Chapter 049 – Murderous Air

Chapter 49: Murderous Air

Ueno Ju received the Japanese military education from young. Every day, he had to face the world map and fantasized about himself leading the Japanese Imperial Army to dominate the world. And China, according to Ueno Ju, was a nation of cowards. In the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895, the Northern Fleet of the Qing Dynasty known as the strongest in Asia suffered a crushing defeat because of officials corruption. A lot of the artillery shells were not filled with gunpowder, but sand. The result of the battlefield was predictable. In WW2, the Republic of China with a population of 400 million was almost swallowed by half by the Japanese who came from a small area. There was no resistance anywhere the Imperial Japanese army went. Although Japan was defeated later but Ueno never thought that Japan lost to China, but rather to the US. It’s the setback in the Pacific battlefield that caused them to announce an unconditional surrender.

The Japanese postwar was marked by economic depression. However, the Japanese steeled themselves for hardship and committed for the economic development. At that time, because the country was too poor, the children were unable to have school and food. So, the children could only starve while lying on the ruins to learn. Many education officers couldn’t make education widespread and committed seppuku. (tl: suicide with a blade to the stomach) In Ueno’s view, they are the pride of the Japanese.

In order to employ a massive amount of foreign experts, the Japanese government overdrew on their pitiful public finances. The officials were working under a hungry condition but they were doing their best, working unselfishly toward the better of the common good.

That time, the Japanese industries were backward. The products were all inferior goods that couldn’t possibly be competitive internationally. In just merely 20-30 years, by relying on the industrial effort of just one post-war generation, the Japanese industries caught up with the US and the UK and was leading the world.

But at the same time, what did China do? They didn’t do anything and treasure the opportunity. In Ueno’s view, the Chinese simply took on the victory hat for nothing. They’re sitting in a resource rich nation, but the development of the natural resources was close to 0, unlike Japan who’d the usual earthquake and tsunami. On education, China wasn’t good. On officials, China wasn’t good. On industries, China wasn’t good. This was the symbol of a coward!

The Japanese only respected the strong. So, they’re willing to follow behind the American’s ass like a dog. But, they’re actually looking down on China.

“Translator, translate to the Chinaman!” Ueno sneered and continued: “I look down on two nationalities the most in my life. One is the blacks in Africa, who can be bullied by anyone. The other is you Chinese. You’re not even comparable to the African!”

The translator translated as such, and the vision of everyone in the field focused on Zhou Jian. Even Linda who chattered non-stop was quiet. For the matter to develop to this situation. It’s no longer a competition of skills but was now a fight for the national honor.

Zhou Jian’s facial color changed. His heart was flaming with anger. “Little Japanese, what did you said a moment ago?”

“I said that you Chinese lost the face of us Asians! What do you have beside blind arrogance? Even your textbook was steeped in self-delusions and lies. What was it about publicizing that you can use 7% of the world farmlands to feed 20% percent of the world population. I always heard those government officials used this kind of childish thing to toot their own horns in Japan. In fact, the arable land per capita of Japan was less than half of China. Even South Korea, Philippines, and other countries all had less arable land compared to China. Are we supposed to say that our ability to produce crops was higher than China by several folds?”

Ueno Ju said until here. Matsumoto didn’t say anything in response, but  Nishikawa had already burst out laughing and said: “Young Master, I heard that the majority populations of China are farmers. So, they must certainly flaunt themselves with agriculture. But the agriculture populations of Japan had only accounted for 2 percent of the national populations. They used 60 percent of their population as farmers to support their entire country. Unexpectedly, like this also can bring this out to show off.”

“No, no, no.” Ueno smiled and shook his hand. “China’s agriculture does have something that’s worth praising. They dared to eat the genetically modified food, really too brave. We must thank the people of China for trying out the poison for us. It’s thanked to them for risking their lives and their reproduction that contributed to the development of agriculture in this world.”

The translator translated until here and also didn’t know how to continue. The translator saw that Zhou Jian was standing there expressionlessly. His eyes were similar to a profound cold apathetic ten thousand years old deep pool. As if wanted to swallow up the person whole.

An icy cold murderous air flowed out. The air instantaneously became stagnated. The tense atmosphere was similar to a bowstring that was about to snap from the tension. Zhou Jian’s heart had never sprouted the intention to kill like today. Even when he initially meet with Sun De Guang, he still showed mercy. After all, he’s only an ordinary high school students. He didn’t have a killer resolution to kill.

The claw on his hand turned slightly. The razor sharp blade reflected the icy cold light in the air, like a substantial murderous air condensed bit by bit there.

Ueno Ju, who had an overbearing expression also unconsciously stepped back. At the same time, Matsumoto who had been silent approached closer to block his master’s body. He was observing Zhou Jian closely. He was critical of the situation, his right hand was holding the hilt of the katana. His body leaned slightly forward, and the knees were slightly bent. As long as the other party made a move, he could show off the unique skills that he’s proud of – his sword draw. (tl: like the iai technique)

The surrounding environment was quiet till a falling needle could be heard. Matsumoto was unable to imagine how this seemingly ordinary Chinese boy was able to suddenly emit such a burst of momentum. He didn’t believe that the opposite party could have such skill at his young age. But his heart was very clear of a dangerous feeling. This was a samurai sixth sense that was formed over years of battle. There’s no basis for it, but it would never make a mistake.

The war was imminent. At this time, a very ill-timed female voice rang out. “Chop those three Japanese clowns. Chop them! Come on baby!”

Linda’s surprisingly high pitched voice disturbed the atmosphere. Zhou Jian that had been emitting a murderous air had a feeling of suddenly waking up. Just now, he felt something he never felt in his heart. As if he could control the life and death of everyone there.

Because of Ueno Ju’s insults against China, there’s a strong sense of national humiliation and anger emerging within Zhou Jian. In China, Zhou Jian’s national pride and patriotic feeling wasn’t actually that strong. But now that he’s outside, and his nationality was insulted right in front of him and witnessed by a bunch a different skin color foreigners, this feeling actually became unprecedentedly strong.

If in the past, Zhou Jian would at most become angry, and then scolded back. But just a moment ago, this sense of anger was concentrated into his body. His blood flow speeded up. He felt like his whole body was flooded with destructive power, as if he could instantly extinguish all the enemies in front of him.

What is going on? Is this the result of the Spirit becoming too strong?

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