Chapter 028 – The Diamonds that Can’t Be Exposed

Chapter 28: The Diamonds That Can’t Be Exposed

The two men from the Golden Light Gate had no courage to face Zhou Jian. Who’re you joking with? To go against this evildoer was like using a meat bun to beat the dog. One hit wouldn’t come back.

Although the money that Sun De Guang gave was attractive, but if their lives were gone, they couldn’t even spend a fart. The bloodied Bayudh was an example. Fortunately, the two brothers didn’t attacked first, otherwise they might be turned to vegetable as well.

“Scram!” The Lee brothers from the Golden Light Gate was immediately terrified. Zhou Jian unexpectedly rushed through the middle of them. His goal this time was the safe!

Since he’d already fought, he naturally will take this opportunity to carry the safe off. He will strangle Sun De Guang’s only possible route!

Zhou Jian reached the end of the corridor and lifted the safe directly into his Inventory. At this time, the others in the villa hadn’t reacted. Not one even left their room.

Zhou Jian broke the glass with a punch. He stood back and jumped out of the window. The Lee brothers from Golden Light Gate came chasing symbolically. They saw the broken window and the missing safe. The brothers looked at each other and jumped together.

This time, Zhou Jian had turned into a vague shadow and vanished into the darkness. The two brothers were dumbfounded. They obviously saw Zhou Jian picked up the safe. The safe was at least 100 jin (tl: 50kg). He carried a 100 jin box, but could scurry away swiftly. In the end, what type of grass did this animal ate growing up?

“Big brother, are we still going to chase?” The younger of the Lee brother was a little afraid.

“Chase. Of course need to chase. If not, how can we explain to Mr. Sun. You go to the left. I’ll go to the right.”

“But he seemed to had run forward.”

“Nonsense, the sky is so dark. Who can see clearly. If you can see things so clearly, you go and chase him.”


Zhou Jian rushed ten kilometers in just one breathe. He found an out of the way mountainous area and turned into stealth. He changed his direction and ran for another 10 kilometers. Looking around, he saw no one after him. Only then did he relaxed.

Although the chances are unlikely, Zhou Jian still inspected from top to bottom to determine if there are any tracking devices. Only after making sure that there are none did he laughed out three times.

This mud horse had managed to crouch through. I am rich!

He touched the diamonds in his Inventory. He conservatively estimated them to be no less than 20 million, added with Chu Qing Yun’s 5 million. In an instant, he had become a multimillionaire.

The only thing that made Zhou Jian uneasy was that although his actions were ethical, they weren’t legal. And the law was impersonal without human sentiment. It didn’t care if you were helping the weak and punishing the wicked. Breaking an entry and robbery violated the law.

Since he didn’t appeared at all, and he was a harmless youth in Lingnan University. Even his football skill was barely acceptable. Being able to instantly defeat a Thai master was a fable. Unless there was shit in the Royal Hong Kong police skull, it’s impossible to suspect his involvement.

Perhaps even Chu Qing Yun wouldn’t believed that his true identity was so common.

Actually, Zhou Jian worried needlessly. Sun De Guang won’t report this to the police. He illegally obtained the secret formula. If he reported this to the police, wasn’t he courting his own death.

And those diamonds couldn’t be exposed to the light. Otherwise, why else would they be hidden in the secret compartment. If those were clean money, Sun De Guang would had already invested them as funds into his own industries. A successful businessman needs capital flow. To hide large sums of money at home was an act of stupidity.

Sun De Guang obtained these diamonds through smuggling. He originally planned that after the things are settled, he will go through some channel abroad and convert them to US dollars. What a pity that Zhou Jian earned it instead.

Zhou Jian couldn’t stand his hunger any more. He lurked outside for some time and then under stealth, he circled for 7-8 rounds before returning to the hotel.

Regardless of the time and location, as long as Zhou Jian logged out from the game, the Ghost Killer avatar would vanish. Once he logged into the game again, he would appear by Zhou Jian’s side. But those non game goods, like the diamonds and the USB wouldn’t return back to Zhou Jian alongside the Ghost Killer.  They would be dropped there and then. So, Zhou Jian must control the Ghost Killer back to the hotel.

He locked the doors, and closed the curtains. And just in case, he examined the hotel for any cameras. Later, Zhou Jian turned the bedside lamp to the dimmest, he took out the diamonds one by one and lined them neatly on the sheets.

Altogether, there were 28 diamonds. Each was roughly the same size as a metal  button. When put together, they were dazzling even under the dimmed lights.

Zhou Jian had to lament about their beauty. No wonder women are so fascinated by diamonds.

Zhou Jian didn’t know, when he was holding the pile of diamonds and giggling foolishly, Chu Qing Yun was on pins and needles. These days, she spent her time in guilt and self blame.

Today, Chu Qing Yun didn’t go to work. She was wearing flip flops in her pajamas and was sitting in front of the desk. Her hands were hanging by her lower abdomen, restless twisting the slender fingers.

Waiting for the possible news…..or maybe bad news.

“Ah…..Big Sis? You didn’t go to work today…ah?” Chu Cocoa just came back from skipping school and saw her sister at home. Since she’d done something wrong, in her experience, she would get a good scolding.

“Big Sis, your pajama is very pretty…..” Chu Cocoa was sucking up to her sister in order to reduce her scolding. What made her unexpected was that, Chu Qing Yun didn’t get angry but said this sentence instead. “There’s porridge in the kitchen. If you’re hungry, go heat it up.”

It couldn’t be. The one sitting here today was a toy sister? Cho Cocoa couldn’t enjoy the moment. She secretly glanced at her sister to see if she was ill.

“Cocoa. Don’t joke around.”

“Big Sis. Are you worried about the bastard?”

Chu Qing Yun sighed and nodded. In the beginning, she didn’t thought that Zhou Jian could fight against Bayudh who’d been continuously living on the edge. Zhou Jian could conceal himself from the average person. But Bayudh, the Hunting Dog was famed for his hearing. Could Zhou Jian hide from him?

Moreover, Zhou Jian didn’t understand about Bayudh’s strength and ability. In this case, if he rushed out, wouldn’t he just be seeking death.

Thinking of how that youth would die because of her, Chu Qing Yun’s mind couldn’t say anything mostly because of the guilt.

“Big Sis don’t need to be so worry. That guy skill is so good. Of course he can get the secret formula back.” Chu Cocoa didn’t know about the existence of Bayudh. She thought that her elder sister was worried that Zhou Jian couldn’t get back the secret formula.

Chu Qing Yun could barely smiled. At this point, she didn’t expected to be able to get back the secret formula. As long as Zhou Jian could return safely.

She’d thought to sell off her sister and hers shares in a few more days. Although the stock price had fallen until it was now. The 51 percent shares can still command considerable cash. It’s just that she’d been incapable of keeping what her father had painstakingly built and left behind.

It’s time to let go. Although this benefited Sun De Guang but in a battle of attrition, she will be the first to unable to hold on. After all, Sun De Guang still has his hotel and heavy manufacturing industries to support him.

The money she obtained from selling the stock can be invested into 《Gods and Demons》 to construct a large scale guild. But she’s afraid that Zhou Jian can no longer join in…..

She clearly knew about Sun De Guang craftiness and the danger of this mission. Why was she so crazy to ask Zhou Jian to accept this mission. Chu Qing Yun regretted it very much.

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