Chapter 034 – Linda the American Girl

Chapter 34: Linda the American Girl

Zhou Jian moved towards her. “Hello, I am Zhou Jian. Nice to meet you.” He said this in English. As an honor student in the liberal arts class, Zhou Jian’s English is naturally good. He had no problem viewing English movies without the subtitles. However, his spoken language is slightly worse off, as he had only spoken with a foreigner only once before. And it was like, “Nie Se Tuo Met Yuu” or something like that.

This big foreign horse (tl: it’s literal translation, should be just referring to Linda. I don’t know where the horse originated from. I’ll change it to Western Girl because it appeared quite frequently later on) from the US began to crackle. “Are all the people from China as polite as you?”

To Zhou Jian’s surprise, this Western girl actually spoke in Chinese. Although it’s a little stiff, but it was still very fluent.

“You understand Chinese?” Although at present, China’s national strength kept on growing, and the most spoken language in the world is Mandarin, but due to China’s geographical limitation, it’s mostly limited to Asia alone. So, the universal language is still English. The number of Americans that learned Chinese is relatively small.

“You can understand English. How come I cannot understand Chinese?” Linda smiled and extended her hand. Her hand is pale until the blood vessels under her skin could be seen.

This was the second time Zhou Jian shook hand with a woman. Although the feeling is very good, but when contrasted with Chu Qing Yun, there’s still something lacking compared to the soft boneless feeling.

In fact, in Zhou Jian’s opinion, Western girls are pretty, but there’s nothing too distinguishing. They also have high noses, big eyes, double eyelids but although their skins are pale, they lacked the delicate feeling of the Asian girls. That’s why, Zhou Jian still preferred the gentle and elegant Oriental beauty.

Through their exchange, Zhou Jian learned that Linda was Chu Qing Yun’s senior when she’s studying in Nevada, USA. At that time, they weren’t in the same major, so they didn’t knew about each other.

Afterward, because Chu Qing Yun wanted to bring back the secret formula, she needed to understand the matters regarding the Bounty Hunter Association. So, on her own initiative, she contacted Linda, who’s based in Las Vegas. Chu Qing Yun was good with human relations, and Linda was cheerful and liked to make friends. So, they quickly get to know each other well.

“Are you Qing Yun’s boyfriend? You’re in pretty good shape, just lacking a bit of muscle.” Linda was forthright as she looked at him from head to toe.

Zhou Jian was speechless. This Western girl is outspoken. She’s simply too outspoken. Doesn’t she know that such speech is very easy to make the male think that it’s a suggestion? He’d to admit, American girls are very easy in arousing people’s interest. But for Zhou Jian, he hadn’t even tried Chinese woman yet, so he naturally doesn’t has such thinking.

He coughed and said: “My relationship with Chu Qing Yun is just normal friend.”

“Is it? Then that’s really disappointing. I thought she would had a boyfriend by now.” Linda laughed haha and stopped a taxi.

Through their conversation, Zhou Jian knew that Linda was studying archeology. She’s very fond of ancient civilizations around the world, including, of course, the ancient Chinese civilization. That’s why she understood Chinese.

Linda was very interested in the prosperous Sui-Tang dynasties of China. All along the way, she talked endlessy with Zhou Jian about it. Fortunately, Zhou Jian was a top student in liberal arts. Chinese history was his forte. That’s why he could still handle it. They talked all the way until they reached their destination.

After seeing the Bounty Hunter’s Bank HQ, Zhou Jian was somewhat dumbfounded. He thought that the bounty hunter’s underground bank would be hidden. It’s even possible that it would resemble a bar or a theater. And then, if he went in, he would need a referral and a secret sign to arrive at the real underground bank. However, what made Zhou Jian in shock was that the so-called underground bank was actually a skyscraper dozen of stories high. Inscribed there was these four word ‘Underground Bank’ in bright and large neon characters.

“This is the underground bank?” Zhou Jian focused heavily on the Underground that two words. (tl: it’s 2 characters in Chinese)

“Bank? Is the bank that you said a bank? (tl: It’s actually 2 different words but I couldn’t find a right substitute, the bank I’d been using all this while isn’t a bank but more like an institution that specialized in illegal foreign currency or money laundering) Yes. This is an underground bank – Bank of Bounty Hunters.” (tl: the name is originally in English)

“That can’t be. This underground bank is so blatantly located here. Did the government ignored it?”

“How can the government touch it? This is the US Mafia’s cash cow (Money source).”

“Why can’t the government touch it.” Hearing what Linda said, Zhou Jian had some thoughts. Most Western capitalist countries had some mafia organization. For example, the US mafia, Italian mafia, Japan yakuza, but in China, North Korea and other socialist countries, there’s no such phenomenon. (tl: lol, I thought there are lots of triads) Although there are some triad societies, but it was difficult for them to gain acceptance due to the national crackdown. At most, they are only rampant in some certain region. (tl: oh, I see.)

“How to manage? Then, is it to mobilize the police to surround this place? The United States and China are very different. In China, the capital was controlled by the state. But in US, the capital was controlled by the hands of wealthy businessmen and financial consortium. Who is rich, then that person is Mr. Big. In order for these financial consortium to consolidate their capitals, they must gain more power the safeguard their interest. Often, they must break the law, so naturally they would  establish some underground strength. And in US, the human rights slogan was shouted very heavily. The government must comply with the public opinions for the votes. The Mafia organization didn’t go against the public’s interest. They even do some philanthropy works. It’s just that, they didn’t pay tax to the country. (tl: all the pot shots) In addition, the Mafia involved the interest of many of the financial consortiums. So, the government was unable to lay their hand or would likely to be affected in the next election. In short, because of the political reasons, the US Government enforcement power was severely restricted.”

Zhou Jian was enlightened. Although it seemed like Linda just had big breasts, but she wasn’t without a brain. He was able to glimpse one or two things from her rich historical and political knowledge.

This underground bank also used the numbers and lining up system to handle various services. The only difference was that occasionally, several people would bring large suitcases to the bank after saving up several millions. When encountering such situations, the manager would immediately put on a smiling and flattering face, and immediately welcome the guests to the VIP room to handle the business separately.

In addition, Zhou Jian also saw several people in the hall that he suspected were bounty hunters. Three Caucasian guys, each with tattoos over the body. Their strong iron like muscles are exposed. Other than that, there’s a shorter black man mixed in the middle of the three Caucasians. The hair on his sideburn and the back are all shaved off, leaving only a patch on the top of the head, like a small pot lid covering the head.

After Zhou Jian and Linda came in. The four men were pointing at them, their mouths are also saying something.

Zhou Jian came here  to sell the diamonds. For security purposes, he’s using the Ghost Killer avatar. His hearing is especially good although they are separated very far in between. He can still hear their talk. Their languages are full of foul words and slang. Zhou Jian could probably grasp what they were talking about. They were discussing how cool it would be to get Linda into the bed. This didn’t concern Zhou Jian, but these fellow also dragged him into the conversation. Saying things like “how that woman can like this type of goods”, “just one fist can kill this handsome boy” and “this little man definitely cannot satisfy her”….

Zhou Jian inside was raging when he heard this. He wanted to go there and gave those guys a lesson.

But at this moment, Linda said something that almost made Zhou Jian wanted to spit blood: “You should exercise too. What do you think? Those guys’ stature are very good.”

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