Chapter 043 – 5.59 Million Dollars

Chapter 43: 5.59 Million Dollars

Zhou Jian was lazy to pay any attention to Linda. He continued to swim. Originally, because of the Chinese civilization issue, he had a dispute with Linda. Although their relationship later relaxed a bit because of the fighting with those men, Linda endless talking made Zhou Jian very depressed. His body was still starving in the hotel room. Furthermore, he wanted to challenge the new dungeon for a few hours. Now, while most of the players still couldn’t find the effective method of challenging the new dungeon, he must make the best use of time to take this opportunity to promote.

This was the first time that Zhou Jian felt that having a beautiful woman to accompany was unexpectedly a very painful thing.

“Like this, you teach me Chinese kung fu. I teach you how to swim. I’d participated in the amateur swimming contest and won the first place oh.”

“Not interested.”

“Just try it.” Linda said, bending over and pulled out a swimsuit from the wardrobe.” Hey. I want to change into my swimsuit.”

“Go and change downstairs.”

“You….hmmm. Chinese boy who didn’t understand the gentleman etiquette.” Linda clenched her teeth, turned around and went downstairs.

December in Las Vegas was still very cold. Linda changed into a white one piece swimsuit. Although it’s a joined swimsuit, but because Linda’s body was just too plentiful, even the swimsuit almost couldn’t cover it up, showing up some springtime sceneries. The 175cm figure was conspicuously slender against the backdrop. The temptation of the strongly built legs was unlimited. And the deep chests made people wanted to fall into the reverie.

“Hey. Cheapskate. It’s not even some inherited martial arts. I won’t let you teach without benefit.”

“I don’t need you to teach me how to swim.” Zhou Jian couldn’t bear and turned his head. After seeing Linda who’d changed into her swimsuit, he was momentarily dazed. Although he’d often seen beautiful women wearing swimsuits on the television, but with one appearing right in front of him, the visual impact couldn’t be held back. If he could change the time, Zhou Jian would be very happy to learn to swim from such a beauty.

Linda was very satisfied with Zhou Jian’s expression. She puffed out her plentiful chest. “Then, why don’t we change the conditions? You teach me kung fu. And I’ll become your girlfriend. How about it?”

Zhou Jian almost choked. “What did you say?”

“I’ll become your girlfriend.”

“Girl……girlfriend…..” Zhou Jian swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Before this, his only body contact with a female had only been up to shaking hands with Chu Qing Yun. For an 18-year-old male, this really was an irresistible temptation.

Linda saw that Zhou Jian was a novice in love. She said charmingly. “How about it? As long as you teach me martial arts, I’ll be your girlfriend. Using your Chinese speech, it’s to exchange the body for a favor.”

Linda finished saying and was hopefully looking at Zhou Jian. She’s very clear on her strong temptation towards men. Even those who weren’t single would want to have an affair, let alone a love novice like Zhou Jian.

However, what made her crazy was that after Zhou Jian went through an intense ideological struggle. He, very difficult, very difficultly shook his head. “You’re not the type that I like…..”

These words were like a pot of cold water poured on top of Linda’s head, causing her mouth to almost go crooked. She’d been in a relationship several times. And each time, it was the male student chasing after her. This was the first time she initiated to chase another guy – who in her opinion was a young and impulsive virgin but she actually failed. Linda believed that a man who wouldn’t take the initiative of the good fortune in romance to has an affair was only due to two possibilities. It’s either the man lacked the ability or the woman was not charming enough.

Was it because this man has some physiological issue? It couldn’t be, he was so strong. Then, was her own charm insufficient?

What! Outrageous. He actually thought that such a sexy, plentiful, beautiful and enchanting charm was insufficient. This damned arrogant Chinese boy!

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When Chu Qing Yun received Linda’s call, and when she knew that the opposite party failed in her first attempt of going on the offensive, Chu Qing Yun was secretly gloating on other’s misfortune inside her mind. However, she still said out: “I’d already told you that both of you don’t fit together. But this Zhou Jian is really something. Even his rejection wasn’t smooth at all. He didn’t have any gentleman etiquette.”

Heavens knew what mentality Chu Qing Yun had when she said these “comforting” words. The Chinese had an old saying, the prettier the girl, the better she was at lying. But Linda, who’s simple minded and straight, apparently didn’t realize that this time she was complaining to the wrong party. “Are all your Chinese men so conservative and didn’t understand the mood? Or was it because I’m not attractive enough?”

Chu Qing Yun said: “Linda, such a beautiful girl like you, if you dare to say that you’re not attractive, then the others all don’t need to live already. But it’s not that Chinese men couldn’t understand the mood, but they had more sense of responsibility. In our view, if we can’t determine whether we will be together in the future, then to have such a relationship is an irresponsible behavior.”

“Really? But why was it that in the university, when some Chinese foreign students saw me, they’re all salivating?”

“This…..uh….” On the other side of the phone here, Chu Qing Yun stuck out her tongue. Embarrassed, she said: “There’s always an exception to everything.”

“I think he’s the exception. All the men in the world are the same. It’s basic male animal instinct to pass on the genes. Why would this Chinese culture make it difficult to pass on his own gene?”

“It’s not so serious like you said it……Then, do you like those type of bad boys?”

“I don’t like. But I also can’t accept the men who couldn’t understand the mood.”

“That’s why I said that both of you aren’t suitable.” Chu Qing Yun found that she herself was quite hypocritical. She’s simply a big-tailed wolf.


Afternoon the next day, Zhou Jian received a message on his Las Vegas’ phone from his bank. “Your account had received USD$5.59 million on 10th December.”

After he received this message, Zhou Jian felt something ignited in his heart.  He rushed towards the ATM machine, and couldn’t wait to input his account password. Las Vegas’ temperature in December was quite low. Zhou Jian’s finger come into contact with the cold keyboard.

The data was being read. Zhou Jian stared at the screen. From the envelope filled with 10k yuan that Chu Qing Yun gave him, up to 5 million yuan, and now 5.59 million US dollars in just a short week time. It really felt like a dream.

He clicked on the balance, the ATM screen showed out a string of numbers. 5590000.

At this time, Zhou Jian had a kind of unreal feeling. This string of frail digits really represented 5.59 million dollars?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

One, ten, a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand, one hundred thousand …..

Ten、hundred、thousand、million……(tl: So, the previous one was in Chinese. This line is in English)


One, ten, a hundred ……

Zhou Jian finally understood the mentality of an obsession. With just 7 digits, he counted for 7 to 8 times. His eyes staring over. This is 5.59 million, and it’s even in dollars.

When the appraiser in the Bounty Hunter Association told him of the figure, he didn’t have such strong feeling.

At this time, Zhou Jian’s telephone rang. It’s from Andy.

Zhou Jian took in a deep breath to calm down the excitement in his heart. He pressed the answer button.

“Mr. Zhou. Did you received the money?”

“Em. I received it.”

“Haha. If it’s convenient for Mr. Zhou, you can come to the Bounty Hunter Association to register and evaluate your strength. But I have a meeting now. I’ll let Bill receive you.”

“Alright. I’ll be right there.”

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