Chapter 031 – Delivery

Chapter 31: Delivery

The next day, Deep Blue Seacoast——

Zhou Jian arrived at Pengcheng at 9am and directly went straight to the coastal area.

Yesterday, Zhou Jian had spent a bit in Hong Kong and bought some clothes. The one on his body hadn’t been washed for a week. It’s already dirty and awful looking.

A pair of Levi’s jeans, a casual shirt and a discounted Pierre Cardin belt. Had to admit, Zhou Jian was quite good looking after putting this on. Although it wasn’t enough to attract the attention of the girls on the street, but at least he was clean and tidy, with a bit of scholarly spirit.

He called the security room to be allowed to pass the security in the Deep Blue Seacoast villa area. That said, this was the first time Zhou Jian walked through the front door to enter an upscale residential district.

Zhou Jian hugged the safe all the way to the No. 36 villa. This time, Chu Qing Yun had been waiting at the entrance. She didn’t wear her professional attire but had put on a set of white casual style clothing. This loose clothes couldn’t hide her plentiful figures. She was an entirely different beauty.

Chu Qing Yun noticed Zhou Jian’s clean and tidy appearance and gawked a little. It wasn’t because Zhou Jian was handsome. After all, Chu Qing Yun had seen too much handsome guys. But Chu Qing Yun could feel a simplistic feeling in Zhou Jian, like a piece of uncut jade. Although the light didn’t dazzle, but she could still see the extraordinary material inside.

“My goodness. This thing is really heavy.” Zhou Jian exhaled and put down the safe. Chu Qing Yun thought that Zhou Jian was joking. Someone who was able to hit Bayudh, wasn’t able to move a safe?

“We meet again.” Chu Qing Yun held out her hand.

Zhou Jian wiped the sweat on his hands. He gently grasped Chu Qing Yun’s hand.

“The secret formula is inside the safe?”

Zhou Jian laughed haha. “It shouldn’t be. Sun De Guang had managed to copy the secret formula into a USB. For what was inside your father’s laptop, I’m just afraid that the secret formula there wasn’t deleted. So, to be safe, I bought the safe along as well.”

Although Zhou Jian said this casually, but Chu Qing Yun’s heart was startled. She knew that to snatch such a big piece of iron in the chaos wasn’t an easy thing.

Chu Qing Yun opened the door to let Zhou Jian in. Although she knew perfectly well that this was Zhou Jian’s second time in her home, she still felt a little strange. After all, she never discussed work matters in her home before. In her opinion, her home is a private space. Let alone, the one who come this time was from the opposite sex.

“Miss Qing Yun. This is it.” Zhou Jian fished out a USB from his pocket to Chu Qing Yun.

Actually, when Chu Qing Yun passed the mission to Zhou Jian, she had already thought that Sun De Guang could possibly shift the UC video in the laptop. Her father was a truly talented person, but he wasn’t talented in everything. Compared to a professional in software encryption, there was still some gap.
To be able to copy the videos was normal, Chu Qing Yun had already given thoughts of this possibility. But she didn’t have any other way. She could only bet on Sun De Guang’s paranoid behavior of not wanting a third party to find out about it so that he didn’t find another human to duplicate the UC videos in her father’s laptop.

So, she could only flog a dead horse (tl: refuse to abandon hope) and hired someone to steal the laptop. If there wasn’t an evildoer like Zhou Jian, let alone to get the USB, to find out its location was also impossible.

Actually, according to common sense, Sun De Guang truly didn’t need to be so careful. Moreover, Chu Qing Yun’s fear of alerting the enemy caused her to never disclose that she knew about the laptop in front of Sun De Guang. Even in this case, Sun De Guang still wanted to cut off all hope and transferred the UC video. He didn’t even want to give his opponent any chance.

Sun De Guang was a cautious wily Old Fox. And along with the strong martial artist and ruthless, experienced Bayudh. Such a combination actually unexpectedly lost to a youngster. Moreover, Sun De Guang and Bayudh were defending, while Zhou Jian was trying to steal. In the beginning, he didn’t even know where the thing was hidden. In this case, the chances were more in the case of being able to defend than to steal, but the results were actually so unexpected.

He had excellent skills, as well as a calm judgment. The only insufficient thing was his lack of experience. Possibly because of his age, he lacked a lot of common sense experiences. For example, the dangers as a bounty hunter. The unawareness that driving up the stock price was a commercial crime. Other than that, he had no weakness.

This youngster was very scary. This was the appraisal that Chu Qing Yun gave Zhou Jian.

Zhou Jian said: “I’d already unlocked the combination lock on the outside. For the fingerprint lock on the inside, that one I’m helpless to do.” Zhou Jian had experimented and discovered that his Unlocking skill was useless against a high-tech electronic lock that had no keyhole.

Chu Qing Yun was unable to imagine how this young man achieved all this. He was able to steal the USB from Sun De Guang and then stole again such a large safe. Everyone knew that to steal both was the safest, but who had such ability?

Chu Qing Yun took the USB, and along with Zhou Jian arrived at the second-floor study room. She unplugged the network cable from the laptop and plugged in the USB. While waiting for the computer to turn on, Chu Qing Yun was interested and asked: “How did you guess correctly that Sun De Guang had transferred out the secret formula?”

“I’m just thinking that the position of the safe was too obvious. I felt something was fishy and so, thought of this possibility.”

Chu Qing Yun smiled. She was testing the waters. Perhaps this wasn’t a wise strategy, but the problem was how to monitor Sun De Guang in a heavily guarded villa. She’s very curious till the bottom of her toes also wanted to know how. When Sun De Guang wanted to inspect if the secret formula was safe, he would certainly make sure all chance of monitoring was put to an end.

She didn’t know how Zhou Jian, in a couple day, was able to get the timing opportunity. Just like how she didn’t know how Zhou Jian was able to wait until she was in the bath and acted.

However, Chu Qing Yun didn’t ask. She knew when to remain silent. This was others’ special skill, naturally was unwilling to say out.

The laptop started. Chu Qing Yun opened the USB disk space. As expected, inside was the 12 UC video files. Chu Qing Yun took a deep breath and tried to suppress the excitement in her heart. Nobody could understand her present mood. For more than half a year’s time, she’d been working hard, anxious to get these 12 files….

She tremblingly opened a video file, and the video presentation started. Zhou Jian chose to turn his back at this time to avoid suspicion. Although, even if he looked, he also couldn’t understand.

In the video, the atomic models had substitutions and condensations….. Chu Qing Yun has extremely good organic chemistry foundation. She would naturally be able to identify if the video was genuine or fake.

She looked and looked and looked. Her eyes were wet. Father……if you knew about this, you can rest easy in your death, your daughter has finally saved your lifetime work……

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