Chapter 023- Lurking

Chapter 23: Lurking

“Young Master, welcome.”

The young man slightly nodded, pushed open the door and entered the villa.

Zhou Jian had waited for a long time just for this moment. He was like an agile civet cat. As soon as the door was about to close, he jumped in through the crack and successfully entered the villa.

Once the young man entered, a beautiful girl in maid clothing immediately come and took off the young man’s coat. The man took advantage of this to lift the girl’s chin, frivolously said: “Little tart (tl: bitch), did you missed me?”

The young girl giggled. She didn’t mind the man’s provocation and threw him a flirtatious leer: “Young Master. In a short while, you can try me then you will know.”

The young man was excited by this. “Help me get the bath water ready. This master had been out to the mainland, and had been hungry (tl: sex starved) for several days.”

The girl pretended to be vexed, and coyly said: “I don’t believed Young Master is so honest. You must had played with some Mainland girls.”

“You dare to doubt your master? Good. You’re getting more and more emboldened now. I’ll have to punish you. Go, call Xiao Lan as well.”

“Young Master is very greedy. You want a double again.”

Zhou Jian listened to this conversation and could only sighed. This family could even keep these two maids. Really knew how to enjoy.

He’d no interest to peep at this two girls. But he could hear faint moaning sounds coming from the bathroom. This made Zhou Jian felt depressed.

He looked everywhere in the first floor but couldn’t find the safe. As for the bedroom, Zhou Jian didn’t dare to open it. Although there’s no one in it, but the two ancient Wu masters were on the second floor. The sound from pushing the door wouldn’t escape their notice. If the two female maids were still around, perhaps this could be covered up, but they were now taking a bath. If at this time, there’s unusual sound coming from the door, then it would be odd.

Therefore, Zhou Jian temporarily gave up on the first floor and quietly went up the stairs to the second floor.

To Zhou Jian’s surprise, he saw a safe on the corner of the second floor from the stairs. But, besides it was a middle aged man.

The middle aged man was wearing a white warrior clothing, and sitting cross legged on the ground. He was meditating with his eyes closed. By his side was a three feet long katana. It’d a plain sheath without any luster, but Zhou Jian had no doubt that hidden beneath the simple appearance was an extremely sharp blade.

This man was probably one of the two Order master, but was the laptop really hidden inside the safe. Zhou Jian couldn’t use any non game related equipments when he was in stealth. Thus, the tracking device was placed into the inventory. But judging by the presence of the Order master here, the estimation that it was inside the safe shouldn’t be wrong.

He thought the safe should be hidden in the master bedroom, and not be placed in the hall. But when he came to think about it, he also understood why.
The safe needed to be guarded by a guard. And no master would like the guard to enter in and out of his own bedroom, unless it’s a beautiful female guard.

However, Zhou Jian still felt like something was wrong. He could get the laptop just by defeating this guard? It seemed a little too easy.

Although the UC demo video couldn’t be replicated, but there was a saying that there’s no lock in this world that couldn’t be opened. Then perhaps, the same could be applied to technology. There couldn’t be anything in this world that could not be replicated. If Chu Qing Yun father’s partner was a wily old fox, he would naturally be suspicious of other people. He’d likely looked for someone to replicate out a copy from Chu Qing Yun father’s laptop in a separate file and destroyed the file in the laptop.

If this was the case, then it would be troublesome. Zhou Jian didn’t know where he would hide it.

There’s only just one chance. Once he started, he would certainly alert the enemy. If he stole an empty laptop, then that person would know and be vigilant about it, and wouldn’t give any second chances.

Zhou Jian hesitated, and didn’t dare to start. If he failed, there wouldn’t be much impact to him, But Chu Qing Yun, the two sisters would really have nothing left in this world.

The two sister are so beautiful. If they lost the protection of their wealth, and in the future, if anything happened, Zhou Jian couldn’t bear to think about it in his heart. This mission, he couldn’t afford to lose it.

Just like this, Zhou Jian silently retreated. He required more time to think about it.

The next day, Hong Kong was sunny. Although the time was early in December, but because Hong Kong was situated at the Tropics, the weather was warm and the trees evergreen.

Zhou Jian quietly left Mt. Jiudu. After a night of hunting, he didn’t do anything.

After his consciousness left the Ghost Killer, Zhou Jian had dinner at the hotel and slept for a few hours. The hotels in Hong Kong were ridiculously expensive, living in one for the night often cross a thousand. Zhou Jian could find this hotel was already very cheap. A night only cost 500. Fortunately, he’d asked Chu Qing Yun for the 10000. Otherwise, he couldn’t afford to pay for this expense.

At 2pm, Zhou Jian gotten out of bed and wanted to call Chu Qing Yun. But he discovered that his cell phone didn’t had a signal in Hong Kong. Although Hong Kong was part of China’s territory but the mainland phone call was regarded as an international call. Only certain cards with international roaming set up beforehand could be used.

But this wasn’t a problem. Zhou Jian’d considered this situation before. He looked for an Internet cafe and logged into 《Gods and Demons》, and then contacted Chu Qing Yun with Tianxun. Chu Qing Yun wasn’t online. So, Zhou Jian left a message: “The villa was heavily guarded. I wasn’t able to get the formula. I need Miss Qing Yun to help me with something. I need to trouble you to inform the Board of Directors to make a false report that the formula had been found. And will produce the drugs in a few more days. Tonight, I will walk around Mt. Jiudu again, hoping to be able to find the formula.”

After Zhou Jian left the message, he logged out from 《Gods and Demons》 and returned to the hotel. He switched his consciousness back into the Ghost Killer and then head to Mt. Jiudu again.


5pm in the evening, at the Deep Blue Seacoast Villa, Chu Qing Yun logged into 《Gods and Demons》 and naturally received Zhou Jian’s information.

To deceive the Board of Directors…..Chu Qing Yun frowned slightly. This was a big lie. Once she announced this matter to the Board of Directors, the news would rapidly pass to the ears of Yun Tai Pharmaceutical Company’s shareholders and distributors.

Then, the situation that followed would be that the stock price increase. The distributors would order and even some old customers, in order to get the first shipment, would pay the money.

Once the lie was exposed, this would likely be the camel’s last straw. The company would be bankrupted due to this. As a result of her own words causing volatility in the stock market, the stock exchange may even sued her for issuing false business information. This violated the stock market rules to bid up the stock price. She would be held for legal responsibility.

Chu Qing Yun hesitated. Although she believed in Zhou Jian very much, but this thing was too big. If Zhou Jian couldn’t retrieve back the secret formula, she would not only be bankrupted but also jailed. While she would be in prison for a few months at most, but this would leave an indelible stain in her life.

She guessed correctly what Zhou Jian wanted to do. He wanted to test the water, but after all, he wasn’t a person from the business circle. To him, this looked simple with just a Tianxun message. But he didn’t even bought a cell phone card to call her personally and said this. Zhou Jian didn’t know the consequences of doing so.

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