Chapter 038 – Bounty Hunter Circle (Part 2)

Chapter 38: Bounty Hunter Circle (Part 2)

Linda’s small mouth had already formed an “O”. If at the start, Zhou Jian kicking the Caucasians would make other people felt incredible. Then, this time, Linda’s expression could only be described as in a fantasy. There’s only one case where this type of expression would show up in the US. Only if the US dream team that was composed of NBA superstars would lose behind the Japanese team by 100 points in the World Championship.

She had personally fought against the black man a moment ago. His strength is absolutely enough to be a Class D bounty hunter.

The black man’s two other companions who managed to escape death by a hair’s breath were thoroughly shaken. It was as if they saw the Satan reborn. Where did this monster come from?

The two wanted to run, but in an instant, Zhou Jian arrived in front of them.

One of the Caucasian’s had lost his spirit. He braved himself and with dry sweat, chuckled: “Chinese kung fu is indeed very powerful!”

“Then if you don’t try it, won’t you lose a lot?”

“Peng!” A fist towards the Caucasian and he flew away. Followed by another knee from Zhou Jian towards the other Caucasian lower abdomen. The Caucasian cried out pitifully and bowed like a dried shrimp, his entire stomach content was spitted out.

Zhou Jian put one foot on the kneeling man’s back. “White devil. What did you said just now? I didn’t hear it clearly. Say it again.”

The Caucasian was already beaten until he’s confused. His stomach content was already poured out. His mouth wanted so say out something, but only vague whining could be heard.

But at this time, the black man that Zhou Jian kicked before unexpectedly stood up. He wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth. With a very heavy English accent tinged with anger, he shouted: “Sneak attack is not considered a skill. You attacked me when I’m not ready!” He refused to accept this. He was fully confident in his strength, but he couldn’t react when he was kicked moments ago.

Zhou Jian didn’t understand what he was shouting about. But this was unimportant. He kicked aside the Caucasian who was whining on the ground and slowly moved towards the clamoring black man.

“Ah!” The black man cried out, and launched a blow towards Zhou Jian’s head.

Zhou Jian sneered. In his opinion, the speed of this fist was very slow. It’s incomparable to Bayudh’s attack speed. He did not dodge or evade it. He simply raised his right fist and directly punched towards the black man.

“Ping!” After Zhou Jian’s fist pounded on the black man’s face, the black man’s mind was completely blank. But Zhou Jian didn’t stop. He continued punching ping ping pang pang. The black man that was hit screamed again and again.

The crowd of onlookers was completely stunned, while Linda was already numbed. From when she first saw the youth who neglected “fitness” kicked the black man, she wouldn’t feel surprised by anything else that she saw.

At this moment, someone from the hall shouted: “Please stop.”

Zhou Jian turned his head. He saw a Western man over 1.85 meter wearing a Western suit and tie standing not far away. The crowd automatically make a path for him.

“I am Andy Martin from the Bounty Hunter Association. These four people are members of my Bounty Hunter Association. The things that happened today should be up till here only. They had insulted this guest from far away. But you’d also beat them into this. So, this should even out.” Andy had been on the scene for some time. He saw what happened, but didn’t intervene. He was curious with the young man’s strength and parentage. This person was likely a direct descendant of the seven ancient Wu aristocratic families. If that’s the case, it’s worth to has some relationship.

Although Andy also has the Caucasian sense on superiority in his bones, he had to acknowledge that the Chinese seven ancient Wu aristocratic families are formidable. Since the catastrophe of the last century, they had been controlling a lot of unknown secret.

Zhou Jian observed this Andy Martin. A director of the Bounty Hunter Association? He’s definitely a character.

Andy’s opening remark had won Zhou Jian’s favor. His purpose today was to sell the diamonds. The sooner this could be resolved, the better.

At this time, Linda came over and whispered. “This man is one of the Association’s director. He’s a Rank A bounty hunter.”

Rank A bounty hunter? This was the first time Zhou Jian heard such a bounty hunter classification, but this time was not a good time to ask Linda. He said: “It doesn’t matter. It’s just a misunderstanding.”

Zhou Jian said this in Chinese. His spoken English is really bad, he didn’t want to shame himself with it. And in such a scene, using Chinese was more appropriate. Like when the national leaders come to visit the US. Even though they knew English, they wouldn’t use English to communicate with the foreigners, but through a translator, because of political reasons.

Zhou Jian’s translator is naturally Linda. And because of her experience just now, Linda happily translated on his behalf.

“This gentleman is also a member of the bounty hunter?”


“So, you’re one of us. I don’t know what bounty hunter rank you’re at?” The act of asking for other’s rank wasn’t polite, but Andy was very curious towards Zhou Jian’s strength. So, he didn’t care for much.

“I didn’t register before. No rank.”

“Not registered?” Well, are you interested in registering? Globally, there’s only 5 places where you can register, the four other places are in Europe, Africa, Brazil and South East Asia (tl: really? Continent, country, region?) But the highest gold content is still over here. There’s many advantage to registering as a bounty hunter. For example, you can receive missions from the Bounty Hunter Association, enjoy preferential treatment in the exclusive bounty hunter recreation area. You can also obtain a professional guarantor so that you credibility will go up another level.”

Professional guarantor? Zhou Jian was moved. He really needed to join the Bounty Hunter Association. Otherwise, there’s no other way he can receive missions. At that time, if he didn’t act to proof his ability to Chu Qing Yun, there’s simply no way that she would trust him. He asked: “What’s the procedure needed to join the Bount Hunter Association?”

“I will need your identity card, as well as your proof of strength. If you don’t have any proof, it doesn’t matter. Once you join the Bounty Hunter Association, we will have a test to read your strength, and then give you the corresponding classification.  If your rank is higher, you can get higher access.”

Once he heard that his identity card was required, Zhou Jian frowned. In China, there’s a lot of people named Zhou Jian, but there’s only one with his identity number. With this number, he could easily be found. Although Zhou Jian thought that Sun De Guang didn’t have the ability to has his eyes and ears into the Bounty Hunter Association, he’s still unwilling to leave a trail behind.

Andy saw Zhou Jian’s concern. He said: “If you don’t want to register with your real name, you can register as an anonymous bounty hunter. You’ll only need to provide your fingerprint and retina scan. However, with this, we can only provide the proof of strength and don’t guarantee your credibility.”

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