Chapter 025 – Waiting

Chapter 25: Waiting

A black Mercedes pulled into the Mt. Jiudu villa. Sun Yao Zu had gotten the news in advance. He put his rarely worn suit and ran to the door to personally greet his father. Sun Yao Zu was a little afraid of his father.

The Mercedes Benz stopped and a butler moved forward to open the door. Zhou Jian had been lurking by the second floor window. He observed all these through the shutters. He knew, that the Master had finally appear.

“Father.” Sun Yao Zu respectfully called out.

“Em.” Sun De Guang nodded a little. He saw that all was normal in the house, his heart was finally calmed by half.

Sun De Guang, along with Bayudh made their way directly towards the second floor. “How are you, Mr. Sun.” The two Order masters from Golden Light Gate greeted after seeing Sun De Guang. The two of them did not went out to meet Sun De Guang but had stayed on the second floor.

“You both had worked hard. Are there any changes these past few days?”

“Everything is normal.”

“Em. Very good. Then, I’ll need to continue to trouble both. I would like to introduce to both, this is a master from Thailand. Bayudh Badafeng.” Sun De Guang said this and pointed towards the dark and thin middle aged man.

Bayudh Badafeng…… The two masters of Golden Light Gate are not bounty hunters. They didn’t know much about Bayudh but they’d noted the middle aged man at Sun De Guang’s side from the outset. That person’s eyes was similar to a poisonous snake, cold and sharp. Although he just stood there, but he always emitted a dangerous and  murderous intent.

This man……. was definitely a master.

“Haha. The safety of the house will be handed to you all. I’ll let Yao Zu prepare a feast. First, is to thank both the Lee brothers of Golden Light Gate for your protection these few days. The other is to welcome Mr. Bayudh. Yao Zu…..” Sun De Guang said, turning back to his son.

“Yes father. The kitchen had been preparing the food. We can start the feast in five minutes.”

“Em.” Sun De Guang nodded in satisfaction. There wasn’t an issue with giving such minor matters to his son. “Then, we will wait for another five minutes. The two masters, later, Mr. Bayudh will be working together with you. I want him to have a look at the thing in the safe.”

“Alright.” The two brothers evacuated the safe. The employer came back to check on the safe was a natural thing.

Sun De Guang took out the safe’s key and put it in. He then rotated the combination lock to open the safe. After the heavy green iron door was pulled open, it showed a white door in the interior. Sun De Guang put up his finger and make the infrared scanner sweep for his own fingerprint. With a light sound, the interior door opened automatically. Within the closed space of the safe was a black laptop.

Sun De Guang took out the laptop. He started it and entered the user interface. He clicked on the only folder there and entered the decryption password. In the folder are the 12 UC videos.

Zhou Jian, who’s under stealth , felt his pupils shrank when he saw this. It turned out that this laptop unexpectedly really had those 12 UC videos. Are these videos real? Did he thought too much?

Looking at Sun De Guang’s appearance who’s treating this matter seriously, the UC videos looked very real. Of course, this didn’t exclude that Sun De Guang was intentionally showing this to mislead others. Like a wily Old Fox businessman, perhaps he didn’t even trust his own men.

Sun De Guang opened an UC video.  A video screen pooped up with a bunch of ball and stick model of the chemical structure of the the organic molecules. The “sticks” which represented the chemical bonding are in constant break and recombination.

The video was shown for less than ten seconds and Sun De Guang satisfactory closed the video file. He returned the laptop back inside the safe and then layer upon layer, locked it.

“The Lee brothers had contributed much. After the contract expired, this Sun will thank again.”

The eldest of the Lee brothers cupped his hands together. “Mr. Sun please be assured. With us two brothers here, certainly will not leave any flaws.”

“Ok. Let us go and eat.” Sun De Guang said this and lead the Lee brothers and Bayudh together towards the dining room, leaving only the two bodyguards to continue guarding the safe.

Zhou Jian was squatting behind a potted plant by the corridor. As long as he wanted to, he could strike down the two bodyguards within seconds. He could then take the item from the safe and into his inventory. Then, quickly break through the window and run away.

Zhou Jian originally didn’t know much about organic chemistry. He naturally couldn’t differentiate between real or fake. Sun De Guang had only shown ten seconds of the video. Who knew what was behind the video. It could even be the island’s AV.

Zhou Jian is not Zhuge Liang. He simply couldn’t guess the actual situation. In fact, even if Zhuge Liang was reborn was also useless. Modern people are much more difficult than the ancient people. Modern people had been cut and polished while the ancients were more pure. Initially, during the Battle of the Red Cliff, Cao Cao fled to the wilderness when he met a fork in the road. One side was a smooth main road with no sound. The other side was a narrow alley with smoke going up on all sides. It looked like taking the main road would be safer, but taking the alley would be easily ambushed. Cao Cao laughed and said Zhuge Liang, Zhuge Liang. Did you think that I am afraid to be ambushed in the alley and will take the main road. I will take the alley. Finally, Zhuge Liang had calculated that Cao Cao was over suspicious. He did put his ambush in the alley. Cao Cao was unfortunately caught and blocked by Guan Yu. After Guan Yu withdrew his troops, Zhuge Liang came up, not to ask whether Cao Cao took the main road or the alley. Instead, he wanted to celebrate with Guan Yu. He’s so confident to that extent.

If this was in the modern age, Zhuge Liang had a 50% chance of admitting defeat. If someone shuffled and asked to pick the wildcard. If after shuffled, the dealer told you that the left hand had the wild card, would you pick the left or the right hand?

According to common sense, the dealer shuffling the card was lying. Actually, the wildcard was in the right hand.

If you could guess that the dealer was lying, he could also does the opposite intentionally.

The dealer would guessed that you would correctly guessed that he was lying. So, he would did the opposite and told the truth.

(tl: can this stop now…How many ways do you want to say the same thing?) You correctly guessed that the dealer correctly guessed that you correctly guessed that he was lying and would tell the truth intentionally….

This would go on continuously. If Cao Cao would think like a modern man, he would possibly think that this was too complex and decided the way forward with just a coin toss. With the modern man as Zhuge Liang, he would definitely set the ambush on two side. So that, no matter what route was chose, both also wouldn’t end well for Cao Cao.

Zhou Jian couldn’t see the actual situation clearly. So, he chose to wait. If there weren’t any other movements from Sun De Guang, he would then really steal the safe.

Both roads would also had ambush. This way wouldn’t be wrong. (tl: If it was me, I would steal and then waited again. If it was fake, SDG would go check on the real laptop. Think Sherlock Holmes.)

Sun De Guang had a quiet lunch. Later, he was even in the mood to test his son, Sun Yao Zu’s MBA courses. Sun Yao Zu bitterly replied to the questions, his result was predictable. Sun De Guang was very dissatisfied, and naturally rebuked his son.

Zhou Jian waited in stealth patiently. The time now was 5pm. Zhou Jian hadn’t eaten the whole day till his chest wanted to stick to his back already. (tl: empty in between front and back)

In the evening, Sun De Guang continued to have dinner at 7pm. He turned on the television on time to watch Hong Kong news.

At 7.30pm, Sun De Guang came into the study and began reviewing the documents.

At 8.30 pm, Sun De Guang came to the balcony and fiddled with the plants and flowers that he planted.

At exactly 9pm, Sun De Guang called his subordinate. He listened to their report on the recent situation in the hotel and heavy manufacturing industry.


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