Chapter 029 – Hong Kong’s News

Chapter 29: Hong Kong’s News

Just at this moment, Chu Qing Yun’s cell phone was ringing, and it entered the voice message. Today, Chu Qing Yun’d received many messages. The distributors and directors were calling her. Or, it could be the creditors demanding payment.

Chu Qing Yun was too lazy to pick it up. She wasn’t in the mood to deal with those people.

But, Chu Qing Yun didn’t turned off her cell phone because she’d Tianxun in her cell phone. As long as Zhou Jian logged into 《Gods and Demons》, the Tianxun would notify the cell phone and she would immediately know.

She didn’t held any hope. Chu Qing Yun absentmindedly read the message: “Your friend Dark Sword had logged into 《Gods and Demons》.”


Chu Qing Yun was astonished. She immediately took her game helmet and logged into 《Gods and Demons》. Zhou Jian may not had the opportunity to start yet. Luckily… otherwise, the consequences would be dreadful.

Zhou Jian slept in the hotel until 12 o’clock today. He was too tired last night. After getting out of bed, he had lunch and found an Internet cafe to log into 《Gods and Demons》. Once he just got in, he immediately received 78 Tianxun messages. All were from Chu Qing Yun. He opened the first and saw an article about this wonderful bounty hunter, Bayudh Badafeng…… This long and tongue twisting name was a little familiar. That’s it. Wasn’t this the Thai devil that was with Sun De Guang.

Bare handedly killed a Bengal tiger? Single handedly assassinated the Burmese drug lord? Was suspected as an Order master? Such a powerful character, was he really the guy that he managed to beat almost half to death?

Zhou Jian was a little dizzy. He didn’t knew that the fellow was that powerful. Although his speed was a little faster, but his defense was weak like a mess. This rumor, was too fake, right?

Speaking of defense, Zhou Jian remembered that in the game, if he was knifed, he would just lost some health but not die. Unless, the other party had ridiculously high attack power. But in reality, if he was knifed, what would happened?

This experiment couldn’t be done. In case anything happened, he would lose big.

Zhou Jian prepared to continue reading the rest of the messages, but at this time, his Tianxun made a sound. He looked at the number and saw that it was Chu Qing Yun. That’s good. He entered 《Gods and Demons》 this time was to tell Chu Qing Yun that the mission was completed.

“Zhou Jian, are you alright?” Chu Qing Yun’s voice from the other side of Tianxun was a bit short of breathe.

“Quite well. How come you are breathing so heavily? Are you exercising on the treadmill?”

Chu Qing Yun heard this, and was mad until she almost passed out. Now, except for bastard this word, she couldn’t think of anything else to describe Zhou Jian. She was so worried about him, but he unexpectedly was heartless enough to say such a sentence.

She ill humouredly said: “If you’re alright, then it’s good. Hurry and come back.”

Chu Qing Yun’s self control was considered quite good. Although she was angry, but if she wasn’t listened carefully, her anger wouldn’t be discovered. Therefore, Zhou Jian untactful said: “Em. I’ll be back tomorrow morning. Then, I am at Qing Feng Zhai (tl: did the author changed the name?). If there’s anything, you can come to talk……”

Zhou Jian’s original intention was to talk about the mission completion with Chu Qing Yun. And of course, about the compensation. The reason he had chosen the Qing Feng Zhai was because Chu Qing Yun had invited him to the Qing Feng Zhai twice. It’s only appropriate that he reciprocated back by inviting her on his own.

But these words just stroke Chu Qing Yun’s fire. She was on pins and needles concerning about his life. And yet, this guy could go to Qing Feng Zhai to eat and drink. She thought about this and was full of grievances.

That’s why the always mild mannered and gentle Chu Qing Yun directly interrupted Zhou Jian. “Not going!”

What the heck? Although Zhou Jian was slow, but he could still hear Chu Qing Yun’s anger. Why did she get angry? How did he offended her?

Zhou Jian wanted to say something more to Chu Qing Yun, but she disconnected the Tianxun directly. Then, Chu Qing Yun’s profile was directly darkened. She’d went offline?

Zhou Jian at this time was like two monks at a loss. Women are really strange animals.

“Big Sis. What happened?” Chu Cocoa saw her sister angry looks and immediately asked.

“That guy was really like you’d said. Is truly a bastard.”

“He made Big Sis angry?” Chu Cocoa didn’t knew the front and end of it. Therefore, she couldn’t think what relationship her sister had with that guy. Why could she be pissed off till this stage. After all, they weren’t even boyfriend and girlfriend. “Did he fail to attain it?”

Listening to her sister mentioning this, Chu Qing Yun temper went up again. Maybe this guy really went to Hong Kong to play. She was worried that he would get hurt. If he couldn’t get it back, it was still a normal thing. The thing that made her mad was his indifferent tone when speaking.

At this time, Chu Qing Yun’s cell phone rang. It’s her secretary, Su Xiao Qian. If, it was from the distributors or the directors calling over, she wouldn’t pick it up. But if Su Xiao Qian called her, there must be something important.

“Leader Chu. Something happened. Director Sun was attacked in Hong Kong. He’s now living in the Hong Kong hospital. Do you want to go and visit him?”

Chu Qing Yun was shocked after hearing the news. “Which Director Sun?”

Su Xiao Qian was a little dulled. How many director with Sun surname was there in the company? There’s only one. But she still behaved and replied : “It’s Director Sun De Guang.”

Although Su Xiao Qian said it clearly, Chu Qing Yun still didn’t react. Wasn’t Thailand’s number one bounty hunter, Bayudh together with Sun De Guang? He was unexpectedly attacked. What was Bayudh doing. He went to the bathroom?

“Where did you get this news?” Chu Qing Yun was afraid that it’s just a rumor.

“The people in the company had all known. It’s from the Internet.” In Hong Kong, the internet was very difficult to be controlled. Let alone the rich and powerful that were the focus of these paparazzi. Every single minor matters would immediately raised a buzz, unable to be covered up. And this time, it was an assassination attempt of a tycoon, such an important matter.

“I’ll go and have a look.” Chu Qing Yun said and immediately hanged up. She wanted to surf the net and started the computer. During this time, she doubted if it was Zhou Jian. It shouldn’t be him. Zhou Jian at most, was just to steal, and not attacked Sun De Guang. His skill wasn’t too high.It’s impossible to sneak under the eyes of the two Golden Light Gate masters and attacked Sun De Guang. Moreover, there’s Bayudh there. There’s not enough hands.

It’s possible that it’s Sun De Guang’s other enemies. After all, Sun De Guang had been doing business for all these years. He must had offended many people.

But once she opened the web page, Chu Qing Yun couldn’t believe her eyes. It wasn’t the title “Hong Kong tycoon, Sun De Guang was attacked and suffered slight cerebral concussion” but rather the small title underneath: “The tycoon’s bodyguard, a Thai boxer was stabbed three times by a masked man and was severely injured before rescued…..”

Chu Qing Yun felt inconceivable. Sun De Guang only had one Thai boxer by his side, and that was Bayudh. Unexpectedly, someone with such strength was overpowered and stabbed three times with a knife? If the news said that there was three gun wounds on Bayudh, Chu Qing Yun could understand. Even a master would find it hard to defend against sniper shots. But this was a knife……Bayudh was knifed?

Those reporters didn’t knew about Bayudh’s real identity. If the bounty hunters knew about this, it would definitely cause a huge stir.

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