Chapter 050 – Concentrating Spirit

Chapter 50: Concentrating Spirit

The five attributes of Ghost Killer: Strength, Agility, Physical, Spirit, and Magic. It’s needless to explain about the functions of the first three. And for the other two Spirit and Magic, except for being used in Skills, there’s no other uses discovered for them.

In 《Gods and Demons》, the description of the Psychic master was that it depended on the Spirit to read the battle, to control the objects, to control the enemy, and to use its remarkable talent to control its own body function.

Can the Sprit force really control his own body function? Zhou Jian grasped his own palms. He could feel a faint heat flowing through. It seemed like this flowing heat was full of strength.

At that moment, his angry heart calmed down. Actually, what Ueno Ju said was purely factual. The Chinese nation had been through a lot – glorious, humiliation, blind arrogance, and had once been inferior.

People said that it’s a sleeping lion in the East. But now, the lion had regained its consciousness. Although presently, Zhou Jian’s heart still had some veiled criticism of China. But once he’s out of the national boundary, Zhou Jian wouldn’t allow anyone to insult the China where he was raised.

He didn’t refute Ueno Ju with any speech. Rather, he slowly arrived in front of the ice-cold testing machine. Zhou Jian was calm like the water. If one day, China is to become a soaring dragon the world, then let it start with this fist of mine.

“Drink!” (tl: Chinese battle cry. Ok, here’s the sound. Huu…)

Zhou Jian roared out, his fist ferociously punched out. The strength of the anger and his whole body was poured into the fist. It’s a like a flood dragon rushing out to the sea, having a unprecedented imposing will and fiercely hit the target.

Fallen Blood — 7 percent three times the strength critical strike!


With a big bang, the target directly cracked. The four rivets that hold the machine together went flying. The testing machine that was weighing several hundred kilograms was unexpectedly smashed off the ground by this Zhou Jian’s fist.

“Bang!” The machine hit the wall, a whole crashing dang-dang chaotic sound. The electronic screen was fluctuating like mad, and then it unexpectedly burst out smoke before being scrapped along with the chaotic sound. Nobody was able to see the final figure.

In a flash, the audience was deathly still. Even Zhou Jian was shocked. His right fist was completely stained with blood. However, he didn’t feel the pain. It’s the inferior Artifact, Fallen Blood, critical strike.

What’s the concept of three times amplification with the critical strike. If Zhou Jian’s attack was equivalent with Matsumoto at 612, then after the Fallen Blood amplification, it’s 1836!

With only 7 percent probability, he could unexpectedly triggered this out at such a crucial point. Was it because his luck was too good, or because of the condensation of his Spirit force?

Zhou Jian looked at his own right first, the scalding hot feeling was still flowing. In reality, the triggering of crit didn’t look at his own luck, but on the strength of his concentration?

Even Andy who’s used to see magnificent scenes from the attacks of S ranked bounty hunters was unable to believe his present occurrence.
The upper limit of the testing machine was 1000 Huygens/unit, but this didn’t mean that those with a 1000 Huygens/unit of fist strength could smash the machine. According to Andy’s estimation, that would take more than 1500 strength. My God, who is this young man?

And for those bounty hunters, their shock was evident. They looked like those polio patients, paralyzed while looking at the corner where the machine had become a scrap iron. They’d personally experienced the target that’s tough like iron. If they kicked with the foot, it’d be painful till it ache. If they hit with their fist, if something’s not right, then their bone would directly fractured. But this Chinese person could punch the whole machine until it went flying. How was this possible?

The one with the ugliest facial complexion was certainly Ueno Ju. He was unable to imagine, how could such an ordinary Chinese could bring out such an explosive force, who was much stronger than the two Japanese masters that he bought along. “Matsumoto, what’s the meaning of this? Didn’t you said that this person didn’t train any martial arts?” Ueno Ju was flustered and asked.

Matsumoto was also shocked silly. He’d just tried the machine. He used his foot because it’s relating to the glory of Japan. He’d concentrated fully, and didn’t slacked on anything but could only made the machine vibrated. How high was the attack to be able to achieve this? Furthermore, how old was this young talent?

He observed Zhou Jian once more, and still couldn’t feel anything on the young man that suggested that he practiced any martial arts. Was this because he’d reached the perfection of his martial arts like in the legends and his body return to its original natural state?

“The seven big ancient Wu aristocratic families are really too frightening.” Matsumoto muttered. He knew that the China’s seven big ancient Wu families controlled some secret. Was the secret so formidable to this level? This had gone beyond his scope of understanding.

“Young Master, we should leave. We cannot provoke the China’s ancient Wu aristocratic family.” Matsumoto said. Although he looked down on the Chinese as well, but objectively speaking, the seven ancient Wu aristocratic families of China are far too many time stronger than the Japanese Yamaguchi-gumi. To put it bluntly, Yamaguchi-gumi is an organized crime syndicate, but the Chinese seven big ancient Wu aristocratic families have inseparable relationship with China’s military administration. It could be said that the seven big ancient Wu aristocratic families controlled half of China. A powerful underworld gang may be strong, but weak against the government. Not to mention that China’s comprehensive national strength was not necessarily weaker than Japan.

At this time, Zhou Jian didn’t paid any attention to others’ facial expression. Just a moment ago, he heard a prompt sound: “Comprehended a Psychic master Skill, Spirit Concentration.  With a strong Spirit force, able to infuse it to one part of the body to raise the body function.”

Concentration….Was his that one punch infused with Spirit? In the 《Gods and Demons》, sometimes when the player was in a dangerous situation and staked everything on a single throw of a dice, he could comprehend some skill. He didn’t thought that such a thing was possible in the reality for his Ghost Killer as well. Just what kind of game 《Gods and Demons》 was exactly?

Just when Zhou Jian’s mind was having such doubts, he suddenly found that Ueno Ju and his two subordinates were trying to sneak off. This made the fire inside Zhou Jian flared up all of a sudden.

“Stay right there!”

Zhou Jian walked over. Ueno Ju’s complexion immediately darkened. He knew that today’s event was simply impossible to just end like that. But he wasn’t afraid. Although the strength of this boy was astonishing, but it’s still not enough in a fight. Matsumoto and his apprentice, Nishikawa, were masters of the sword. Strength was their weakness.

“What do you want?” He may lose the fight, but he’s not defeated. Although Ueno Ju knew that he’d annoyed a ruthless person. However, in his dictionary, there’s no regret this two characters. It’s impossible to make him admit defeat.

“I want you to withdraw your words just now. And formally apologize.” Zhou Jian didn’t speak in English. Because he’s not skilled in English so he didn’t had the confidence.

But the translator was proficient in several major languages of Asia, and so, was able to translate just the same.

“If I don’t?” Ueno Ju was deeply influenced by the Japanese militarism. He put more importance on glory than anything else.

“Then I won’t be able to guarantee that you’ll be able to go out.”

After Zhou Jian said these words, Nishikawa and Matsumoto simultaneously pulled out their katana. “Chinese man, I acknowledged that you’re very strong, but it’s impossible to make me apologize because I will never change my view on the Chinamen.”

Zhou Jian no longer talked, but revealed his claw attack.

Looking at Zhou Jian’s weapon, Matsumoto knitted his eyebrows. China was known to has 18 classes of weapon. And for the strange weapon, although uncommon, but it wasn’t strange to appear in China. But for the ancient Wu aristocratic families who boasted of being virtuous, they would often just use sword, spear, saber or stick. Those who used things like claws and hooks were often considered as heretical and disdained by the orthodox faction. It could be seen from the martial arts novels that the protagonist would use the spear or the sword, while the heretics would used the pen, or the meteor hammers. (tl: quite true)

Andy felt that things were a bit difficult here. Although Ueno Ju came here to cause trouble in the Bounty Hunter Association, but on the surface, he didn’t tried to break off the good relations. If he let him got done in today, the Yamaguchi-gumi might not let it go.

He told his underling. “Call the police. At the same time, call the ambulance.”

Andy knew that there wouldn’t be any effect if he tried to mediate this quarrel. He couldn’t block each side, but it’s different when the police arrived. Although they didn’t had the strength, but they could actually dominate the scene to make both sides step down and let them stop at this point.

But Andy was worried that before the police arrived, there would be casualties.

Nishikawa and Matsumoto surrounded Zhou Jian. This time, they did not considered any warrior spirit. This was after all, related to the safety of the Yamaguchi-gumi group.

This time, Zhou Jian’s spirit was concentrated. The physical ability of the Ghost Killer was far better than Nishikawa and Matsumoto.  But this didn’t meant that his strength was far better than them. He lacked the fighting skill and fighting experience. Otherwise, Zhou Jian didn’t need to be flustered when fighting against a physically inferior Bayudh.

Now, he simultaneously faced Matsumoto and Nishikawa, who’s strength are likely to surpass Bayudh. There’s no assurance that Zhou Jian would win this. In simple terms, his neural reflexes couldn’t follow along. For those who had year-round exposure to fighting, their body had formed an intuition that it wouldn’t need to pass through their brain to make an evasion when being attacked. But for Zhou Jian, he needed to see the attack with the eyes first. After that, his brain would judged on the evasive action and dodging direction before acting. The quickest respond of the human nerves would need 0.1 second. This short amount of time was enough to be fatal.

In reality, the contest between masters were often unlike those fiction novels which fights would went on for three days and three nights. It’s very possible that it just took a single move to decide the victory and loss, especially since both sides had weapons on hand. If he was stabbed, he would be dead or wounded.

At this moment, the air seemed to be stagnated. The onlookers were holding their breath, for fear of overlooking anything. They were very excited this time and the anticipation was intense. After all, the showdown between masters was rarely to be seen.

Zhou Jian didn’t even dare to blink. He slowly moved around, looking for the most optimal power posture. When he moved the body, he caught a glimpse of Linda in the corner of his eye.

This elder sister took off her jacket and was waving it excitedly around her head. For her, there’s nothing more exciting than this.

Zhou Jian didn’t lose his concentration. He discovered that Nishikawa right foot was tightly gripped against the ground. There’s a tiny movement in the katana. It’s time for the attack!

Although swordplay in Japan originated from China, but it had become its own set of system after many years of evolution. Compared to the many use of swordsmanship in China, the repertoire of Japanese swordplay was very simple, but swift and fierce.

Nishikawa shouted and his body was similar like a leopard, leaping for right to left. His katana descended, slanting down from the top right to the left, and cut the robe!

Zhou Jian’s reaction was slowed by half a beat. There’s a moment of stagnation in this flash. And in this short stagnation, Nishikawa’s katana arrived at Zhou Jian’s shoulder. Although Nishikawa didn’t know why Zhou Jian was in a daze, but his attack would soon fall upon the opposite party was a fact. And in the flash, the corners of Nishikawa’s mouth even revealed a fiendish grin.

However, it seemed like this Nishikawa’s unavoidable katana actually hit the empty air. Zhou Jian flickered and retreated back three meters away. At this time, he maintained his movement from the beginning. Like he didn’t even moved at all.

Nishikawa’s heart was fiercely startled. How was this possible? Could he teleport?

However, Matsumoto who’s witnessing all these nearby could only describe the shock in his heart as being full of peril. He just let Nishikawa to test out the strength of this young man. He’d already had an estimation in his heart, but this test directly turned his heart into a dying ember.

At that moment, the young man really did stagnated in his movement in that quick flash.  Matsumoto thought that he wasn’t responding, but the ghostly movement overturned Matsumoto’s view. The young man was very confident in his own speed. So, he wasn’t even bothered to dodge in advance.

The legendary afterimage in fighting…..Realizing this, Matsumoto’s eyebrows were tightly wrinkled. The so-called afterimage boxing, was to use the fast movement and instantaneous stagnation to produce a blur to confuse the enemy.

This move wasn’t due to human imagination, but had scientific basis. When the human eyes looked at an object, the image would be formed on the retina, and the optic nerve would input the data to the brain, allowing the object to be felt. When the object was removed, the impression on the optic nerve wouldn’t vanished immediately but would persist for about 0.1 second. This was the so-called visual persistence. The cartoon animations and movies took this principle to make the motion pictures. If someone in this 0.1 second moved from one position to another still position, there would be some image remnant behind. This was the afterimage fist of legends.

Matsumoto had been in the martial arts world for so many years and never saw anyone displaying this move. But today, he unexpectedly saw it from a young fellow. He couldn’t believe his eyes, the person in front of him was basically a monster in the shape of a human.

While Matsumoto was having terror in his heart. At the same time, Zhou Jian also secretly wiped his own cold sweat. Nishikawa’s speed was simply too fast. He was able to evade by dodging at the last minute along with the Ghost Killer astonishing explosive speed. If not, then his shoulder would had been wounded moments ago.

And this was just Nishikawa’s attack. If it’s Matsumoto….

Zhou Jian decisively walked back two distance. But what made him slightly surprised was that Matsumoto and Nishikawa also chose to retreat as if by prior agreement. The distances between the three men had pulled open to ten meters all of a sudden.

In fact, Nishikawa’s heart was very miserable at this time. He was basically trying to ride a tiger. This humanoid monster in front of him not only had outrageous super strong strength, but his speed was also faster like Spiderman. The three section kicks and his sword draw that he was so proud of looked like a joke in front of this non-human.

Zhou Jian had a thought, he planned to strike first to take the advantage, rather waiting to be injured. He planned to get rid of one, and his target was Matsumoto, his threat was greater than Nishikawa.

Zhou Jian didn’t planned to fight head to head with Matsumoto. In a melee attack, he could only alternate between the fundamental dodge and attack, at most by relying on his faster speed. In this case, nobody would win.

Zhou Jian’s moved his foot slightly, Skill – Spirit Needle!

The ordinary people wouldn’t be able to see a purple light arrow showing out and into in between Matsumoto’s eyebrows. In a flash, Matsumoto’s vision become lax. But at the same time, Zhou Jian also felt a pain in his head. His thoughts become blank in a flash. How can it be like this?

Was it his Spirit backfired? Zhou Jian endured the pain in his mind and forced himself to stay awake. He knew that to be distracted for a second here could be lethal. However, the instance he opened his eyes, he noticed a shiny black thing flying quickly back to himself.

Is that….a shuriken?

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