Chapter 030 – Underground Bank

Chapter 30: Underground Bank

After Chu Qing Yun hung up on him on Tianxun, Zhou Jian had nothing else to do. He continued to read Chu Qing Yun’s other messages. The general idea there was that Bayudh was terrible. She didn’t want to force him to continue the mission. And there was even one final message to give up the mission and immediately return to Pengcheng.

From the words, Zhou Jian could feel Chu Qing Yun’s care for him. Although this concern didn’t meant anything, but being cared for was always a good feeling.

In relation to these information, he thought again about his and Chu Qing Yun’s dialog. Zhou Jian understood that there was probably a misunderstanding between them. So, he logged out from the 《Gods and Demons》 and used the hotel public telephone to call Chu Qing Yun.

“Wei. It’s me. Zhou Jian.”

At this time, Chu Qing Yun’s temper had disappeared. Her voice tone also calmed down. “What time is your car arriving in Pengcheng tomorrow?”

“Morning at 8. I’ll probably arrive at your place at 9. I’ll give you something. Are you convenient tomorrow?”

Chu Qing Yun heard this and was a little dumbfounded. “Thing? What thing?”

“Secret formula. What else could it be. If I haven’t gotten the secret formula, how can I go back to Pengcheng?”

“What? You’d gotten the secret formula?” Chu Qing Yun felt that there was too many things today that was unbelievable. Zhou Jian unexpectedly managed to get the secret formula from under Bayudh. How was this possible?

Does this mean that the mask man who stabbed Bayudh’s three times was Zhou Jian? Realizing this possibility, Chu Qing Yun felt a little top heavy, bottom light. (tl: like wanting to faint) “You……you. Don’t tell me, the one who left three stab wounds on Bayudh and attacked Sun De Guang was you?”

“Stabbed him three times? No such thing.” After Zhou Jian spoke these words, Chu Qing Yun hadn’t had enough time to be relieved when he continued with words that almost made her fainted. “I’d only stabbed that Thai once. As for Sun De Guang, I just lightly knocked him down.”

The phone there was immediately speechless…..

“Hello? Hello? Miss Chu?”


Actually, Zhou Jian had only strike Bayudh once. But the weapon he used wasn’t a knife, but a claw. And on the claw was three curved blades. Therefore, he left behind three wounds on Bayudh, and was mistaken to has stabbed him three times.

“Miss Chu?” Zhou Jian guessed that Chu Qing Yun may not be able to accept it. He explained: “I think that Bayudh’s strength was exaggerated. His true strength wasn’t that strong.”

At this time, on the other side of the phone, Chu Qing Yun’s face was already full of nonsense. She was unable to imagine. And then had all sorts of complex expressions. She opened her dry lips and asked: “Which…..which family did you come from?”

“Er…..I’d already said earlier. I’m not any family’s descendant. I’d only practiced the kungfu handed down from my ancestor since elementary school. As for coping with Bayudh, he might just happened to be too careless.”

Just practicing kungfu handed down through the generations was already enough to handle Bayudh?
Then, what about those bounty hunters who put their head on the line in the rainforest of Brazil or the desert of Sahara. How would those senior bounty hunters felt?

What type of kungfu passed down in the family could be so kick ass. If this wasn’t so clear and vivid, Chu Qing Yun would had felt that she was still dreaming.

Actually, Chu Qing Yun doubted that Zhou Jian was telling a lie. But, she didn’t want to inquire into it. She could feel that Zhou Jian was unwilling to mention his own family background. At least, Chu Qing Yun thought Zhou Jian’s character was good. At least, to become friends was good enough.

She said: “I was rude to ask you this. Please be assured. Us two sisters will not mention about this to anyone else. And that 5 million, I’ll transfer it to your bank account.”

“I’m not in a hurry for that 5 million. You can slowly pay it off.” Zhou Jian knew that Chu Qing Yun mortgaged her villa to come up with this 5 million. Currently, he had all these diamonds. He wasn’t in urgent need of money.

“Might as well sent it as soon as possible. I will send it to your bank account number via private gift. And I will also pay for the gift tax as well. In any case, I will guarantee that the money that will reach your hands is 5 million.”

“This also need to pay tax?”

“Em. Of course. If the gift tax wasn’t paid. Then, the inheritance tax also couldn’t be collected.”

Zhou Jian hesitated, not because of the tax issue, but because he knew that in China, some departments could check the bank transfer record. Although 5 million for many was a small amount, but for him, this was an astronomical figure. If it’s bought forward to certain people attentions and they looked it up, they would find that this sum of money was from Chu Qing Yun. Moreover, the money transfer time was after Sun De Guang was attacked. This coincidence could easily raised others’ suspicion.

Although this was highly unlikely, but Zhou Jian had to be on guard. Once Sun De Guang managed to find him, the consequences would be unthinkable. If he acted against him, that was still good. If it was his family, then that would be for the worst.

Zhou Jian was silent for a moment. He suddenly said. “Do you have any way of opening an international bank account? For example, a Swiss bank account?”

Chu Qing Yun was slightly surprised, and understood Zhou Jian’s meaning. Does this mean that Zhou Jian didn’t had any background. Otherwise, why would there be so much precaution? It’s only 5 million.

Although Chu Qing Yun was curious but she didn’t ask further. “To have a personal Swiss bank account, you would need a Swiss green card. If it’s a company’s account, you would need to have the business licenses and other relevant paper works. If you’re not that rich, it’s better not to deposit in the Swiss banks. If you don’t want to use the domestic banks, I would recommend you to go the the US Bounty Hunter Association. There’s an underground bank there, but you didn’t need to worry about the security. Besides, the procedures there are much simpler. And they also accept goods transaction. For example, gold, antiques, jewelries, anything….”

Jewelries? Zhou Jian was tempted. He was worried because he didn’t knew how to deal with the 28 diamonds on hand.

“What documents do I need to open an account there?”

“The underground bank can handle anonymous account. You only needed to be there, and other than that, there’s no need. You can register a fictitious name. To handle the account, you will need a password, your fingerprint as well as your retina scan. But the anonymous account has a shortcoming. Once the depositor dies, the money stored in the illegal bank can’t be taken out. Even if it was the son of the depositor, also cannot be done. If the depositor encountered an accident and finished the job but was blinded. This caused the retina scan to fail and can’t get the money. Therefore, many bounty hunters aren’t willing to use this anonymous account. After all, the risk of being a bounty hunter was extremely high.”

“I know. Thank you. Then, that 5 million, I want it in cash. So, where shall we meet tomorrow?”

Chu Qing Yun hesitated and said: “The stakes are high. Outside, I fear of being monitored. You better come to my house, where it is relatively safer. I’m at home the whole day. You can come when you want to.”

“Em. Ok.”


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