Chapter 046 – Test

Chapter 46: Test

The Japanese English was from the start, another language independent of English. Their disparity was comparable to that between French and English. It’s even more difficult to understand than the Singapore’s Singlish, the Middle East’s English and the Indian’s English that had tongue twisting curry accents. Actually, the deviance in the Indian English and the Singlish was understandable as they originated from the original language. This was because there’s influence from the dialects. From the British’s colonization times, and its pass down from generations to generations, you just couldn’t force other people to change. Just like how you couldn’t make a native of Lingnan (tl: Hong Kong) who spoke Cantonese to completely switch to standard spoken Mandarin.

However, the Japanese couldn’t be comprehended. Their mother tongue wasn’t English, and they hadn’t been colonized. Yet, they learned the American English but used Japanese hiragana and katakana to pronounce it. This cause the Japanese English to only be understood by themselves. Wasn’t this self-deception? If the foreigners didn’t try to carefully distinguish the language from the beginning, they wouldn’t know that they were speaking in English.

When Zhou Jian was in high school, he felt that the Chinese’s spoken English was very poor because of the stiff Chinese language pronunciation. And because the dialects in the Northeast, Henan, Lingnan and other places were different, the English that was spoken there also had a deep local taste. There’s the Northeast English, the Shandong English, and many other ‘schools’.

Because he didn’t have the confidence, Zhou Jian had always been shy to speak with foreigners. At that time, because Zhou Jian thought that the official language in India and Singapore was English, then their spoken English must be very good.  It’s only until Zhou Jian listened to the other Asian countries speaking in English, that he discovered that the English that the Chinese spoke was originally so TM standard.

The man called Nishikawa apparently didn’t speak English. So, he replied in Japanese: “Yes, Young Master.” Fortunately due to this, Zhou Jian’s ears received less suffering.

Nishikawa took off his katana and gave it to his companion. He tightened his clothing and assumed a karate fighting posture. One had to admit that although this guy was fat, but once he was serious, his body exuded a faint murderous aura as if the air around him had stagnated.

Nishikawa stared at the testing machine like eyeing a prey. After a moment of silence, he retreated ten meters and then, yelled out. He suddenly ran and forced his body to jump high into the air. And then turn around to execute a three consecutive kicks.

“Peng!” “Peng!” “Peng!”

Three consecutive muffled sound. The electronic screen oscillated madly. The final score was “229”, “218”, and “256”

The crowd exclaimed. This was what was called a master. Three consecutive attacks and each time was able to score up to 200. Those before were just kindergarten level compared to this.

“Boss, what should we do? Do we allow them to continue to rampant around?” The Caucasian man behind Bill was a little impatient. The Yamaguchi-gumi was really shameless, to actually come and poached in front of them.

Bill’s face darkened: “Call Jackson here. This bunch of Japanese are too arrogant.”

“Yes. Boss.” The Caucasian was a little excited after listening to Bill. Jackson was one of the experts in Las Vegas. He used to be in the underground boxing in the Western USA. He’s rarely been defeated. Later, he withdrew from the boxing world to become a bounty hunter. But because the missions that he completed were few, he wasn’t promoted to Rank A yet. But if based on strength alone, he’s one of the top few in the US underground boxing world.

The Caucasian called Jackson using his phone. It happened that Jackson was free and the Caucasian asked him to call several masters as well. Certainly, couldn’t lose to this bunch of Japanese.

Looking at this situation, Linda was excited. “Chinese boy. Why don’t you come up and try? Those few Japanese are too hateful. Use your Chinese kungfu to defeat them!” Although Linda had a small trifle with Zhou Jian because of what happened yesterday, but she’s still very confident in Zhou Jian’s strength. In her view, Zhou Jian was a mysterious Chinese kungfu master. He could absolutely sweep away all the Japanese clowns without issue. Furthermore, although Zhou Jian was a little unable to appreciate the mood, but regardless, he’s still someone that she admired. And if someone she liked could go up and showed off his power, she would also have some face.

Zhou Jian glanced at Linda. If he’s certain that he could produce such explosive figures, he didn’t mind to give those three arrogant Japanese a little lesson. But he lacked the self-confidence because the advantage of the Ghost Killer lies in the speed and agility. If in terms of speed, Zhou Jian had full confidence, but if in terms of strength, he wasn’t that sure. He didn’t know how much strength the Ghost Killer avatar possessed.

Previously, Zhou Jian only had two fighting experience. Yesterday, his fist managed to get a 1.9 meters tall Caucasian flying towards the air, but it wasn’t anything much. If that Caucasian was standing there motionlessly, a lot of people on the scene could do the same. Plus, his one strike being able to destroy Bayudh was definitely an impressive success. But it relied on his mental abilities, with no relation towards strength.

Furthermore, even with people of the same strength, some people are better at producing more force than others. For example, if a weightlifter came and although his strength’s big, but he wasn’t necessarily able to produce a powerful attack.

Zhou Jian’s only skilled in the game’s fighting method. He’s absolutely no physical fighting skill in the reality. What three segment kicks also couldn’t be kicked out.

That’s why, if Zhou Jian went out, he could only attack once. If other could kick three times with each over 200. Then, his single attack must be more than 300 to have some face.

300 Huygens/unit. What’s the concept of it? Zhou Jian didn’t understand anything about this bird shit unit. So, he’s lacking in self-confidence. If he lost to others, it’s just a small matter. But Americans would not take it as is. They would publicize that Chinese kungfu lost to Japanese karate. Zhou Jian could lose his own face, but couldn’t lose the face of the Chinese people.

But Linda’s relentless and wouldn’t let Zhou Jian played the fool. “Hey, why haven’t you go up? Settle those few Japanese clowns! Don’t be polite to them. Don’t be low key. Make them trembled under your formidable strength!”

F**k. If this little girl didn’t say anything. No one would think that you’re a mute.

Linda’s voice was extraordinarily clear. Although she’s not loud, but it penetrated everywhere. So, many people suddenly shifted their attention towards Zhou Jian. Ueno’s facial expression was bad. Because his English was quite rotten, he didn’t understand what “merely three Japanese clowns” that Linda said. But he could speculate a bit from Linda’s expression and words that the opposite party was provoking. And she seemed to rely on that Chinese boy by her side.

“I didn’t think that there’s a Chinese here. If he provokes me. I’ll make him die badly.” Ueno said in Japanese.

“Young Master. This is the domain of the US Mafia. Lord Ueno had already said that we can only show off our strength, can’t start anything.”

“I know what I’m doing. Matsumoto, what do you think of the Chinese boy’s strength?” Although Ueno didn’t believe that the boy was able to produce any threat, he’s still prudent enough to let his subordinate confirm it.

The warrior called Matsumoto carefully observed Zhou Jian and commented: “The skin of both his hands are smooth. It’s far from a sword master or boxer. His breath is uneven, and there’s no sharp vision. He shouldn’t train in the Chinese ancient Wu internal strength. At most could only study some actual combat fighting skill. But from his build, his strength in these skills is also limited.”

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