Chapter 044 – Strength Test (Part 1)

Chapter 44: Strength Test (Part 1)

The Bounty Hunter Association and the bounty hunters had a mutually beneficial relationship. The bounty hunters needed the Bounty Hunter Association to provide the services to them. To provide the guarantee of credibility, to provide a trading platform and to provide employers and mission intelligence.

And the Bounty Hunter Association needed the numerous bounty hunters, especially those masters who’d rise to prominence. Only if the association’s popularity was high, would there be more employers coming in to submit requests. And with each completed missions, the Bounty Hunter Association would be able to gain a share. In addition, the Bounty Hunter Association also made a lot of money together with the Mafia in terms of protection fees.

That’s why Andy was looking forward to Zhou Jian to join the US Bounty Hunter Association. Although he took down the black Class D bounty hunter yesterday, he’s still insignificant. But, Andy couldn’t deny that Zhou Jian was still young. There’s a large space for improvement.

If given time, perhaps the association would have another Class A bounty hunter. Let alone, Zhou Jian also had the ancient Wu background in China. Having a good relation with such forces in the military cycle was always good.

Bounty Hunter Association, test room —–

This test room was opened to the outside world. Any bounty hunter, even the average person could come in here to examine the strength. But nonassociation bounty hunters would need to pay 100 dollars for admission. Although it’s such a case but every year, there’s a lot of boxers and fighting fans who would come here to examine their strength. As the strength evaluation results provided here had a lot of authority.

When Zhou Jian arrived at the Bounty Hunter Association, the time was already 2pm. For such an interesting thing, Linda naturally couldn’t miss it. In fact, an hour before, this beautiful woman had already started to gear up because this beauty discovered that a “master” walking in Las Vegas without the Bounty Hunter Association’s strength evaluation really didn’t have a lot face.

Upon arriving at the test room door, Bill was already waiting there. Bill was a medium sized Caucasian.  Even if he’s of medium height, but in fact, for Caucasians, medium height was around a meter eighty. This fellow mixed around with the New York Mafia when he was younger and had gotten some results. When he was older, he withdrew from the front lines and was now with Andy, and was the association strength evaluation team leader.

With Bill around, Linda naturally didn’t need to pay the 100 dollars entrance fee. Of course, money wasn’t a problem for this beauty, but it’s a matter of face. At least, in the future, when she’s asked to show her proof of strength, she could rightfully say that when she came to the Bounty Hunter Association testing time, the Bounty Hunter Association strength evaluation team lead personally came out to greet.

Accompanied by Bill, Zhou Jian and Linda arrived at the testing room on the third floor. Here, there are many people. Most of them are bounty hunters. A small portion of them are masters from across the US, and even some from other countries. Their purpose here was naturally the proof of strength that the Bounty Hunter Association issued out.

And as for those bounty hunters who belonged to the US BH Association, they’d already tested. A few of them come to see how much did their recent strength grow. But the majority of them were here to enjoy the fun.

Zhou Jian didn’t have a clear understanding of the Ghost Killer strength. He was able to easily defeat the Thai boxer, Bayudh, but that was due to his spiritual abilities. If he didn’t have that skill, Zhou Jian wasn’t that sure if he could cope. This time, he could take the opportunity to test and see how much was his strength in the end.

When Zhou Jian was free these days, he played 《Gods and Demons》. Because there were many high-level experts with completed Epic set equipment who wanted him to lead to challenge the new dungeon. Therefore, although he didn’t play as much, but his level was rising fast. He’s now at level 25. His attributes are Strength: 50. Agility: 150. Physical: 50. Magic: 25. Spirit: 45.

And because of his hidden profession, the Ghost Killer, although Zhou Jian only upgraded from level 20 to level 25, with only 5 levels of promotion, his mental (Spirit) strength actually more than doubled. What Zhou Jian wanted to know now was that with his strength of 50, and agility of 150, how would it be like if those were put into reality .

Before the test, he already had all his equipment, such as the inferior Artifact Fallen Blood, all put into the Inventory. He wanted to know his true strength without relying on any equipment.

Zhou Jian asked Bill: “What does the strength test contain?”

“The evaluation is divided into two parts. One part is the strength evaluation, and the second is the velocity evaluation, which is then divided into speed test and dodging test. I won’t go into the specifics first. Mr. Zhou will need to see to understand.” Bill said and pointed to a corner of the hall. This time, there’s a lot of people gathered there, all extremely lively.

Zhou Jian and others all looked past the crowd to see a long strip with a fist force testing machine. There’s a round punch target in front of the testing machine. At this time, a 1.9-meter Caucasian guy stood in front of the testing machine and was shaking his arms and legs.

Bill said: “This is our Bounty Hunter Association specialized attack force testing machine. The digital display unit there is showing what we called ‘Huygens/unit’. There’s a camera there, and it’s the only monitoring unit in this room that can record the subject’s fist movement.”

Bill said this, and the Caucasian guy looked like he’s about to start. He jumped on the spot a few times and took a deep breath. With his foot, he fiercely kicked the target. This made Zhou Jian shocked. “Can also use the foot?”

Bill said: “Of course, the participant can use any part of the body to hit the target. The test result included three parts. Fist attack, leg attack, as well as short-burst hit in a short time. There were even Muay Thai masters from Thailand that requested us to add in elbow attacks.”

The electronic screen changed and finally settled on 78.

The crowd expressed some amazement. It’s obviously that this 78 was not bad. But the Caucasian frowned instead. It seemed like he wasn’t satisfied with this result.

This time, a young black man came out from the crowd. He walked in front of the Caucasian and struck each other with a fist bump and a smile. “Giant Roddy. I didn’t see you for half a year but you didn’t seem to progress. It seemed like this time, you lose your bet.”

It turned out that those two bounty hunters were using this test to bet. These bounty hunters were really creative.

The black man jumped in front of the target. He struck a few common movie pose and then howled like a wolf. He suddenly kicked the target fiercely with his foot. It seemed like a fierce kick but there wasn’t any sound. Just like a dud firework display. But the severe oscillation on the electronic screen told the people that this kick wasn’t weak. The final figure rested at 86.

The black lad unscrupulously laughed, while the Caucasian was showing a depressed face. This time, he had to spend a lot again.

The two consecutive high values made the crowd excited. Several people went forward to try out their skills. And gotten 50-60 results. Sometimes, there would even be a 40 coming out.

Linda was also eager. “Chinese boy, how much do you think this lady can get?” Since the thing that happened yesterday, Linda changed from calling Zhou Jian as Chinese hero back to Chinese boy.

Zhou Jian turned his head to look at Linda and said: “You just go up and try. Then, you will know.”

“Hm.  Really boring.” Linda no longer paid any attention to Zhou Jian. She took a long stride towards the testing machine.

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