Chapter 051 – Rapid Teleport

Chapter 51: Rapid Teleport


A slight sound. Zhou Jian was unable to respond in time with his terrifying speed. It’s like a rapidly revolving gear with swords that submerged into his right chest.

Zhou Jian hummed. His body shivered.

Because he’s in the US, Nishikawa had some reservation and avoided Zhou Jian’s vital points. Although he managed to pierce the right chest that’s not fatal. But this was enough to make Zhou Jian lost more than enough battle efficiency.

Nishikawa didn’t understand why Zhou Jian was distracted in the fight. But this was unimportant, he never thought that using sneak attack was disgraceful. As long as he managed to win then it’s alright.

However, when he thought that he could call the ambulance, Zhou Jian actually disappeared in front of his eyes.


A similar slight sound, but this time the situation was entirely the opposite. Nishikawa unbelievably looked down towards his own chest. There’s a claw with three golden blades that inserted into his chest, and it’s like drawing out all of his energy in a flash. This is……impossible!

It’s impossible to arrive instantaneously through a distance of ten meters. Is it really teleportation?

Exactly. It’s teleportation. It’s the Skill Blink Strike. When Zhou Jian was rushing the new dungeon with Susan, he came across a treasure chest. The Skill Blink Strike was inside the treasure chest. He could teleport straight towards the enemy body and launched an attack 0.5 times his Agility. With a range of 10 meters and a cooling period of 60 seconds.

Although it’s teleportation, but if you didn’t use the slow motion tracker and judging only by the human eye, teleporting within a distance of few meters had the same feeling as running at full speed. At this point, the audience could not clearly see Zhou Jian moved. They only thought that their eyes were blurry. Zhou Jian was similar to a ghost, advancing 8-9 meters and had his claw jabbed into the right chest of Nishikawa. This speed…..was simply the same as the shuriken.

Zhou Jian who succeed in his strike didn’t stop, but he kicked Nishikawa over and then turned to attack Matsumoto. While Matsumoto was not completely sober, he must attack. Otherwise, there’s no assurance that he could necessarily win.

The pitiful Matsumoto just managed to recover his vision, and then saw a claw that’s getting bigger and bigger. His consciousness was still stunned and he had not the chance to recognize what it was, and already felt a pain in his right chest, with warm blood spraying out.


A similar sound. Matsumoto was stabbed by Zhou Jian. Because he’d previously stabbed Bayudh. This time, he didn’t hesitate when he attacked.

The audience was silenced. The exchange of attack and defense moments ago was just a flash. In fact, it’s about several seconds. They thought that this was a fierce struggle between two evenly matched opponents but it unexpectedly ended so quickly. Nishikawa and Matsumoto, these two big masters were so easily handled. Just like the extras in the wuxia movies.

Andy frowned and tried to recall the scene just a moment ago. He didn’t think that the move was teleportation. After all, this teleportation could only be done by those with special talents. Because those with special talents had aged, and the youngest special talent was also about 70-80 years old. They were born at the tail end of last century catastrophe.

Andy came towards the testing machine and looked at the camera placed on top. He couldn’t help but curse. This camera had been destroyed by Zhou Jian’s prior attack and didn’t record that movement.

The bounty hunters surrounding Zhou Jian fell into a shock. They’d forget that Zhou Jian was also injured, with the shuriken embedded into his right lung. Certainly, this wasn’t because of their poor memory but because Zhou Jian didn’t appear to be injured.

At this time, Zhou Jian touched his own right chest and was alarmed by the thick blood there. But, his pain wasn’t that severe. Furthermore, he could feel that the muscles in his chest seemed to be moving around. The heat was flowing into his right lung’s injury and was slowly pushing out the shuriken bit by bit.

This was….the Ghost Killer self-recovery effect? Zhou Jian looked at his own stats. He saw his health bar. It originally had 1000 life value but was left with only 800. As expected, it’s indeed similar to the game. The damage wasn’t calculated by the number of stabs  but must look at what type of opponent’s attack. Nishikawa’s strike power didn’t reach 300 Huygens/unit when he used the shuriken but was able to cause such an effect. What if he used the katana? And if the attack was not from Nishikawa, but from Matsumoto instead? What if Matsumoto attacked his heart?

Although his 1000 health points might seem like a lot, but if he’s really stabbed by Matsumoto through the heart, Zhou Jian was not confident if he could continue with the Ghost Killer avatar.

Furthermore, Matsumoto’s speed was much faster than Nishikawa. His own reaction speed couldn’t catch up with him. And if he couldn’t avoid the melee attack, then that would be most terrible. Although Nishikawa’s skill among the group of numerous underlings was considered to be very outstanding. But compared to those evolved humans or the world-class experts, there’s still a large gap.

Ghost Killer avatar was not invincible in this world. He should find some time to practice his online account, and to buy some luxury equipment.

Besides strength, there’s another thing that made Zhou Jian restless. In the fight, he’d used the Spirit Needle to attack but received backlash instead. In the game, this situation would only arise if he encountered another player who had a higher Spirit force than him. He didn’t expect that it would be the same in reality as well. Later, he must be careful when he wanted to use this move against the opponent.

Zhou Jian was still indulging in his ideas when he suddenly heard a high-pitched scream and then felt that he was grasped by a soft body. His nose was suddenly assaulted by a flood of tempting body fragrance and body contact. This made Zhou Jian a little stunned.

“My hero. I love you so much!” Linda said under the watchful gazes of so many people. Now, there are only stars in her eyes. In her view, Zhou Jian was simply a War God reborn in this world. If such a formidable man was willing to be her boyfriend, she wouldn’t seek for anything more, and was willing to be conquered.

“Wei wei…. A bit gentler.” Zhou Jian clutched his chest. Although it’s said that in 《Gods and Demons》, the pain sensation was much weaker than in reality. But he’s so bluntly rushed by Linda, he would still felt the pain.

“Oh. I’m sorry.” Linda was embarrassed and stuck out her tongue. She immediately climbed down from Zhou Jian.

After she carefully looked at Zhou Jian’s wound, she covered up her mouth in surprise. “My God. You must immediately go to the hospital.”

Linda didn’t manage to see because the shuriken was too fast. Now that she’d a look, the baby palm size shiny black shuriken was half submerged into Zhou Jian’s flesh. There’s still a lot of blood there.

“My hero. My God, did you knocked down those two clowns under such a heavy injury?” Linda gently touched the edge of Zhou Jian’s wound. Her face was full of heartache and disbelieved.

At this time, siren came from the outside, followed by the ambulance sound. The police and medical treatment that Andy requested had arrived.


Decided to translate the author’s note too here:

Author’s Note: When writing this section, there are instances of hot-blooded or even dog blooded (tl:no idea what this meant) plot. The purpose is not to instill what B, or to instill what B. Rather, it’s to prepare the foundation for the later story plot. But, I didn’t expect that for this Japanese arc, in the book review section, there are those readers who put the Western liberty in high esteem in the discussion. And said that I was YY blinded.

Actually, I’m not in the faction that hated Japan, and certainly is not in the pro-Japanese faction. When I wrote the novel, I rarely listed down my views in the book, but put out many facts instead. The readers would have their own judgments and ideas. Don’t need to look into mine.

We can say that those islanders people are barbaric. Can even say that they are despicable and abnormal. But I think that we are unable to deny their tenacity and formidable unity.

When I was young, I used to stand in front of the world map and dreamt about going to Hokkaido to throw poison, going to Siberia to create arson. In short, YY about the Qing dynasty in all its grand power had an imperialist policy and fantasized that all was submitted under the rule of China. (tl: wow, some kid)

Alright, at that time, I was just in the fourth grade and had learned about the Opium War.

After growing up, I sometimes see things in other people shoes. Why is Japan hostile to China? Why are those that we considered as compatriots in South East Asia are hostile to China?

After looking up on the history, I summarized some of the probable reasons. I used Ueno Ju to give an oral account to speak of the Japanese mind on the Chinese people. I’m guessing that I’m relatively close to the facts.

When I was young, I have the desire to hurl poison in Hokkaido because of the humiliation. At the Japanese military who poisoned children because of their humiliation of defeat in the Second World War and also to destroy the hope of China. Especially since they didn’t think that they lost at the hands of China. They felt the injustice of losing and wanted to clear away their shame and dominate the world.

And as for those Indonesia, and Singapore. It’s a little sensitive, so I won’t say much here.

How to say this. I always feel now that the Chinese people wanted to boycott Japanese goods or YY about the perish of the island (tl: Japan), they might as well better make use of this momentum to catch up to the economy of the island. If surpassed, then the enemies of China can only shut up.

This should be the only time that I used the author’s identity in “Godly Thief” to put out my views, in order to avoid the continuance of the quarrels in the book review area.


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