Chapter 027 – Instant Kill

Chapter 27: Instant Kill

The moment Zhou Jian saw Sun De Guang took out the secret formula, he felt that the weight in his heart was lifted. He knew that this mission was accomplished. As long as he knew the place, there wasn’t anything he couldn’t take.

Seeing Sun De Guang putting the disk back, Zhou Jian hesitated a bit. The metal compartment needed a retinal confirmation to be opened. His own Unlocking skills could only open combination and mechanical lock. This high tech type of retina verification was a bit helpless.

He clenched his teeth, Zhou Jian moved sideways to arrive at Sun De Guang’s side. Shaping his hand into a knife, he chopped directly at Sun De Guang’s back. At the moment Sun De Guang was attacked, the only thought that went through his mind was how was this possible.

Sun De Guang eyes were filled with incredible expression. He wanted to turn back and look. Was the person behind him a ghost? However, his head grew heavier and heavier. His consciousness was getting fuzzier and fuzzier. Finally, he couldn’t hold it and fell onto the soft carpet.

Zhou Jian took Sun De Guang’s USB drive. After all, he was just an ordinary student. Although Sun De Guang did all kinds of evil, but subconsciously, Zhou Jian hasn’t thought about murder.

Now, Zhou Jian just needed to open the window and he could escape. But, he hesitated. Can the laptop in the safe be real as well? If Sun De Guang had kept two copies of the secret formula and he only stole one, the effect would be greatly reduced.

This possibility was smaller. If he needed to steal the safe, he needed to fight the three bodyguards outside.

The hesitant Zhou Jian didn’t think that the hand knife strike he used on Sun De Guang produced a slight sound that was captured by Bayudh, who’s staying next door.

The sound of the hand knife attack. The sound eked out by his employer. And the sound of the head hitting the ground….Bayudh lived up to the reputation of Hunting Dog. He could even perfectly separate out these slight sounds from all the rest.

The employer was attacked!

Although Bayudh couldn’t think how the attacker could get in, but this didn’t matter. All that mattered was that he needed to kill the intruder.

Without a word, Bayudh rushed out from his room shirtless. He kicked at Sun De Guang’s bedroom door. Looking at this, the Golden Light Gate master guarding the safe was dumbfounded. Was this Bayudh insane?

However, to Bayudh’s surprise, this kick of his was unexpectedly unable to kick down the door. This naturally, was due to Sun De Guang. This person was extremely cautious. How could he possibly not fortified the door in his own home since there was so much hidden wealth here. From the outside, the door looked like a wooden door, but was in fact, fitted with a thick steel alloy plate. And the lock was also a specially made alloy good.

Zhou Jian who was picking up the pieces inside the room was startled. Are you kidding me. Like this also can discover. Can’t the sound just now be the sound of Sun De Guang accidentally bumped the head because he was clumsy?

Bayudh didn’t managed to kick down the door. If Zhou Jian broke the glass and jumped out of the window, there would still be time. But there was the…. diamonds.

Zhou Jian spent 0.01 second on his internal struggle. He quickly decided and jumped to the bed area and put the diamonds into his Inventory. After all, this was an ill gotten wealth. If he didn’t took it, then it would be in vain.

At this moment, Bayudh kicked the door again. He put in all his strength into this second kick of his. It’s enough to split mountain stones. The alloy lock was directly cracked.

Zhou Jian’s heart was in a bundle. He hurriedly pulled the pillow casing around his face. His face couldn’t be seen by others.

This damned Thai devil!

Although Bayudh just saw Zhou Jian, he didn’t say anything and straight away fought directly with his fist. At that time, the two masters from Golden Light Gate also caught up. One just jumped out from the bed. Although the both of them were weaker than Bayudh, but they were no weaklings. They quickly blocked off Zhou Jian’s escape routes.

Zhou Jian was a little panicking at that moment. After all, this was his first real fight experience in reality. Zhou Jian was swept with Bayudh’s left fist to the neck. Although it just lightly grazed, it left a burning pain like tsunami rushing up to Zhou Jian’s brain.

Bayudh first strike was just so that he could get closer to the body. Muay Thai boxing fiercest attack wasn’t using fists but elbows and knees. Therefore, they were the best at close body combat. What’s more, since Bayudh’s debut, no one opponent who’d gotten close to his body ever survived.

Therefore, in Bayudh’s eyes, Zhou Jian was a dead man. Moreover, the opponent obviously lacked fighting experience. The left fist sunk in and the right elbow attacked Zhou Jian’s collar bone fiercely. This strike, once it hit, would certainly kill the opponent without doubt.

Indeed, Zhou Jian had no fighting experience but Zhou Jian was a gaming master. He didn’t needed any fighting experience because he could use the fighting styles from the game. In his mind, both the game and the reality were the same.

The pain from Bayudh’s fist completely sobered up Zhou Jian. He found the feeling of fighting in the game. In Zhou Jian’s eyes, Bayudh was just like a humanoid BOSS.

Although Zhou Jian’s physical ability was good, but his response capacity and inexperience caused him to be unable to escape Bayudh’s elbow attacks. But, he didn’t need to hide at all because he had regarded this fight as a PK match.

Skill —-Spirit Needle!

Bayudh who was attacking well suddenly felt a severe pain in his brain. In that instant, his ears received a thunderous roar, his eyes blinded, his mind went blank and his body completely went out of control.

Spirit Needle in the game was able to cast temporary stun onto the opponent. Even in the game, this short time was enough to be able to do many things. But in the reality, this was fatal.

On Zhou Jian’s right hand was the Thief’s claw from 《Gods and Demons》. Although this claw was the trash of the trash among the shop’s equipments, But in the real world, its hardness was only inferior to special steel alloy.

Zhou Jian stabbed the claw at Bayudh’s throat and other critical points. In the game, he would have done so but this was the reality. He had a moment of hesitation. If people died in the game, they would be resurrected but in reality, if people dies, their light was snuffed out.

He hadn’t had any hatred with the man in front. He was just a a bodyguard. There wasn’t any need to kill. Not to mention that if he was caught for murder, the punishment was death penalty.

In a flash, Zhou Jian changed the direction of his attack. His claw was jabbed into Bayudh’s right chest, without piercing through the lungs. Zhou Jian kicked Bayudh. The Hunting Dog who could make people around the world panicked, then flew upside down towards the wall like a sack.

The two so called “masters” from Golden Light Gate were dumbfounded. They knew of Bayudh’s strength throughout the day’s contact. This Order master was defeated in just one move? Moreover, it seemed as easy as killing chicken…..

Although the man’s face was covered, but they could see that the age was around 20 years old. This motherf**ker is still human? Or a Young Master from the seven aristocratic ancient Wu families?

Even if he was from the ancient Wu aristocratic family, he also couldn’t be so kick-ass, right?

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