Chapter 052 – US Police’s Anecdotes

Chapter 52: US Police Anecdotes

Zhou Jian wasn’t too worried. This time, he’s not the one who first stirred up trouble, first started it, and first wounded others. Let alone, he could also be considered as helping Andy. This was still the Mafia’s domain. If Andy’s unable to settle this for him, he would be considered as breaking a promise among the Bounty Hunter Association circle. Later, probably no one else would speak up for the Bounty Hunter Association again.

Zhou Jian walked up to Ueno Ju. “Do you still want me to repeat what I’d just said?” This time, there’s blood on his face. His claw was also dripping with blood. He looked unspeakably ferocious.

Ueno Ju sneered.”Why? Do you want to fight in front of the police? I’m a foreign visitor with a passport, and subjected to US law protection.”

Ueno Ju spoke until here, and the gate was shoved open. A group of police and doctors in white coats pushed a stretcher through. There are two wounded on the ground. Both were injured in their right lung, creating hemorrhage in the lung. With prompt rescue, there shouldn’t be any danger.

“Freeze. Don’t move.”

The police surrounded Zhou Jian and Ueno Ju. This time, there’s only Zhou Jian who’s holding a weapon in the entire hall. Furthermore, it’s stained with blood. Naturally, he would become the main object of attention.

Ueno Ju’s face was still sneering. Zhou Jian kept quiet.

“Haha. Dear Jim. Your speed is getting faster and faster.” Andy smiled and came over. He patted Jim’s shoulder in a friendly way and offered a Camel brand cigarette.

Camel cigarettes were very popular among the bounty hunters because this brand implied a sense of freedom.

Jim pushed the cigarette away. There’s no way he could take Andy in. He knew that these guys could easily exploit the legal loopholes and caused losses to the country. Yet, he couldn’t take them in because these fellows had complicated relationships with their many bosses.

He feigned a polite smile. “You’re often making trouble over here. It won’t do if I’m not quick.”

“Haha.” Andy laughed and pointed to Zhou Jian. “Jim, this person is a VIP of my Bounty Hunter Association. What happened just a moment ago was all a misunderstanding.”

Misunderstanding? There were frequent misunderstandings in the Bounty Hunter Association. Each time there’s a misunderstanding, someone would be hospitalized. But these guys knew how to hold back and wouldn’t cause any death. Furthermore, there’s an unspoken rule among the bounty hunters that even if they suffered losses, they wouldn’t publicize it everywhere, and just recovered at their own place. Like that, the impacts caused would be much smaller.

Jim understood that he wouldn’t get any results with these guys. After a few hours with the police, they all had to be returned and the police had to send them off with a smile. But, there’s still always the procedure. “Then, you’ll all come with me to the police station to take your record.”

“Take the record? Hello, do you have any professional ethics? Didn’t you saw that he’s also a victim?” Linda was the first to oppose this. “Be careful that I complain about you.”

Only then did Jim saw Zhou Jian’s chest. This made his pupils shrank. My God, this is a Japanese shuriken. Although the power wasn’t much, but with its twisted barbed tips embedded into the flesh, it would cause much pain. And looking at this degree of depth, the shuriken had passed through in between the ribs, and possibly injured the lungs.

With such a heavy wound, this fellow could still stand around. He didn’t even wrinkled his eyebrows. This guy is really terrible!

Although Jim’s a policeman, and he didn’t like a lot of the bounty hunter’s practices, he still admired a real tough guy. He immediately beckoned for the medical team. “Bring this guy to the hospital.”

Then, Zhou Jian was sent to the hospital. But with the Ghost Killer avatar’s resilience, by the the time Zhou Jian reached the hospital, his wound had already healed. The doctor just needed to remove the shuriken and then wrapped him up. Naturally, there wouldn’t be any issue.

Later, he arrived at the Las Vegas Police Station. The police and the FBI are two completely different entities. Only matters that threatened the US national security would be transferred to the FBI. The civil disputes are still handled by the police authorities. The federal and the state US authorities don’t have any superior or subordinate relationship, as both are independent. Their performances are assessed by the people. Therefore, the police authorities working efficiencies and attitudes are very good.

When Zhou Jian entered the police station, he saw a police officer mediating on a “civil dispute” and tried to listen in onto the circumstances. He almost somersaulted and planted himself to the ground. The original case was that the dog of resident A preferred the dog of resident B, who rejected it. But dog B was chased after and had XXOO. It’s said to be guilty of strong J crime….

This you little…. This was also called a crime? Zhou Jian gained some exposure.

And the owner of dog B is a fat woman. She’s arguing with the master of dog A. But the police was puzzled in this issue if dog B who “didn’t preferred” in this situation received any “sexual abuse”…..Unfortunately, the dog B as the victim here could only had two testimonies. “Wang” and “Wang wang” ….

Later, after asking Linda,  he learned that raising dog was very common. Furthermore, the dog was considered one of the family, and had a very high “social status”. Almost 50% of the civil dispute cases in the police station was regarding dogs. Frequently, it’s usually Dog A was bitten by Dog B. Dog B was scratched by Cat C, this type of dog shit things. But when the police encountered this situation, they would patiently mediated. If their service attitude weren’t good, they would be complained. The Americans had a very strong awareness to complain.

And the municipal council who took up this suit was very patient as well. After all, if they didn’t handle this well and offended the citizen. The citizen might went on to publicize that the government was negligent and this would spread to 10 and then on to 100. The next time the municipal councilmen would like to campaign again, they might be possibly hopeless.

Although there are less reported cases of these strong J by dogs, but Linda expressed that she understood the psychology of Dog B mistress. After all, most female owner would like to find a “good dog” for her own, and for it to give birth to a litter of purebred puppies.

Zhou Jian was silent. He could only say that there’s a great difference in the American culture and the Chinese culture.

In just one hour, Zhou Jian came out from the police station. This time, Zhou Jian was taken into account that he was injured first, he didn’t started it, and in addition to Andy’s effect, there wasn’t any persecution.

When Zhou Jian reached the police station entrance, Linda was already waiting in the car. She wore a loose solid color printless Gildan shirt, and a light blue skinny jeans. She’s casually leaning against the car door. Her full golden hair was naturally hanging on the side door mirror. Her hot body coupled with the red Chevrolet Corvette are really the ultimate beauty and the dream car.

Once she saw Zhou Jian, Linda happily waved and gave a bright charming smile. This directly caused the fat police who accompanied Zhou Jian went at once into a silly daze.

He enviously looked at Zhou Jian. He shrugged and said: “It looks like you don’t need us to send you out.”

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