Chapter 022 – Mt. Jiudu Villa

Chapter 22: Mt. Jiudu Villa

Zhou Jian’s Tianxun only had a few friends. After he added Wen Ren Hui Yin, he set up an online reminder to let him know as soon as she’s online.

Zhou Jian did not directly contact Wen Ren Hui Yin, but waited for 10 minutes later before dialing Wen Ren Hui Yin’s number.

“Hey. Is it Wen Ren Hui Yin? I’m Zhou Jian.”

“Em. Have you left for Pengcheng?”

“I’m already at Pengcheng.” Come to think of it. He’s going to Hong Kong tomorrow and Wen Ren Hui Yin is also at Hong Kong now. But it’s better not to tell her of this issue. After all, this time, he’s not going to Hong Kong to play.

“What are you doing now?”

“Leveling. And you?”

“I’m also leveling. I’m at the Ancient Nine Tomb. Where are you?”

“Uh…. I’m at the Skeleton Hole…..” Zhou Jian was embarrassed when he replied. The Ancient Nine Tomb is currently 《Gods and Demons》 highest efficiency practicing ground. Certainly, to be able to practice there needed not only a high level but also good equipments. Otherwise, once being attacked, there wouldn’t be enough time to heal. And the Skeleton Hole is a common novice practice ground. The speed of leveling here naturally wouldn’t be fast at all.

“Leveling in Skeleton Hole is quite slow oh. Or do you want to come to this Ancient Nine Tomb. I’ll lead you.”

Zhou Jian said: “Don’t need to. If I go, I will drag down your speed.”

“It’s all right. Right now, I’m only with my cousin. My relationship with her is very good. I just need to let her know about it. With only the two of us here leveling, it’s very boring.”

“Then, your other (tl: male) cousins?”

“My cousins are challenging the new dungeon. They’re preparing to accumulate the experience first. Then, wait until their level are sufficient and they will bring us along to rush it.”

“Oh. When you want to challenge the new dungeon, remember to look me up. I can help a little.”

“Em. Good. But our hope of challenging the new dungeon isn’t great. At that time, if you go with us, you might be sacrificed together with us instead.”

“Haha. That’s right. What’s your account number? I want to give back your money.”

“Em? After only one day, you have the money already?”

“Yes. My luck is good and my equipment was sold.”

“I’m not in a hurry. You can continue to invest the money into the game as capital. Can upgrade your own equipment.”

“Just tell me the account number. My capital to play the game is enough.”

“Alright…..” Wen Ren Hui Yin said out her account number. She’s also clear about Zhou Jian’s personality. He’s unwilling to owe others.

Once he hanged up Tianxun, Zhou Jian continued leveling. Perhaps, this would be the last time he practiced in this Skeleton Hole. Later, once he had money, he wouldn’t continue to stay there.

Half an hour later, Zhou Jian successfully leveled up. Because his was a hidden profession, the sum of his attributes growth are 16. 4 points higher than the average profession. Respective growth: Strength: 2, Agility: 6, Physical: 2, Magic: 1, Spirit: 5. For a normal Thief, each level up would only increase Spirit by 1.

Those who can changed profession to a hidden profession at level 20 are few. Don’t look down on these additional 4 attribute points. They’re added to the most critical place. Using Ghost Killer as an example. If a Thief can change profession into a Ghost Killer at level 60, at that time, the Ghost Killer’s Spirit will only be at 60. Many of the Psychic skills are unable to be used. Therefore, Psychic force will degenerate into an auxiliary skill. But if Zhou Jian can go up to level 60, his Spirit will be at 220. His spiritual power will be his main killer.

Zhou Jian may not looked like much now. But as time passed by, his superiority would emerge. The attribute points that he accumulated would be getting more and more. In addition, he would had better equipments. He would certainly become the 《Gods and Demons》 brightest star.

After he went offline, Zhou Jian directly took a bath and then sleep. He needed to recharge his strength to meet tomorrow’s trip to Hong Kong.


Hong Kong. One of the ten largest cities in the world. It’s Asia’s financial center and has a natural deep water harbor. In the late Qing dynasty, it was invaded by foreign powers and then returned to China in the late 20th century.

This place was a shopper’s paradise. As long as it’s slightly famous, there’s only those that you don’t know, not nothing you can’t buy. (tl: Wording is a bit weird here. What it meant is that you can buy anything, it’s just limited to whether you know it exist.) Here was the gathering for the rich and powerful. Those who were worth hundreds of millions wouldn’t dare to admit that they were rich. Perhaps, the middle aged uncle sitting in the next stall and eating ramen was listed in Forbes.

This is Hong Kong. A fascinating city of desire. It’s full with the noises of hustle and bustle and emitting a charm of inexhaustible wealth.

Hong Kong, Mt. Jiudu. It’s old name was Kau Tou Shan. (tl: Dog Belly Mountain – Cantonese language) The billionaires who stayed here felt that the name was ungraceful and changed it to Mt. Jiudu. (tl: In Cantonese, both dog and nine are homonym. So, now it’s Nine Belly Mountain , instead of Dog Belly Mountain).

Although the mountain name was indecent, but here truly was a treasure in Hong Kong with its excellent Feng Shui. Mansions of different styles stood in great numbers above the emerald green mountains, the green trees and white walls, the blue sky and red tiles. This gave birth to a sense of yearning and envy in the people.

Here, the smallest villa needed several millions, and the large ones could go up to hundred of millions. Those who lived here are the business tycoons, the biggest names in entertainment, or political stars.

The vehicles here all reached several millions. Porsche, Rolls Royce, Bugatti Veyron, and Ferrari sport cars run all over the place, like river carps.

To live here was an honor. There was a sense of satisfaction and this satisfaction was enough to drove a lot of young girls crazy. As long as your address was in Mt. Jiudu, they wouldn’t hesitate to give themselves to you, not because they wanted you but because they wanted to stay here.

As night fall, Mt. Jiudu was like an occupied dark green ferocious beast. Besides the lights in the villas, the rest was all quiet.

Zhou Jian was hidden in the dark of the night. He quietly approached his prey, a single pure white villa. Just by eyeballing, the worth of this villa was more than a hundred million. Chu Qing Yun father’s partner might not had just Yun Tai this one company. Before he went in partnership with Chu Qing Yun, he’s already a billionaire. How else would he had the capital to work with Chu Qing Yun.

There were two black clad bodyguards in front of the villa entrance. Zhou Jian knew that they were only decorations. If they had a little ability, they wouldn’t be deployed to guard the front gate.

The law in Hong Kong and China are different. Although guns are not legal here, but imitation guns are legal. Although just air gun, but its power wasn’t that much smaller. Even though there wouldn’t be fatality if hit, there wasn’t any problem in serious wounding. If it happened to hit the eye, then he would certainly be blinded.

Zhou Jian guessed that these bodyguard would only had air guns and knives. Whereas the core bodyguards inside the villa were likely to have real guns. Although Zhou Jian was fast, but his speed couldn’t be faster than a bullet. If someone was to snipe at him, then he would be whacked.

Also, inside the villa were two Order ranked ancient Wu masters. If he compared himself with those two, he didn’t know who would come out victorious.

Zhou Jian carefully observed the cameras surrounding the villa. He scanned and noted each camera in the area. Then, he climbed over the villa wall with ease like a gecko. He inspected all the villa’s windows. They were entirely locked. Those few that were opened also had caged bars. He couldn’t enter at all. It seemed like the only way in was through the gate.

However, there were two bodyguards at the entrance. Although Zhou Jian could take them down in a flash, it would still alarmed the people inside the villa.

Zhou Jian patiently waited. He’d slept during the day just to conserve energy for the night’s fight.

At 10 o’clock, a black Lincoln arrived at the villa. The two originally listless bodyguards immediately looked spiffy and run to open the door. After the car’s door opened, a powdered (tl: face, some make up) youngster come out of the Lincoln.

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