Chapter 026 – Behind the Yellow Bird

Chapter 26: Behind the Yellow Bird

Sun De Guang even combined his work together with his rest. He hadn’t had any movement till 11. Zhou Jian at this point, felt a little unbearable. Counting till today, he’d waited for four days. These four days was an enormous test to his tolerance. When Sun De Guang wasn’t back, he could still find time to rest and ate a little. Now that Sun De Guang was at home, he feared that he might missed out on something. So far, he hadn’t eat or drank anything for the past 12 hours continuously to monitor Sun De Guang. To make it conveniently to go to the bathroom, he even moved the chair into the hotel room’s bathroom, directly facing the toilet.

Zhou Jian thought that if Sun De Guang didn’t had any other movement, he would directly used strength to seize him.

If that’s the case, he would have to fight with the two masters from Golden Light Gate right outside the door and also with that Thai. Zhou Jian didn’t know what kung fu the Thai had but looking at Sun De Guang’s respectful manner. Perhaps, the strength was even higher than the two Golden Light Gate masters.

At 11.30pm, after Sun De Guang took a bath, he entered his own bedroom. He didn’t know that when he entered his own bedroom, Zhou Jian was following him tightly under stealth. As a professional Thief, Zhou Jian’s footsteps were lighter than a cat, simply no sound at all when walking through the floor.

Sun De Guang locked the door and drew in the curtains. He then turned open his quilt. Zhou Jian was secretly complaining. F**k. This guy was already preparing to sleep. Looks like today had waited in vain. Wait for another two days. If it’s really not good, will torture to extort or directly snatch the safe and run away.

Sun De Guang went to bed. He turned off his bedside lamp and was preparing to sleep.

Zhou Jian was dozing off. Now, he was tired and sleepy but the door was locked. He couldn’t get out. He was prepared to return back to his main body after Sun De Guang was asleep. First, he needed to solve his stomach issue.

The time had passed more than 10 minutes. The fatigued Zhou Jian had almost fallen asleep at the corner. At this moment, Sun De Guang threw back his quilt and sat up.

Zhou Jian had a wake up call and immediately sobered up. F**k. Is this Old Man sleepwalking? Does he really want to let people sleep.

Sun De Guang was sitting silently on the bed, motionlessly. He expression was concealed in the darkness, unable to be seen clearly.

After sitting for five full minutes, Sun De Guang took out a size 50 thick cigar and a cigar scissor from the table. With a crisp clicking sound, he trimmed off a small section of the cigar. Zhou Jian’s pupil shrank at this. He often saw the sharp and bright small scissor in the movie, but not to cut cigar but rather fingers. Originally, in reality, this thing was used to cut cigars.

He ignited the lighter. Sun De Guang took the end of the cigar and rotated it slowly in the flame, allowing the unique aroma from a lit cigar to overflow. Cigar smoking was a complicated thing. Generally, only a man who’d practiced to certain mental calmness would stopped and smoked this stuff.

Zhou Jian endured hunger and sleepiness. The flicking lights shined upon Sun De Guang’s gloomy face. After 15 minutes, the cigar had burnt one fifth. Moreover, Sun De Guang kept on smoking and smoking, and the cigar went out. Then, he had to go through the trouble to light it up with his lighter again.

Zhou Jian knew for the first time that the time needed to finish smoking a cigar was so much longer than a cigarette. The room had been filled with the cigar smoke. He took a look at the clock. It’s almost 12. At this rate, it will take up till 1am before Sun De Guang finished smoking the cigar.

At this time, with the cigar in his mouth, Sun De Guang suddenly twist his bedside lamp knob to adjust the light to its darkest. Then, from his coat pocket, he took out an equipment the size of a cell phone. He used this equipment on the bed bottom, the lamp holder, and the desk. As it scanned, the red light on the equipment continued to flickered. Although Zhou Jian never saw this thing before, he could also correctly guessed that it’s some type of equipment to exam for wiretaps and pinhole cameras.

This Old Fox, was really so careful.

Zhou Jian was quietly lurking in the corner. He licked his parched lips, staring at his prey intently.

After Sun De Guang carefully searched through the room and determined that there’s nobody monitoring, he temporarily put his cigar near the ash tray. He then pushed his spring mattress on the bed…….

Zhou Jian’s heart felt tight. Is this the secret formula hidden location? Realizing of this possibility, Zhou Jian pupils dilated. His sense of hunger and sleepiness was also swept away.

Sun De Guang opened the bed board. Under the bed board was empty. Sun De Guang can squat his whole person inside, where the carpet can be unexpectedly lifted.

After Sun De Guang lifted the carpet, it impressively revealed a silver grey metal compartment that was embedded into the concrete floor.

The secret cell was only one foot square. Above it was a PIN pad and a laser hole.

Zhou Jian was excited. This Old Fox had finally shown his tail. He’d waited for so many days in this villa just to wait for this moment.

Sun De Guang quickly typed out the 12 digit password. Later, he took off his eyeglasses and aimed his eye at the laser hole. This was an electronic lock that scanned the retina for confirmation. With a soft sound, the secret compartment flipped open.

Looking at the inside of the secret compartment, Zhou Jian didn’t saw the secret formula but there was a dazzling radiance. Inside there was unexpectedly a small pile of diamonds. Each diamond was the size of a metal button.

Zhou Jian gasped. He’d only saw this scene before in the movies. How much does a metal button size diamond cost? He had no idea. What he could be sure off was that this pile of diamonds are worth more than 10 million.

Zhou Jian’s mood was fluctuating. Before, he couldn’t understand why there was such a strong attraction from diamonds on women. But now, with a pile of diamonds directly within his reaches, he could understand the unequaled temptation of wealth and glory.

Seeing that the diamonds were alright, Sun De Guang was relieved. If there was a bounty hunter that passed here. it’s impossible to not take the diamond away.

Sun De Guang poked through the diamonds, and from inside, took out a concealed encrypted USB flash drive.. He took to the laptop besides his bed, unplugged the network cable and plugged in the USB drive. After opening the USB, inside was the 12 UC videos. Sun De Guang saw this and was secretly grinning. He knew that he’d won.

He didn’t believed that Chu Qing Yun who had financial difficulties would be able to invite a bounty hunter more powerful than Bayudh. Even if the Lee brothers of Golden Light Gate were bribed was also useless. Since they didn’t know the location of the secret formula.

In order to prevent the secret formula from being stolen, Sun De Guang was the only one who knew the location of it. That little girl had nothing in her hands. As long as he didn’t go out these few days and hold tenaciously to the secret formula, he didn’t believed if she could come out with anything.

Sun De Guang was a cautious Old Fox. He’d given thought that Chu Qing Yun was emitting smoke this time just to test the waters. He’d ruled out the possibility that the room was bugged with wiretap devices and pinhole cameras. However, he didn’t think that in this late of the night in this room, there’s a person who couldn’t be seen was unexpectedly monitoring each actions and movements of his.

(tl: wait. Where’s the bird? The title is part of an idiom. The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole (yellow bird) behind; to pursue a narrow gain while neglecting a greater danger)

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