Chapter 039 – Underground Trading Hall

Chapter 39: Underground Trading Hall

“Alright. I’ll register as an anonymous bounty hunter.” Zhou Jian really needed the proof of strength that the Bounty Hunter Association issued out.

“Okay, if the gentleman is convenient tomorrow, you can come and participate in the strength test.”

“Em. Alright. But before that, I have something on hand that I wanted to sell off.”

“Then, you have been to the right place. Please follow me.” Andy brought Zhou Jian towards the elevator. After pressing the down button, Andy faced Linda and said: “I’m sorry, beautiful lady, but this transaction area could only be entered by bounty hunters and traders. I’ll have to trouble the young miss to wait outside a little longer.”

Linda was very unhappy and pouted. “In the first place, I didn’t even have any interest in your Bounty Hunter Association.”

Then, she looked to Zhou Jian and changed her expression into a sweet and gentle look. “I’ll wait for you here. Come back earlier.”

Because of what happened moments ago, Linda had turned 180 degrees towards Zhou Jian. The Westerner worshiped the strong, and especially Linda, who’s a fitness and martial art lover, is even more so.  In her mind, Zhou Jian who was the previously lazy and weak boy is now a mystical and formidable charismatic Oriental martial powerhouse.

In all fairness, Linda is not a gentle type of beauty. But, one had to acknowledge, her voice was sweet and enrapturing.

Zhou Jian’s heart had a little itch after hearing this. “Uh, don’t need to wait for me. I’m already very thankful that you helped to bring me over here. For the rest, I can deal with it on my own.”

“No problem. I’ll wait.” Linda blinked at Zhou Jian. He had to admit that Linda’s pair of beautiful expressive eyes is very lethal.

Andy meaningfully smiled. “Although I wanted very much to invite the beautiful lady along together, but this is the Association’s internal regulations. I can only say sorry, but I will arrange a server from the bounty hunter bank to entertain this beautiful young lady until your friend returns.”

Andy said that and pressed the button to close the door. Zhou Jian followed him in.

The elevator didn’t rise but went down instead. Zhou Jian looked at the electronic screen. It’s already the minus third floor, but the elevator is still going down until the fifth floor. When the elevator stopped, the door opened.

Emerging in front of them is an underground tunnel. There’s already an extended Lincoln waiting for them. “Does the gentleman understand English? Or French, Spanish?”

“A bit of English. I can understand your speech.”

“Oh, then that’s really good. May I know your name?”

“My surname is Zhou.” Although Chu Qing Yun assured Zhou Jian of the underground bank’s credibility. But he still didn’t want to reveal his name. After all, the diamonds are tainted.

“Then, I would like to take the liberty to ask Mr. Zhou. The item that you wanted to sell. What’s the price? Is it up till 1 million dollars?”

“It is.” Zhou Jian said without reservation. While he answered with a calm composure, his heart was secretly startled. Andy’s first price coming from the mouth was already 1 million dollars. Probably, he wouldn’t even do the small business. Perhaps his worried concern was needless. With such a behemoth like bounty hunter bank, there wasn’t any need for the bank to risk ruining their reputation in order to covet for his diamonds.

Andy laughed. “That’s good. Now then. Let’s go.” Actually, the Bounty Hunter Association’s business wasn’t that exaggerated. They would still do the small scale business of around tens of thousands of dollars. But, Andy subconsciously thought that Zhou Jian came from a family with some background along with his good skills. Thus, he thought that the thing would definitely be valuable.

But if it wasn’t because that he wanted to associate with Zhou Jian, he wouldn’t personally accompany Zhou Jian for the trip.

The two get into the car. Having an extended Lincoln running in Las Vegas wasn’t unusual.

The driver started the car. Andy introduced: “In the early 20th century. Las Vegas used to be a gold mine. It used to be a paradise for the gold prospectors. We’ll be heading to an abandoned mine pit that was remodeled by the Cambie family.”

Zhou Jian knew that the Cambie family was one of the predecessors of the American Mafia. The car drove for a kilometer or so and into an underground parking garage. The two took the elevator on the floor and when the door opened, a hall appeared in front of Zhou Jian’s eyes. There’re a few people inside, and judging from their attires, are bounty hunters who’re bargaining with each other.

Andy said: “This is the trading area. Inside, the bounty hunters there are basically treasure hunters. You know, since the catastrophe from the middle of the last century, many treasures of the world were lost. Therefore, the prospect of this treasure hunting is very good.”

Zhou Jian also knew a bit about the catastrophe of last century. However, he wasn’t clear about the true reason that caused the catastrophe. There are too many different rumors, but he knew that the prosperity of the ancient Wu aristocratic families and the bounty hunters began after the catastrophe started. But in China, there are only the ancient Wu aristocratic families. There isn’t any large scale bounty hunter organization.

“This time, what type of treasure is Mr. Zhou looking to sell? Antiques? Jewelry?”


“If so, then I will take you to the jewelry transaction area,” Andy said and lead Zhou Jian to a corner of the trading hall. “In a while, I will lead you to see the jewelry appraiser of the Bounty Hunter Association. After he’d appraised, you can choose three methods to process your jewelry. Namely, to directly sell to the Bounty Hunter Association. To put in for sale in the Bounty Hunter Association on commission or public auction. Or you can freely trade in the exchange hall. Of course, as the manager of the Bounty Hunter Association, I hoped that Mr. Zhou will choose the first type. But I have to tell Mr. Zhou that the purchasing price of the Bounty Hunter Association will start at 20 percent lower than the market price. If you chose to sell on commission or through auction, the selling price will also be about 10 percent lower than the market price. Moreover, the Bounty Hunter Association will take out 5 percent from this. The method that makes the most money is the free trade. Although the price will not be as good as the second type, but the benefit of this is that it’ll be exempted from paying the 5 percent handling charges. If you fear of being swindled, you can pay for a small appraisal fee.”

When Americans talked, they tend to speak in very long sentences, moving from clauses to clauses. Zhou Jian managed to understand Andy’s meaning with great difficulty. Actually, he’d already knew that to sell the diamonds here, he would have to suffer a loss compared to the market condition. That’s the problem because this matter can’t be exposed to the light. Otherwise, anyone can simply sell it to the jeweler, and not bother to come here.

According to Andy, free trade would certainly result in the most earnings, but Zhou Jian didn’t want to do it. Because in the free trade, he would inevitably have to ask how much is the buying price in the hall. Then, the knowledge that he had the diamonds would leak out and with Sun De Guang’s brain, how could he not know that Chu Qing Yun employed a bounty hunter to steal the secret formula. The diamond that was lost had a high probability of going to the Bounty Hunter Association. It wouldn’t be normal if he didn’t send out several spy to pry on it.

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