Chapter 024 – Gamble

Chapter 24: Gamble

Although this lie seemed like it was nothing, but it was in fact a gamble. Could she really went all in to rely on Zhou Jian? If Zhou Jian didn’t return with the secret formula, even her escape route in 《Gods and Demons》 would be affected.

Chu Qing Yun could only contact Zhou Jian now through Tianxun. She didn’t know how confident Zhou Jian was with this.

She thought for a while and then picked up the phone. But she didn’t dialed in the number. This hesitation was rarely seen on Chu Qing Yun who’s always decisive.

After more than ten minutes, Chu Qing Yun called her secretary phone. “Hey Little Su, help me inform several directors to hold a web conference. I have something to announce.”

She hanged up. Chu Qing Yun felt that her hand on the phone was somewhat wet. She finally chose to believe in Zhou Jian and accompanied him together in this gamble.

After Chu Qing Yun announced this false news, she opened up the stock market and anxiously looked at Yun Tai Company’s stock chart.

The next morning, the share price was as expected by Chu Qing Yun. It rose from HK$1.22 to HK$1.23. This increase was very small. It appeared that most investors and distributors were still holding onto a ‘wait and see’ attitude.

Looking at this number, Chu Qing Yun bitterly smiled. The stock price of Yun Tai Company had once been HK$24.3 per share. Because due to the current lose of the flagship products secret formula, the stock price tumbled to a miniscule Hong Kong dollar, down 95 percent.

At this time, Mt. Jiudu villa area —–

The young master was making love with the female maids on the bed. While Zhou Jian was like a patient hunter, squatting in the villa’s attic.

This young master name was Sun Yao Zu. He grew up in the UK since childhood, and was a typical second generation heir. Besides playing with women and cars, he didn’t know to do anything else.

At this time, he was doing great when the phone rang. Sun Yao Zu didn’t want to pay attention to it, but when he looked at the number, he had a scare. It’s from his father, Sun De Guang.

He quickly pushed away the writhing maid beneath him and picked up the phone. He called out respectfully: “Father.”

Zhou Jian’s ears perked up immediately. He guessed that Sun De Guang made this call because of Chu Qing Yun’s announcement that the secret formula had been found. He hoped to find the secret formula hidden location from their conversation.

Ghost Killer’s hearing was excellent. Zhou Jian could clearly heard the muffled voice coming from the phone. “These days, did anything happened at home?”

“Nothing. There are two masters from the Golden Light Gate, how could anything happened.”

“Em. If there is any unusual circumstances, report to me when necessary. These few days, you better stayed at home. I still have something to do in Pengcheng. I will be back two days later.”

“Em. Father, don’t worry. I’m self studying for my MBA everyday. Bye bye father.”

Once the conversation stopped, Zhou Jian was somewhat disappointed. Perhaps Sun De Guang simply didn’t tell the hidden location of the secret formula to another person. Even if he told it to another person, he would also not chose Sun Yao Zu who only knew how to play with woman, even if he was his own son.

Sun Yao Zu hanged up the phone and couldn’t wait to once again entered the girl’s warm body. The girl smiled tenderly. “Haha, Young Master just said that you are studying for the MBA on the phone?”

“Heihei. Little slut. If you teach me my MBA, I will certainly learn it well.”

“Heehee. I can only teach Young Master about the human body physiology ah, ah…….”

Their dialogue was drowned in moan of ecstasy. If Sun De Guang knew, he wouldn’t know how he would feel about this. But he wasn’t in the mood to care about his son’s problem. Today’s web conference had him a little uneasy.

What was Chu Qing Yun this little girl playing at? Sun De Guang believed that the secret formula under his heavy protection was impossible to be lost. Then, where did Chu Qing Yun’s so called secret formula come from. Was she lying?

It seemed unlikely. Even if her calm appearance looked fake, but the paper cannot wrapped up a fire. (tl: fire eats paper, get it?) Eventually, without the secret formula, her lie would be seen through in just a few days. At that time, she would be drinking poison to quench her thirst. She would die miserably.

Could it be possible that she’d bribe his invited guards who’s guarding the secret formula? Although the guards that he hired didn’t know the location of the secret formula, but Sun De Guang was still worried. He was prepared to return to Hong Kong in the near future to have a look at the situation.

Sun De Guang’s investments involved hotel, heavy manufacturing, and bio-medicine these three industries. He started by doing the hotel business but nowadays, the development of the hotel industry had reach a bottleneck. It wasn’t a problem to earn money but if he wanted to gain big development, it was unlikely. For his heavy manufacturing, the profit margin was low. If he wanted to accumulate would need a long time. Therefore, he favored the bio-pharmaceutical the most. As one of the century’s rising sun industry, his prospect on bio-pharmaceutical was very bullish.

Just wait. He wanted to see how this little girl could struggle for the next few days…..


Sun Yao Zu was tangled up with the female maid, Xiao Lan for half an hour before they finally ended the battle. Later, Sun Yao Zu went to take a bath. Zhou Jian thought that he would sleep. But no one thought that he would took the phone out and started talking on the phone.

He originally didn’t care but Sun Yao Zu disgustingly called Qing Yun. Zhou Jian started to pay attention and listened carefully. Qing Yun? Was it Chu Qing Yun?

“Qing Yun, you should understand my heart. Yes, my attitude from before wasn’t good. But I was earnest regarding marriage. As long as you will follow me, I will help you through your difficulties. Even if you do not consider for yourself, but you still have your sister to consider. How long can Yun Tai Company survives? At that time, what will your sister do? As long as you have me, I will ask my father for money, and we will head Yun Tai Company together. You can continue to be the manager….”

“F**k!” Sun Yao Zu threw away the phone. Apparently, he was hanged up when he spoke till here.

Xiao Lan, who’s beneath him, stupidly laughed: “What’s wrong. Has the uncompromising Sun Young Master finally admit defeat?”

“Hengheng. Admit defeat? Just wait and see. This girl who pretended to be aloof will soon has nothing. At that time, she will be under my mercy. She also has a sister. Hengheng. I haven’t tried two beautiful sisters together before yet. When they are pressed under my body, I still want to see how she can maintain that aloof expression of hers.”

“Young Master, you’re very wicked.”

“Wicked? I’m being very kindhearted here. After all, they are still my father’s partner daughters. Their old man had kick the can. That I gave shelter to them is considered a good deed.”

Zhou Jian remembered what Small White Rabbit Candy said. She said that the Old Turtle also had a Small Turtle, who’s always being lustful towards her elder sister.

Then, consider this your bad luck to be meeting me. Even if I couldn’t steal the secret formula, I could still do something so that you wouldn’t be able to play with other women in the future.

Three days passed in an instant. These three days, Zhou Jian only ate twice a day. Although Zhou Jian’s Ghost Killer avatar could eat as well, but his main body would still be hungry. Therefore, Zhou Jian temporarily had his consciousness left the Ghost killer while still wearing the game helmet to have a meal. This time, it was still dangerous for Ghost Killer. For safety reason, Zhou Jian would choose after midnight for Ghost Killer to hid in the villa’s attic for dinner. And even that meal was wolfed down.

Because he needed to monitor for a long time each day, the time available for Zhou Jian to sleep each day was short. Luckily, because he was physically weak during his childhood, his father handed him a health preserving method. Only then could he survived now.

In three days time, nothing happened in Mt. Jiudu. The two ancient Wu masters took turns to perform their duty in the villa. But even if their martial art were good, they still couldn’t detect Zhou Jian in stealth.

To prepare for a long term battle, Zhou Jian had prepared many potion from the game. What was worth mentioning was that because Zhou Jian had been using stealth for the past three days, his Stealth skill had successfully rose to level 2.

Stealth was one of the very difficult skills to be practiced in 《Gods and Demons》 because upgrading it didn’t rely on the amount of time used but rather, how long the stealth was used.

From level 0 to level 1 needed 12 hours of stealth time. But from level 1 to level 2, the total length of time needed to be under stealth was 72 hours.

When the Thief was under stealth, his movement speed would be reduced. At level 0, movement under stealth was slower by 30 percent. At level, the movement was slowed by 10 percent only. In addition, when the Thief reached a level 2 in Stealth, the First Strike attack was boosted by 50 power. By coordinating this with the Backstab skill, the injury from this knife couldn’t be underestimated.


These three days was definitely a suffering for Chu Qing Yun. The stock price of Yung Tai Company rose up to HK$1.36. But the higher it went up, Chu Qing Yun’s heart began to worry more.

She rubbed her temple and put down her pen. At this time, there’s a knock from outside the office.

“Please enter.”

“Manager Chu, Liu from Huadu has made a call. He asked when can the 100 boxes of new drugs be delivered.” Chu Qing Yun’s secretary, Su Xiao Qian came in carrying a stack of papers.

Chu Qing Yun’s heart was in agony when she heard this. These people were simply more bothersome than flies. “Didn’t I’d already said it many times. The factory is still debugging the equipment. It will take several days before we can start the production.”

“Then the Board of Directors that side…..”

“Say the same thing as well.”

“Director Sun will return to Hong Kong tomorrow.”

Chu Qing Yun’s eyelid twitched. Sun De Guang finally would return to Hong Kong. Yet, her voice was still calm. “Yes, I got it. You exit first.”

After Su Xiao Qian left, Chu Qing Yun marked some comments on the documents she just received and then left the company. She started her white Audi and drove back home.

She just left not far from the office, Chu Qing Yun’s cell phone rang. She looked at the number and saw that the number was from the detective agency.

These days, Chu Qing Yun had entrusted the detective agency to observe Sun De Guang’s every actions and movements. If there were any major changes, they would inform her.

Once the call connected, a deep low sound come from the other side of the phone. “Miss Chu. I’m very embarrassed but our cooperation must come to an end.”


“This afternoon, my partner was tracking the target as usual. However, after he tracked no longer than 10 minutes, he was discovered by a dark and thin middle aged man besides the target. My partner’s arm was broken. I’m sorry. We couldn’t continue on with this mission.”

“You’re discovered. How can it be?”

“The skill isn’t as good as others. The dark and thin middle aged man was Thailand’s most famous bounty hunter, Bayudh Badafeng, nicknamed Hunting Dog. He once mingled in the Myanmar’s Golden Triangle and killed countless. A truly dangerous character. My partner almost had no resistance and was overpowered by him. Luckily, they were in the downtown area. The target didn’t want to get into trouble. So, he didn’t allow Bayudh to kill. Otherwise, with Bayudh’s cruelty, my partner absolutely couldn’t survive.”

Bayudh…..Badafeng! Chu Qing Yun’s heart suddenly shrank. This Sun De Guang unexpectedly invited this outlaw over!

Chu Qing Yun had a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the bounty hunter organization. Buyudh this name was famous among the bounty hunters. It was said that he could barehanded fought with a ferocious tiger. His Muay Thai was extremely ruthless. His bone was hard like steel and he liked to use his knees and elbows to attack the enemy to death.

There were too many rumors regarding Bayudh. In the Myanmar’s Golden Triangle, He once barehanded killed 32 mercenaries during a drug lord’s strife. Later, he also killed the drug lord’s bodyguard, a Lower Earth Order from Indonesia.

Bayudh killing efficiency was extremely high. When he attacked, he would target the key points. He would often wringed the neck or crushed the larynx (tl: throat) bone to kill. By conservative estimates, he was a Mid Earth Order master.

Crap. This Sun De Guang was about to go back to Hong Kong. He would bring Bayudh along as well. This time, Zhou Jian, he……

Must notified Zhou Jian!

Chu Qing Yun hung up the call from the detective agency and started to dial Zhou Jian’s number. But the reply that Chu Qing Yun received was: “The person you’d call is not in the service area.”

This idiot. He didn’t set up international roaming before he left.

Chu Qing Yun pressed on the accelerator. She wanted to quickly go home and enter 《Gods and Demons》 to inform Zhou Jian using Tianxun.

Five minutes later, Chu Qing Yun reached home. At this time, Chu Cocoa had just came back from school. she saw her sister’s frantic look and asked: “What’s up Big Sis. What happened?”

“Nothing much. You quickly go and play your game.” Chu Qing Yun didn’t want to tell Chu Cocoa about these matters. She regretted asking Zhou Jian to go to Hong Kong. Before, she simply wouldn’t think that Sun De Guang would be careful to this extent and would hire the incredibly expensive Hunting Dog Bayudh.

And Zhou Jian was just a young fledgling. Although he had some skill, but how could he coped with the seasoned and extremely ruthless Bayudh.

She entered 《Gods and Demons》, but Zhou Jian wasn’t online. Chu Qing Yun was worried to to death. Using Tianxun, she left a message to Zhou Jian. But if he didn’t went online at all, what to do next?

Chu Qing Yun passed on all the information about Bayudh to Zhou Jian. Her original intention was to let Zhou Jian gave up the mission and returned directly. If Zhou Jian didn’t listened to her advice, then at least Zhou Jian would knew about Bayudh’s strength and wouldn’t died in vain.

Chu Qing Yun couldn’t imagine the consequences. With Sun De Guang’s strength, he could easily make an unknown, let alone not a citizen of Hong Kong to disappear.

Chu Qing Yun who didn’t believe in God also started to pray. Zhou Jian ah. Zhou Jian ah. You better don’t have any accident.


Hong Kong, Mt. Jiudu villa ——

These days, Sun De Guang’s eyelid kept on twitching fiercely. He had a premonition that something was going to happen. He couldn’t think what sort of drugs Chu Qing Yun would sell.

The factory was really debugging the equipments, as if ready to prepare for production. Moreover, that girl looked confident these few days. Was the secret formula really in her hand? Although the location of the secret formula was extremely safe but although it was guarded day and night, it was still difficult to guard against a thief within one’s own home. If the person on his side performed an inside job, added with the hired bounty hunter from Chu Qing Yun, the collaboration between outside and inside could has the little possibility.

Chu Qing Yun wasn’t a fool Even if she didn’t have the secret formula now. Then, within several days, she would take action herself. If Chu Qing Yun had such plans, then what was her trump cards? How would she deal with him?

Sun De Guang had wandered the business sea for many years. From his young age, he was daring and willing to risk. Later on, his courage diminished. His rationale told him that Chu Qing Yun was sure to fail. However, he was still fearful and apprehensive. He didn’t know what’s the ace in the hole for the other party. This made Sun De Guang had sleepless nights.

Finally, Sun De Guang managed to invite Bayudh Badafeng through his connections. He was prepared to withdraw back into his den and wouldn’t go out anywhere. As long as he could last for the week, he would had won.

He didn’t believe that with him and Bayudh to personally guard the villa, the thing would be lost right under their eyes.

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