Chapter 040 – Is He Your Boyfriend?

Chapter 40: Is he your boyfriend?

But with commissioning, although he wouldn’t expose himself, it would certainly draw in Sun De Guang’s attention. Zhou Jian didn’t even want to leave a single bit of trace for Sun De Guang to find himself. Therefore, he simply said: “I will sell it to the Bounty Hunter Association. I hope that you can keep it a secret.”

“We will of course keep the secret. The most important thing for the Bounty Hunter Association in such transactions is the reputation. In fact, about 70 percent of the treasure hunters’ sales required confidentiality. I’ll bring you to see the appraiser.”

Although in the US, there’re laws that stated that any item that was lost for 50 years would be ownerless, and the finder would be able to own it. This wasn’t necessary the case in other countries, like China. For relics, fossils, and other things, regardless of how many years they were lost, if found, they shall still belong to the state. The US’s slogan is the inviolability of private properties, whereas the China’s slogan is that the national interest trumps all.

In short, every country has different legislation in this aspect. But the nature of bounty hunters often crossed boundaries. If they found an item that certain respected families or national museums lost, then, it would be unavoidable to stir controversy. Thus, they would chose confidentiality in their arrangement.

Actually, this could be considered reasonable. After all, treasure hunters could encounter all kinds of risks in the treasure hunt process. They could also be accidentally killed. And each time the search could take up to a few years. With such a large effort to find things, how could they support if they had to simply give it back to others for free?

So, the Bounty Hunter Association had an unwritten rule. Regardless of the laws of that country, if they want the treasure back, then they would have to pay for it. After all, without those treasure hunters, the treasure would have remained lost after all.

There are many jewelry appraisal rooms in the Bounty Hunter Association. Each appraisers have their own independent room. Zhou Jian came to an appraisal room, which was manned by a slightly bald middle aged person.

He silently took the bag that Zhou Jian gave. In order to avoid suspicion, Andy did not follow in.

The appraiser poured out everything inside the bag. The shining diamonds rolled out ding ding dong dong onto the table. Twenty eight high quality diamonds. Each of them weighing about 5 carats. Under such situation, there’s no excitement on the appraiser’s face. Apparently, he’s accustomed to this scene.

He just revealed a slight surprise when looking at Zhou Jian. He didn’t think that such a young fellow was capable of obtaining so many diamonds.

The appraiser brought out the instrument and began appraising the first diamond…

At the same time, Linda, who’s drinking coffee in the bounty hunter bank called Chu Qing Yun’s phone number. “Dearest Yun, long time no see.”

“Haha. yes. I’d came back for almost a year. Is my friend doing fine over there? He didn’t cause any trouble, right?” Chu Qing Yun had just finish a board of director meeting. She’s now reviewing some imported drugs’ data. She’s now producing a drug that’s using a plant that’s banned for cultivation in the country. So, she’s now comparing several countries where the plants were grown and to determine where to import them from.

“How could he caused any trouble. That friend of yours is simply too great. In your country, he must simply be a high end kungfu master, right?”

“Haha. I’m not sure about this. Why? Did he got into a fight in the US?”

“He hit an arrogant guy that’s making disrespectful remarks. That person was at least a rank D bounty hunter. But, that guy was treated like a punching bag. Can be hit, without any strength to hit back.”

Chu Qing Yun helplessly smiled. This Zhou Jian could really stir up trouble. “Is there any trouble. Did the person being hit gave up?”

“That guy got no chance to even hide. How would he dare to ask for trouble. Speaking of which, is Zhou Jian your boyfriend?”

“Er…..” Chu Qing Yun blushed with shame. “Certainly not. I’d ask his age before. He’s only 18 years old.”

“So what if he’s 18 years old. As long as he’s strong, then it’s good. With such a man, there’s a lot of sense of security. Are you sure you really don’t want?”

Chu Qing Yun was speechless for a while. “Linda, do you want to pursue him? You’re about to graduate from university, and if he’s going to school, he will only be a freshman.”

“Love doesn’t differentiate age and national boundaries. It’s difficult to find such a type of man.”

“Linda. Can it be that you like him just because of his strong kungfu?” Chu Qing Yun felt that she was unable to understand.

“Cannot? I want to find a boyfriend that’s stronger than me. None of the guys in the university can be my opponent. Furthermore, I have a common topic with him. We both like history and archeology. Although there’s a little dispute in terms of opinions.”

Chu Qing Yun patted her forehead. “But I still think that he doesn’t suit you.”

“Why so?”

Chu Qing Yun was temporarily speechless. She blurted out such a thing because from the bottom of her heart, she didn’t want to see Zhou Jian “booked” by Linda. This mentality is very strange. It’s like most men who didn’t want to see a pure and lovely flower girl being “pushed down” by those twenty or thirty years old uncle. Unless, of course, the man was himself.

In Chu Qing Yun’s heart, Zhou Jian is a boy with good but shy character. And to have such a chaste boy being paired up with someone like Linda. She felt that it’s strange and uncomfortable.

Being closely examined by Linda, Chu Qing Yun could only brace herself to make up some wild stories. “Um….both your personalities clashed. He should like those gentle and virtuous type of girl.”

“If it’s like this, then it doesn’t matter. If we’re together, I’ll try to change him, or change myself. What do you think? My dearest Yun, you’re not going to give me some encouragement?”

“Alright then….I wish you success…” Chu Qing Yun said these words insincerely. She continued on in her heart….”you wish.”

“Chu, how come when I listened to your blessing, I didn’t hear some sincerity from it?”

“Er….is there?”

“Yes. Then, do you like him as well? It’s alright, I can compete fairly with you.”

Chu Qing Yun almost planted her head on the chair. “Oh please. He’s only eighteen years old. I’m already twenty-one!”

“It doesn’t matter. Love is regardless of age and national boundary. We have an old saying in the US, called ‘More mature wife ensure you a joyful marriage (tl: this part is in English) (Marry a mature woman will be more intimate)’. If you don’t want to pursue then give me.”

“Alright. Alright. Just go ahead and chase.”

After hanging up Linda’s call, Chu Qing Yun’s heart was a little chaotic. She knew that a 18 year old male student had little resistant to woman. In particular, a stunner like Linda. The taste of someone delivering herself right to the doorstep, how could any man resist the temptation?

Before Linda mentioned about pursuing Zhou Jian, Chu Qing Yin had never actually thought about her feelings with Zhou Jian. She’d only came into contact in the true sense with Zhou Jian for three times.

When rushing the new dungeon, Zhou Jian managed to save her from the BOSS’s claw. But that was only in the game, Chu Qing Yun didn’t have much feeling. Later, Chu Qing Yun made a bet with Zhou Jian, and lost the gamble in an impossible situation. That was the first time Chu Qing Yun felt some mystery from Zhou Jian. Although she was angry that Zhou Jian entered her bathroom, but it wasn’t something she couldn’t accept. The third time, Zhou Jian had become a savior in Chu Qing Yun’s life. He managed to complete an impossible mission. Furthermore, in the process of completing the mission, his judgment and patient made Chu Qing Yun gasped in admiration.

However, although Chu Qing Yun had a very favorable impression of Zhou Jian, she never really thought of becoming his girlfriend. Chu Qing Yun was a very conservative girl. She didn’t want to play because she was lonely and wanted to look for a boyfriend. She wanted to find a man that she could entrust herself for a lifetime, but Zhou Jian was too young.

He’s only 18 years old. He still needed to wait for four more years before he reached the legal age for marriage…..

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