Chapter 045 – Strength Test (Part 2)

Chapter 45: Strength Test (Part 2)

Within a group of savage strong men, a hot and sexy blonde beauty suddenly emerged out . Its effect could easily be imagined. Linda caused many strong men to call out in alarm and whistled.

“Beauty. Come on!”

Someone in the crowd shouted.  Linda confidently walked towards the testing machine. She gracefully tossed her own long golden hair and then suddenly rushed forward. Simultaneously, she performed a kick from the flank. This strike incorporated her body forward momentum. The target didn’t make a sound when it was hit.

A new record emerged – 42.

Zhou Jian felt a bit like laughing. Not every bounty hunters are masters, and some were just good at tracking. Those treasure hunters who fought are also only slightly better than the average person. But in order to dare to come up and showed their skills, they would need a little background to back up. Otherwise, would certainly be disgraced.

And although Linda had a little martial arts background, but it’s nothing more than a flowery boxing. (tl: all style, no substance) Though she might not necessarily lose to these men in actual combat, but she was naturally lacking in strength alone.

But the crowd still gave her a high evaluation. “Beauty. Very good.”

“Still not bad. Generally, it’s hard for a girl to even get 30.”

Linda stared at the bounty hunter who was chauvinistically discriminating. She went down angrily. This broken machine. If she knew earlier, she wouldn’t go up.

“Do you want to laugh very much?” Linda grumpily looked at Zhou Jian.

“Er. Did I?” Zhou Jian tried to look innocent. “Those people already said that most girls are very difficult to get pass 30. You’re already not bad.”

“Hmph. Discriminating against women.” Linda shook her head. “If you have the ability, go up and try. Don’t just watch.”

At this time, a young man wearing a dark blue wide sleeve kimono appeared from the crowd. He was followed by those wearing Japanese samurai costume behind him. These samurais wore those old fashioned wooden clogs and each embraced a Japanese katana. Zhou Jian had only seen these costumes on the television before this. Now that he could see them in reality, he felt like the kimono had the same feeling as a bathrobe.

A samurai bowed to the young man and said something. The man said with a smile: “This woman is very interesting. 42 is still not bad. Nishikawa, you go and give them a little experience.”

A middle-aged samurai came forward from behind the young man. He transferred his katana to his left hand. And then without any preparation in front of the testing machine, he directly punched it.

“Peng!” Since the test started, this was the first time Zhou Jian heard a slight sound coming from the testing machine. The electronic screen fluttered, before finally stopping on 127.

The crowd at present called out in alarm. The Japanese samurai obviously didn’t try. He just casually punched, but still produced a much higher number than all the strong men here.

The young man was very satisfied with his retinue’s score.
He smiled and looked at Linda. He wanted to see an expression of surprise or worship from this beauty, but he was disappointed.

He didn’t know that this behavior had touched Linda’s bottom line. Linda had just scored a 42, and then immediately, a 127 came up. Furthermore, she was trying to gather some credits towards herself. She was very unhappy, as could be imagined.

Also, Linda was a very straight person and had a little temper. She would show her bad mood on her face. Her mouth grievingly spat out “clown” “suck” these few words. Although she was cursing at others, but this wasn’t that harsh of a word. Probably, she would think that this wasn’t enough to soothe her. Linda stretched out her pinky and showed it to the young man, meaning that he was weak to bursting. (tl: extremely weak)

This made Zhou Jian embarassed. This girl was too tough. She’s really impolite to strangers. Luckily, she just showed her pinky. If she showed her middle finger, then that would be lively…..

But, what made Zhou Jian sweated was that the young man’s face was wearing a smile of victory. In fact, in Japan, showing the pinky wasn’t a meaning of contempt. But, it represented the flower girl’s work.

Linda looked at the opposite party appearance that’s like a dead pig that didn’t fear boiling water. So, she scolded in English. “Arrogant Japanese little devil.”

She used the Asian derogatory name ‘gook’ this word. But Zhou Jian didn’t felt like he shared a common enemy. He almost couldn’t help but praised her scolding.

At this time, one of Bill’s subordinate asked Bill: “Team lead, this group of people came again. What should we do?”

Bill frowned and said: “If they didn’t cause trouble, then take no notice.”

“Oh? Who are they?” Zhou Jian interrupted and asked.

“Japanese Yamaguchi-gumi.”

Japan is the only country in the world that legally recognized the Mafia as an organization in the country.  In the US, Italy, and other countries, although the government appeared to be ambivalent to the Mafia, but they are still secretly suppressing it. At the end of 20th century, the Mafias of many countries had become out of date and obsolete in the global economic development. Surrounded by enemies on all sides, these international Mafias could only endured the pain of deflating business, and changed their organized activities underground to be able to maintain a lingering breath of life.

During the global catastrophe in the middle of last century, the world influence was reshuffled. The rise of ancient Wu gave new opportunities to the Mafia organizations. The Mafias that had been waiting patiently in many countries rise in abundance, and gradually reproduced their magnificence like it was back in the mid-20th century.

But, Yamaguchi-gumi was an exception. It was never suppressed when the Mafias of other countries were barely surviving. It actually extended its influence to many of Japan’s political-economic fields. Centuries of accumulations made it into a hidden colossus of Japan. The strength of Yamaguchi-gumi absolutely couldn’t be underestimated.

Now, with the emergence of bounty hunters around the world, the group would also like a piece of the pie. They’re already planning the establishment of the sixth Bounty Hunter Association in Japan.

Of course, to establish a Bounty Hunter Association couldn’t be done just because there’s intent. If there’s no support from numerous bounty hunters, then there wouldn’t be employers that would come and issued out tasks. Naturally, there wouldn’t be money to be earned. With such little popularity, there wouldn’t be treasure hunters who would come here and trade. The Yamaguchi-gumi may have all the ways to launder the black money, but without any tainted money in the first place, having the means to launder was also useless.

In short, the Yamaguchi-gumi lacked the influence to establish the Bounty Hunter Association. Therefore for the past few years, the important members of the Yamaguchi-gumi would arrive at the major Bounty Hunter Associations to drum up for support, also known as being pretentious bastards. (tl: people who acted bigger and wealthier than they are)

The Yamaguchi-gumi wanted to demonstrate their strength to the global bounty hunters, to attract the strong to join their group. So, when they travelled, they would try to be in the limelight. The higher strung they were, the better in principle. This time, the Yamaguchi-gumi sent to Las Vegas a young man called Ueno Ju. He’s the second son of the Yamaguchi’s Ueno (tl: Tokyo) clan. His two subordinates are from the Ueno family.

Ueno Ju was very satisfied with the shock and awe effect from the audience. But this was just an appetizer. He intentionally said in English: “Nishikawa, you should be a bit more serious. As to show our respect to our US colleagues.”

However, what made the people there also wanted to faint, was that everyone on the scene didn’t understand him including the Americans. They thought that Ueno Ju had been purely speaking in Japanese. (tl: ie, his accent sucks.)

One must admit, the Asian country that spoke the worst English was the Japanese. No, perhaps this range in Asia was too modest. Zhou Jian also heard that the African’s English was not of standard. But Zhou Jian never heard it with his own ears, presumably, it couldn’t be more unpleasant than the Japanese’s English.

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  1. The only reason i don’t like modern CN is how they shit on Japan. We now its not true, they know its not true, but they still have to shit on Japan. Even in my homecountry of Russia we don’t shit on any country like China does to Japan.

    1. Reason for that hate is due to a rather bloody history. And because no other First World country has the exact same situation, it feels somewhat excessive to them.

    2. Yeah, but you can’t help it if you grew up learning how to think in this way. It permeates into the writing and showing through the tinted lenses.
      You’ll be surprised how others countries have some similar attitude, just that it’s not shown in public and to other countries instead.

      If it’s any consolation, the author tried to placate by the end of this arc by giving an author message that it’s not intentional racism but a way to push the story forward. So, how he tried to balance it was to praise in one area, then comment in another.

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