the cave, a team of Hellhounds came rushing to them. This type of Hellhounds health is small but attack power is high. The experience value gained from this isn’t small. It’s the ideal monster to train the level. During the last time Zhou Jian followed the Tianzun team, in order to catch up for time, a group of Thieves was responsible to open the path followed by the larger forces. Once the monsters were killed under stealth, they would return back to the team. Such speed naturally wasted a large amount of experience, letting Zhou Jian felt envious.

“Guardians propped up the shield. Mages proceed with group attack.” Susan ordered. This was usually the routine for the team when going out leveling.

The four Mages calmly read their spells. Suddenly, fiery meteor shower poured down coupled with snowstorm right towards the group of monsters. In 《Gods and Demons》, Mages are divided into three lines – lightning, fire and ice. The players had no choice in this but it was selected when they first registered for their accounts. The system would  determined the lines based on the overall quality of the player. Most of the Mages are fire and ice Mages. Lightning line is quite rare.

In this team, there are only fire and ice Mages. The group of Hellhounds was hit under two fold attacks of fire and ice. Before long, they all died.

Zhou Jian didn’t need to do anything. He could eat snacks while watching his experience bar kept on rising. This was really refreshing.

In order to proceed all the way through, the Gusu team bought enough supplies. The Guardians, who had large physical strength, carried heavy loads of potions. The others also bought as many as they could. Their bags are all full.

After more than 30 Hellhounds died, they only dropped some sporadic burst of gold and a few small equipments. Even Zhou Jian wasn’t bothered to pick them up. Those rich kids were even more disinclined to even see at all. The team continued forward.

Soon, they had another new target. It’s a group of Hell vipers. There’s also a small boss, a double headed Hell viper.

This time, Susan didn’t even need to command and the group of people had already acted. The level of Hell vipers are slightly higher than the Hellhounds. But under the constant bombardment, they couldn’t last long. Only their boss, the double headed viper was more persistent. But, it also eventually lost under the inexhaustible fire and ice.

The double headed viper also dropped some good potion and some ordinary equipments. Zhou Jian picked up his own drops. The others, because this was the first time they killed a BOSS in the new dungeon, they were excited. Thus, they flipped the Hell viper around to look at all their spoils of war. But, they didn’t see anything of value, and then, no longer paid any attention.

The people continued to move forward. They swept through like a scavenger. The place where they had been, no even a chick or dog was left remaining. Zhou Jian’s experience bar kept on increasing steadily like a blossoming sesame seed. In only one hour, he was already unexpectedly level 21 and a half.

At this time, the group passed through the first floor and onto the second floor. In this floor, the amount of monsters are less, but the experience was comparable to a small BOSS from the previous floor. Certainly, to kill them also required need some struggle. Some had high attack and large health. They moved aside for safety. And then, the Thieves were directed to bring in 3-4 monsters each time to be killed. This time, the wide scope of the Mages AOE attacks weren’t as efficient but this time was where the Hunter’s Trap could play its role.

Once the trap was set, the Thieves would direct the monster toward it. Later, the trap was activated and the monster soon become a sheep being brought to slaughter.

Zhou Jian occasionally threw in some Spirit Needle as well. He didn’t intend to help them kill, but merely just to practice his skill. After all, the Spirit Needle needed to be used 1000 times before it could be promoted from level 0.

Half an hour later, the group entered the main hall of the Demon’s Nest. Once they entered, they heard the heavy “Thud! Thud!” sound. Each sound felt like a hammer banging on everyone’s nerves.

Susan frowned: “What is this sound?”

“The Demon Lord’s heartbeat.” Zhou Jian replied.

“The Demon Lord’s heart. That’s the thing that you needed to seal?”

“Em. the BOSS of this dungeon is the Demon Lord’s minion. His strength comes from the heart of the Demon Lord. You all have to carry the BOSS for a while. I’ll go and seal the heart. That guy should be appearing soon.”

As if to confirm Zhou Jian’s words. At this moment, the ground began to shake, and lava began gushing out from the cracks in the rock. A five meter tall monster like a giant tank rushed towards the crowd.

The Guardians of the team did not say anything. They directly propped up their tower shields.


The BOSS hard skull directly impacted the Guardian’s tower shield. That Guardian had never experienced such a fierce hit. His hind leg was directly stuck into the cracks.

Behind the Guardian, the Clerics came out with various blessings. Only then did the Guardian managed to resist it.

“You all resist for ten minutes. The rest, leave it to me.” Zhou Jian said, and he turned into stealth and sneaked past the BOSS.

The main hall of the Demon’s Nest was filled with a red fog. But this couldn’t hinder Zhou Jian’s Detection skill. By relying on the Thief’s intuition, Zhou Jian easily found the sacrificial altar.

Just like before, this place was completely surrounded by monsters. Zhou Jian advanced cautiously. And simultaneously enduring the red fog that’s irritating the nose and the more intense heartbeat.

This taste was really uncomfortable. Although Zhou Jian had tasted it before, he still had to clench his teeth to continue. He cautiously moved between the gaps of the monsters. In such atmosphere, he didn’t dare to breathe heavily.  When he saw the sacrificial altar in front of him, Zhou Jian also accidentally caught a glimpse of a glittering light in the red fog. It’s probably about 10 meters away, faint and obscure. What is that?

At this time, Zhou Jian was surrounded by monsters with a variety of sharp claws and fangs. Even if Zhou Jian was in stealth now, but it’s still very dangerous for him if he stayed too long. The monsters could suddenly stretched on impulse if anything. Then, Zhou Jian would probably lost an arm or leg.

Therefore, his reasoning was telling Zhou Jian to pass through this danger zone as soon as possible. But he couldn’t help but felt curious about it so he run across 20 meters to go and had a look. Zhou Jian was a man who liked a gamble and excitement. Otherwise, he wouldn’t had sold the soul ring rewarded by the system. And he used the first three months that’s the most precious time to practice to go and do missions instead.

In Zhou Jian’s words, he originally had nothing in this world. Even if he lost anything, he would just be kicked back to the beginning. But if he gambled and won, it could give him a meteoric rise. If don’t want to do, then don’t do. But if you want to do it, then do it with passion.

Zhou Jian casted his Detection skill (when moving under stealth, he couldn’t replenished using potion, he couldn’t display any combat skills but could use basic skills and secondary skills like Unlocking and Detection). The golden light wasn’t a trap and not a monster. After he determined this, he took a deep breath and started to move closer to the golden light.

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