Chapter 021 – Blink Strike

Chapter 21: Blink strike

This 20 meters was extremely dangerous. Zhou Jian had just crossed the 5 meters mark when a three headed dog that had been lying and sleeping around suddenly stretched out its leg. A knife like claws was directly embedded into Zhou Jian’s right ankle.

Zhou Jian felt a strong heat from his foot. The intense aching feeling welled up in his brain. He could only clenched his teeth to not make a noise as he couldn’t treat his wound under stealth. Zhou Jian could only dragged his bloodied right foot forward.

15 meters…10 meters….Zhou Jian at this point could see what the golden light was about. It turned out to be a golden treasure chest.

Zhou Jian took a deep breath. This was the first time in 3 months since he started playing 《Gods and Demons》 that he saw a golden treasure chest.

The Thief’s basic skill Unlock could open most of the treasure chests and doors on the map. It sounded very good but when Zhou Jian opened a treasure chest, he really lost his appetite. Generally, there was just several pieces of gold coins. Occasionally, just having 1-2 potions was already a good harvest.

Those chests were grey in color without exception. But this was a golden chest, what sort of stuff would be inside?

Zhou Jian didn’t expect any Artifact. That’s unrealistic. If an Epic purple equipment could come out, he would be satisfied.

He approached bit by bit. On this section of the road, luckily the monsters are more honest. Occasionally, a lion like monster would move its body. Zhou Jian wouldn’t risk it and would hide himself.

As he gotten closer to the treasure chest, the surrounding monsters lessened a lot. Zhou Jian looked for a moment. He wondered, once he opened the treasure chest, the monsters wouldn’t suddenly ganged up on him, right? Here, once he was ganged up, there wasn’t much to think about. He would directly be trampled into a meat paste. The pain sensation in 《Gods and Demons》 was very realistic. It wouldn’t felt pleasant.

He looked around. There wasn’t anything to cover his own ass. Once found, there’s only death. If die, then die. Anyway, he wouldn’t lose out on much experience. As for those brothers who are trying to clear the dungeon, he could only say sorry to them.

Zhou Jian steeled his heart and used his skill — Unlock.


A crisp metal sound came out. The golden treasure chest crashed open. So, Zhou Jian was relieved and the surrounding monsters, although they looked over because of the sound, but they didn’t see any movements. Because, based on their IQ, they were unable to figure out why did the treasure chest suddenly popped open.

Zhou Jian couldn’t wait and eagerly looked inside the treasure chest. There’s only a plain sheepskin ancient scroll lying inside.

He took a deep breath and picked it up. There’s a very rough feeling, as if this sheepskin had been through very long years.

System prompted:: “Obtained secret combat skill – Blink Strike. Consume skill points 0. Level 0. Blink Strike effects: Teleport in front of the enemy to attack, will cause damages 0.5 times of Agility. Casting distance 10 meters. Cooldown is 60 seconds and Mana consumption is 20 points. Would you like to learn it now?”


Of course he would learn it. There’s no reason not to learn a skill. If he wasn’t deep inside a monster hole, Zhou Jian would had laughed a few times.

In 《Gods and Demons》, there are numerous hidden skills waiting for the players to be discovered. They may be obtained through missions or by killing BOSS. So, even if the players had the same profession and the same level, their skills might not be the same.

You wouldn’t know what skills the opponent may have. Therefore, there’s no fixed PK set. The PK masters didn’t rely on well trained operations or strategy guide. Rather, they reacted based on intuition and on their combat experience.

In 《Gods and Demons》, a real expert in reality was more likely to rely on own intuition to prevail over someone who had better equipment than himself.

System prompt: “Learning Blink Strike is successful. Consumed 0 skill points. The current skill level is 0. After used for 1000 times, only able to be upgraded.”

Zhou Jian mood was good. This was really a pleasant surprise. However, he was delayed for several minutes. He’d estimated that the brothers could not handle it anymore. So, he better hurry up and seal the Demon Lord’s heart.

Last during, the previous sealing almost cost his life. Only by his excellent response, and his fast and accurate judgment, did he dangerously survived. Zhou Jian was also at a leveling up critical point. At that moment, he opted to level up and then, only did he managed to survive the disaster at that time.

This time, Zhou Jian had learned his lesson. After arriving at the lava lake, he first went and found the previous rock fissure. And then, he jumped in directly.

Although the rock fissure didn’t had any magma, but because of the long term geothermal roasting, the inside was amazingly hot. The wall could absolutely be used to bake biscuits. (tl: gaobing are more to the biscuit types. So, I used biscuits,)

Zhou Jian endured the heat and took out the Pandora’s seal. Using telekinesis, he controlled it little by little towards the Demon Lord’s heart.

The seal flew forward across the lava lake. Because on the lake, there were less monsters and in addition with the red fog, no monsters noticed this small little thing.

He gritted his teeth for a minute, the Pandora’s seal was finally adhered to the Demon Lord’s heart.

The gigantic Demon Lord’s heart was a stuck engine piston. A loud bang and then it suddenly stopped.

The surrounding monsters were alarmed by this drastic change. They looked toward the heart and then the lava lake exploded. The monsters collectively panicked. The rocks outside the fissure had been trampled into porridge.

Zhou Jian was hidden in the rock fissure, He felt the vibration all around. Outside, the monsters roared hysterically. Even level 40 super masters who’re fully equipped with complete set of orange equipments, if they’re outside there now, would directly be bombed into slag.

After a while once the outside had died down, Zhou Jian went into stealth and crawled out of the fissure. He hurriedly tried to dodge the monsters.

Without the power source to support, the final BOSS strength was greatly reduced. With the cooperation of the Gusu team, they smoothly attacked the BOSS till its life turned black. At this time, the BOSS tried to runaway and with its palm, slapped the Guardian away. But Zhou Jian had already prepared and wouldn’t fall for the same trick twice. He directly used the Spirit Needle against the BOSS. Then, another Thief also used Blinding and lastly, the Hunter also released a trap. Altogether, the BOSS was stunned for about 10 seconds.

Once the BOSS woke up from stun, the Guardian had already carried the shield and came running back. With a heroic strike, the Guardian attracted the aggro of the  BOSS. Then, the other crazily attacked. The BOSS, whose life was already in the black couldn’t resist the devastation and finally turned into a corpse.

Big explosion!

《Gods and Demons》 BOSS dropped equipments to everyone was based on individual contributions. Zhou Jian, whom from the beginning to the end was already gaining experience had gotten the MVP as well. In this world, those who earned based on capital always earned more than those who earned based on hard work. Let alone, Zhou Jian was the only one with exclusive rights to this technology.

But because Zhou Jian had already passed this dungeon before. The equipment dropped this time was not as good. He only obtained a purple armor, but still needed to reach level 30 to be used.

The rest, because this was their first time, although they didn’t have MVP, the equipments they gotten was however better than Zhou Jian. But the happiest one was Susan. She unexpectedly obtained a Legend rank warrior necklace which she lacked. After this, she’s only missing a pair of rings to complete the orange set.

“Wah, team leader. Your this character is too good.”

“It’s a treat. It’s a treat.”

“Haha. The square floor tonight. We’ll all go together.” Susan agreed. The legend rank necklace is the most precious in the warrior set. This time, she earned big. And for these rich kids, they only had a sense of accomplishment when wearing equipments earned from their own play. Much more comfortable to be wore compared to those bought over.

But Zhou Jian’s rejected Susan’s invitation. Susan’s friends obviously didn’t want him to go. Obviously, they didn’t belong to the same circle. If he went, then it would be awkward since they had nothing in common to say.

After saying goodbye to them, Zhou Jian went to the Nuwa city appraisal center directly. To avoid being defraud by the old man in Pangu city, he wanted another look again.

However, he was dumbfounded as soon as he passed the door. The appraiser here was also a white bearded old man. He even looked almost the same as the old man in Pangu city.

“Old man, how come it’s you?” Zhou Jian stared and asked.

The old man glanced at Zhou Jian and laughed: “Are you talking about that senior appraiser in Pangu city. He is my younger male cousin.”

Looking so alike with your cousin. It couldn’t be that your father was having an affair with his sister-in-law to have the child, right?

Zhou Jian’s heart silently cursed. He took out the necklace artifact. Actually, since he saw the old man, at that moment, he already had a bad premonition in his heart.

Of course, the old man extended his thumb and index finger to signal an 8 gestures. His movement and expression was exactly the same as his younger male cousin.

Zhou Jian’s bad premonition had been fulfilled, but he’s still holding on to the last hope: “Eight….Eight hundred?”

Old man laughed: “800k gold. I think you’d already inquired the price from my younger cousin over there.”

F**k. Zhou Jian cursed the old Fox in his heart. “Can give me 50k discount?”

Old man smiled craftily, “Excuse me. In order to save our client’s time, we do not bargain here.”

Faint. What a character. A profiteer! Zhou Jian steeled his heart. Sooner or later he must appraised it. He only had to bleed out once. He estimated that even if he went to Europe to appraised, the price was still the same.

“Appraised it. I gave up.”

The old man smiled and cast an Appraise skill on Fallen Blood. He’d only used a short five seconds and then said: “The appraisal is completed.”

“It’s already finished?” Zhou Jian suddenly felt like wanting to impulsively change profession to Appraiser. “I say, old man. Your appraisal only took several second. Let me have some psychological comfort. This is just five seconds. Each second you’d earned 160k. You Appraisers are too easy at making money.”

“Hehe. Being an Appraiser isn’t that good. In my life, I can see a lot of advance equipment, but couldn’t own one.” The old man smiled flatly, but that big gold teeth in his mouth overturned his opinion.

Zhou Jian discontentedly muttered. “No wonder you inlayed your teeth in gold together with your cousin. Are you planning to earned enough to cover the whole set with gold?”

The old man seriously said: “This is a hardened Krypton gold teeth.”


Zhou Jian didn’t bothered to continue to quarrel with the old man. The more he continued, the angrier he got. He shifted his attention to the necklace.

Inferior Artifact – Fallen Blood.

Required level 10.

Increase Agility by 50 points. Increase Attack by 30 points. When attacking, has a 7% probability of inflicting a triple fatal strike. Also drain 3 HP from the enemy with each attack.

After Zhou Jian saw this glittering instruction, he really wanted to hug the old man and kissed him. Even the gold teeth looked incomparably cute now.

The attributes that this artifact provided almost equaled all the sum of attributes that his trash equipments provided. Moreover, this Vampiric attack attribute was a God level attribute that’s impossible to has in ordinary equipment.

It’s worthy of being a world class equipment!

The old man was very satisfactory with Zhou Jian’s expression. He touched the jade on his hand, and mysteriously asked Zhou Jian. “Do you need to drill?”

The excited expression on Zhou Jian’s face vanished immediately, exchanged with a wary look. “Old man. You still want more of my money?”

“How can you say that I’m aiming for your money? Inferior artifact is expensive. In this entire world, there’s only 22. The ones who had such artifacts are the rich and powerful people. Will they care about this amount of money? Well, if you drilled here, I can consider  you as an old customer sake and give you a 20% discount.”

“How much is 80 percent?”



Looking at Zhou Jian’s changing facial expression, the old man explained. “Originally, I wanted 250k. If you drilled a hole and inserted the cannot fall gem. Like this, no matter how or when you die, this artifact won’t be dropped.”

Zhou Jian’s heart was moved. This type of attribute was indeed practical. He was already in trouble with Running Water is Accidental. Even if he was very careful in the future, he could still be found. And once found, with his own strength, he would die. And if this inferior artifact was picked up by Running Water is Accidental, he would be mad with rage. “After the jewel was inset. In the future, can it still be changed?”

The old man seemed to have expected this. He hehe smiled: “Of course you can change it. As long as that time, you paid for the labor fee. When your level is high in the future, You can come back and exchanged the gem with the best quality ones, the attributes of the artifact will be even better.”

“How much is the labor fee?”

“The cost of gem inset can’t be less than the cost of the gem. Altogether is 300k, of which the gem is 250k. It can be reused after removal. This time, I’d just counted the labor fee using our friendship price.”

Zhou Jian clenched his teeth. “Ok. I’ll inlaid it.”

The old man used 10 minutes to drill a hole and inlaid the gem. Just like that, 1.3 million gold was for naught. Zhou Jian looked at the brilliant Fallen Blood on hand. He was excited and at the same time, feeling a terrible heartache.

In the past for the online games without game helmet, Zhou Jian had seen that most rich players only put in several hundred thousand yuan to spend in general. In this 《Gods and Demons》, several hundred thousands was almost all into this equipment alone.

This was too exaggerated. Mule had lend him 20000 yuan. In an instant, there’s 7000 remained. He’s f**king in the upper class ah. To go to the sauna cost 5000-6000. Staying one time at the Presidential suite was over 10000. And to go to a gambling establishment was up to several million.

Zhou Jiant was feeling dizzy when he left the Appraiser Association. His hand was feeling a little soft. In just ten minutes,, he’d spent 13000 yuan, how could his hand not felt soft. (tl: aching in a sense)

Ok. Just has to look forward to this luxury. After all, I’m also an upper class society character. What is this 13000? If I succeed in obtaining Chu Qing Yun’s 5 million, is this still called money?

Spend. Just spend hard. The more he spent, the more he would get back in the future.

After Zhou Jian YY (tl: Chinese slang. Meaning to fantasize (perversely)) fiercely, he finally got rid of the feeling of heartache.

He composed himself and wore the Fallen Blood around his neck. Zhou Jian immediately felt that his body was much lighter, as if like a feather. If again, he jumped down from the fifth floor, even if he didn’t rolled on the ground, his legs wouldn’t go numb.

Zhou Jian couldn’t wait to go and experiment with his new equipment. His test subjects were the small skulls in the skeleton hole. Before, he had to chop one several times before it die. Now, just ten chops was enough. If he’s lucky and could get 2 critical strikes. Then, just 4-5 hits was enough.

Moreover, the 3 life Vampiric saved a lot of potions for Zhou Jian. Before, each time he returned to the city, he had to deduct the cost to purchase potions to regain his health. What’s remaining wasn’t much. Now, he could actually steadily gain instead. Of course, Zhou Jian now didn’t care about this small change. Although he’s still …… negative assets.

At this time, Zhou Jian’s Tianxun prompted. “Your friend Wen Ren Hui Yin is now online.”

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