Chapter 032 – A Lady’s Chamber

Chapter 32: A Lady’s Chamber

“Thank you. Thank you very much, Zhou Jian.” Chu Qing Yun’s voice was shaky because she was too excited.

“Miss Qing Yun is too polite. I must thank you instead. Otherwise, I’ll probably can’t even afford a meal now.”

Chu Qing Yun giggled. She remembered the scene from several days ago when Zhou Jian asked her for the travel expenses. She didn’t know where did this funny guy came from. He’d such high skills, but was so poor.

This big boy’s body had too many riddles. Even if Chu Qing Yun’s curiosity wasn’t that high, she was still very interested in Zhou Jian.

“I will give you the money.” Chu Qing Yun went next door. After a few seconds of effort, she brought in five suitcases. Pa. Pa. Pa. All opened up in front of Zhou Jian to reveal brand new bank notes.

At that moment, Zhou Jian even felt a little dizziness. 5 million. If it’s reflected in the bank account, it would just make people yearn for it. But if it’s in front, it enough to make people go crazy.

Zhou Jian watched this pile of red notes and was eagerly trying to conceal his excitement. This was even more dazzling compared to those 28 diamonds.

From the beginning, Chu Qing Yun was observing Zhou Jian’s expression with great interest. There’s even some wicked interest in it. She wanted to see how Zhou Jian would reacted under the impact of so much money.

Although Zhou Jian was calmer than she would imagined, but that look of excitement couldn’t be concealed. Chu Qing Yun caught a narrow smile. At least, she saw some traces of normal human nature in Zhou Jian. Otherwise, she would had thought that he wasn’t a human.

In fact, even if she was used to seeing a lot of bills, Chu Qing Yun’s heart was also difficult to stay calm when she saw such a large sum of money. She said: “Mr. Zhou, do you want to count it?”

“There’s no need. I can trust Ms. Qing Yun.” Zhou Jian reluctantly closed up the lids of the five briefcases. When he was closing the combination locks, he even felt his fingers going soft.

Chu Qing Yun said: “Actually, this USB is worth more than this money. But I can only put out this much now. Later, after Yun Tai Company developed, I will find other way to thank again.”

Zhou Jian said: “Ms. Qing Yun is too polite. Later, I still hope you can help me to introduce new business.”

Chu Qing Yun laughed haha: “Mr. Zhou Jian still needed me to introduce customers? I’m afraid they would rushed up till they trampled the doorsteps. Oh right, how are you going to take back the money. Do you need me to drive you back? Where are you staying?”

Actually, Zhou Jian was also worried about this thing. He was still living in the dorm in Huadu. If he put this 5 million in the dorm, then that place would be bustling with noises. The Ghost Killer could store it in the Inventory. But once he was offline, the money would fall out.

Zhou Jian said: “These few days, I’d been staying at the hotel.”

Chu Qing Yun said: “The hotel is not safe. There will always be people coming in to clean up. If it’s like this, I have a small apartment next to the Pengcheng University Affiliated High School. If you don’t mind it. How about you temporarily stay there?”

Zhou Jian was moved. This was quite good. He could stay for a few more days in Pengcheng to deal with this money. Then, going back to Huadu would be more convenient.

“Let’s go.” Chu Qing Yun and Zhou Jian carried the money up the car.

The Audi shuttled through Pengcheng. The trees shaded over the common park. Palm trees lined up at both sides of the streets. Pengcheng was truly a beautiful city, that made people had a sense of longing.

Not long after, Zhou Jian saw Pengcheng University. Although this university fame was inferior to Lingnan University. But because Pengcheng was rich, the facilities in the school were ranked top three among the universities all over the country.

Chu Qing Yun pointed to an apartment building in the distance and said: “It’s that apartment. Pengcheng University Affiliated High School was my alma mater. At that time, because the high school was some distance away from my home, it wasn’t convenient for me to attend school. So, I’d bought the apartment as a temporary residence. Afterwards, I’d graduated but still unwilling to sell it off. It was then remained as is.”

Zhou Jian sighed. The rich was truly different. They even had to buy a house to attend high school.

They took the elevator to the ninth floor. Chu Qing Yun took the key to open the door. Although nobody had stayed here for a long time, but the house was still very clean. Three bedrooms and one living room. One bathroom, and there’s also a kitchen and a balcony.

In the room, the natural lighting was very good. There was a few empty pots in the balcony. Obviously, Chu Qing Yun used to grow flowers over here.

Arriving at the bedroom, there’s only an empty bed. The bedding had been removed, leaving only a spring mattress. Thinking that a beautiful woman once slept on this bed, Zhou Jian had a strange feeling.

Chu Qing Yun regarded Zhou Jian as a friend. In addition, she was grateful enough to let Zhou Jian stayed here. Otherwise, she wouldn’t let someone of the opposite sex into her own private space even if she no longer lived here, and had moved the bedding out.

“How is it. Still satisfied?”

“Too satisfied. It’s much better compared to the place I am staying now. I’d really troubled you.”

“Then, I can only be with Mr. Zhou until now. I have some urgent matters to deal with those distributors and directors. If you’ll excuse me, I’ll let Auntie Yun to help you purchase the bedding and the rest. The bedding used in this room was already quite old.”

The so called bedding was naturally used by Chu Qing Yun when she was in the high school. Actually, Zhou Jian wanted very much to say that he didn’t mind it. But he was too embarrassed to say anything and could only nod. “Thank you.”

“Haha. I should be the one thanking you. Why don’t we have dinner together tonight? Is it convenient with you?”

“Em. Ok.”

After he sent Chu Qing Yun off, Zhou Jian went back inside the room. He poured the content of the five briefcases onto the bed. The entire room suddenly appeared red. Although he had already knew the total, but Zhou Jian couldn’t stop himself from counting one by one.

There were 500 bunches exactly. He pulled out a sheet of the new bank notes to hear the crisp sound.

This money was enough to be comfortable for a lifetime. But Zhou Jian was unwilling to be an ordinary person. Although he used to hide himself in the corner where no one could notice him, but this didn’t meant that he wanted to be like this for the rest of his life. His low profile was just to make it easier for him to calm down his mind to struggle.

What should these money be used for? The first thing that comes to mind if the average person earned a jackpot of 5 million was perhaps to buy a house. And then to buy a car. The next was nothing else but to enjoy life and also women. Although 5 million was a small number, but to buy a mansion or luxury car, it wouldn’t be enough. he could only buy a 3.0 liter Audi AX at most. As for mansion, he wouldn’t even think about it. Living in an apartment was more practical.

Zhou Jian was also an ordinary man. But his idea was different from the average person. An RV saloon car wasn’t what he needed the most now. That was just for vanity. As for woman, he really needed one. But Zhou Jian’s standard was very high. For him now, he wasn’t worthy of such a girl. 5 million was just a drop in the bucket. If he himself wasn’t outstanding, why should he get the favor of an outstanding girl?

Zhou Jian understood that the road he must take was still very long. When compared to those in the high class society that stood above the masses, he was just a small fry learning how to swim. he couldn’t afford to surf yet.

His viewpoint was that. It’s either he does it or not. If he is to do it. Then, he has to become a real dragon that stir up waves in the deep sea.

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